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Viking Raven - Bird Fur Head New

Viking Raven - Bird Fur Head New: Fur of the best quality, very soft. Good vision and great breathability. Ajustable size: 57-62 cm. Detachable viking mask! Paymen...

BeckyStudios (0)

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holographic white dragon tail (PLASTIC scales)

dragon tail made with plastic scalemail

Wolfdragonworks (1 )


Canine foam head base

Canine foam base with floppy ears, fits larger people heads snugly 

Honeywaffles (0)

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Tropical Blue Lizard

Cute Tropical Lizard Up For Adoption

SimbaDoesStuff (9 )

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Digital Art Badges

I am doing headshot badges. Each one is laminated and sent out within 2 weeks (I work a full time during the pandemic so please bear with me)Art that is shown is examples...

SmolPurrito (0)


Bumble Bee Fursuit Partial

A brand new fursuit partial of a Bumble Bee. Comes with a head, an abdomen, hands, and wings.

MothSicleSuits (1 )

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Dragon mini partial

Orange and grey mini partial with bright scaly horns and spikes down head and tail.

GBP 330.00
Manex57 (0)

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Husky White/Rainbow Tail!

I have this amazing husky tail for sale! Just finished making it and willing to either trade or sell!

Angel2Jay (0)

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*FURSUIT PICTURED IS NOT FOR SALE, ONLY EXAMPLE * Opening one fullsuit commission to help pay for my house’s basement! Payment can be on a payment plan, but only 1-2 m...

Flight-of-The-Phoenix-Fursuits (0)

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Zahn Anthro Shark Dakimakura(Vader-San) Mad Mable Productions

Dakimakura of the anthro shark character by Vader-San from Mad Mable Productions.Measures approximately 50cm x 150cm.

DilapidatedRaptor (2 )


Color Changing Skull Suit

3 suits in 1! 

Buttercream243 (0)

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New Fox Shark Hybrid Fursuits

A cute hybrid that can be a regular fox!Includes head, shark tail, nub tail, back fin, handpaws, and eyelids. Payment plans allowed!More information in the description....

avatarraptor (4 )

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Toony Yellow Pony

Well maintained pre-owned fullsuit/partial suit. Made in 2014 and worn to 5 or so conventions. Recommended for smaller sized person, head size no larger than 23, feet wom...

Ramcat (0)

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Blue the Cat Full Partial

HQ full partial fursuit made by Monster Cat Creations. 

randyswain65 (0)


Giant Meteor 2020 Needleminder/Magnet Button

Giant Meteor needleminder or fridge magnet.  Please specify which option you would like at purchase.  Needleminders come with one extra magnet to attach your button to ...

Milesy (3 )


Bunny ears headband and tail

Toasted caramel brown bunny ears and tail.

DodgerTheFoxxo (0)


NEW Grey Wolf Fursuit

An Adorable Wolf that is ready for a new home. The partial comes with a head, tail, handpaws, and feetpaws in womens size 8. Payment plans allowed! More information in t...

avatarraptor (4 )

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Lovebird Adoptable

This happy little Lovebird loves to doll up and tie trinkets into their feathers, from buttons to bows and even other bird's feathers.--When purchased, original piec...

xCailinMurre (6 )


NEW TwistedLeopardCreations Corgi head with ladder options!

Made by Twistedleopardcreations 

Twistedleopardcreations (10 )

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Schnauzer Partial

Brand New Cutie Looking for a Home *PRICE LOWERED*

NatsuroWolf (3 )

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