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Pumpkin's Patch

Pumpkin's Patch; "Pumpkin-Spice up your life!"Premier Pop-culture Couture, Themed Household Goods, and Public/Private Pop-Art.Contact Info:Email: PumpkinsPatch.pp@gmail.comTwitter: @Pumpkins_PatchShop:

MoonMoon (6 )
United States, Florida
Anileu Works

Shop more at our main store!

anileu (1 )
United States, Oregon
Puppet Master

Our current stock of pre-made tails. Fur suit commissions open.

PuppetMasterFS (0)
United States, Texas
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Hiro and Kanata

Hiro and Kanata is a beginner furry shop where we sell adopts, fursuits, and more. We hope that you decide to stick around watch as we continue to grow in products and quality. Have an amazing day!

United States, Pennsylvania
Vics dungeon of crafts <3

I redesign raptor masks and make art! Sculpting and repainting masks is what I mainly do, I find it super fun to see characters come to life. I have made many masks and have sold a bunch! 

smexdongen (0)
United States, New Hampshire
Islandhedgehog Studios

Premades that focus on reduced waste in creation! All the premades sold here feature end-of-bolt and second-hand purchased fabrics, which not only saves it from being trashed or wasted, but it also means we sometimes end up with stuff that has gone out of ...

islandhedgehog (0)
United States, Oregon
Paradise Paws

All paws are made with kloofsuits paw pattern on etsy.

Paradise-Paws (0)
United States, Florida
Plaid Paws by Maus

Plaid Paws by Maus is a fursuit maker ran by Maus Cat. She specializes in toony suits and occasionally posts some up for sale here!

PlaidPawsMaus (0)
United States, Minnesota

We make what our furry friends wish for ;3

Vishera (0)
Cyprus, Cyprus
Frosty Furs

I'm an amateur costume maker. I'm always learning to expand my skills. If you have any questions about my work, please don't hesitate to contact me!Current logo is a color-edit of an eye base from basilbites on Etsy.

frostyfurs (1 )
United States, Alaska
Ears in the Clouds

Cosplay furry ears, tails and more! Follow me on insta @Ears_in_the_clouds

Scape_goat (0)
United States, Florida

Fursuits, stickers, art, earrings, and more!

Moonlightwolfstore (0)
United States, New Jersey
Myrkur Creations

Fursuit maker and artistYou can find me on instagram @myrkur_creations

MyrkurDragon (0)
Netherlands, Drenthe
Fluffy Boi Suits

@fluffy.boi.suits on instagram

MhopCat (2 )
United States, North Carolina

One of a kind art

VolcanixWorx (0)
United States, Texas
Projects by Kjell

im just a small creator of art and fursuit parts

Kjell-harmony13 (0)
Belgium, west-vlaanderen

From premade partials to fursuit parts, FelineSkullFursuits is the place to get good quality products! Everything is made with love, effort, and high quality materials

felineskullfursuits (0)
United States, California
Oneirus Prop Studio

Hi! My name is Oneirus and I am a digital/3D artist and fursuit maker! I make all sorts of fursuit parts; head bases, follow me eyes, noses, claws, partials, you name it! Got a request? Need a specific part? I can make it!

Oneirus (2 )
United Kingdom, Aberdeenshire

I sell fursuitsCarrd:

Colorfullartist (0)
United States, Tennessee
Big Fur Theory

Fursuit Making business with two makers who happily make characters come to life. Want to see more of our work? Follow us on Instagram at @big.fur.theory

cometdust (0)
United States, Florida
Circuit's Store

Mostly selling fnaf related fursuit parts and items!

HenryCCDL (0)
United States, Utah

Just tryna make a tiny bit of my money back cuz I left the fandom abt a year ago

Delicatefluff (0)
Canada, British Columbia
Fresh! By Flitt

Satisfy your craving for cuteness with a variety of adorable plushies, fursuit props, artwork, stickers, and more! 

FreshByFlitt (4 )
United States, Florida