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Pumpkins Patch

Pumpkin's Patch; "Pumpkin-Spice up your life!"Premier Pop-culture Couture, Themed Household Goods, and Public/Private Pop-Art.Contact Info:Email: PumpkinsPatch.pp@gmail.comTwitter: @Pumpkins_PatchShop:

MoonMoon (6 )
United States, Florida
Anileu Works

Shop more at our main store!

anileu (1 )
United States, Oregon
Party Animal

Party Animal is your premier fandom superstore! Exclusive T-shirts, Unique Headphones, LED Products, and more! We love a party as much as you do!  Shop in-store and online at Info:https://twitter ...

Vitai (5 )
United States, Florida
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Maddie’s Pawsitively Awesome Art Station

I’m an art student, and I would love to offer my artwork to all of you! 

MaddieTheOne (0)
United States, Michigan
Fox studio

At present, there are 6 people in the team. We are all from China. I hope I can meet more lovely furry. At present, the commission only accepts Japanese style.

duhestudio (0)
China, 肇庆

I Auction/Sell off characters and occasionally premade fursuits and suit parts! I also take fursuit and art commissions! for my rules on commissions visit my Twitter, @SuitsPop

RhinoBeetle (0)
United States, Ohio
Just selling a Kadabra Partial Suit.

I plan on selling a Pokemon Kadabra Partial suit that I have to use for anymore.Rarely used, like use!

AbraKadabra634 (0)
Canada, Manitoba
The Coconut Cat

~Adopts, YCH, commissions~

CoconutCat (0)
Russian Federation, Transbaikal region
Hungry Cat Creations

Hello! I am a green cat who loves creating fursuit heads, paws, tails, art dolls, art, earrings and more! I love marijuana, food, video games, anime, traveling, and cats! I hope to sell some of my creations here as well as take some custom art commissions ...

PickleMittens (0)
United States, New Jersey
JunimoPal's Art

Custom furry art and occasional designs/adoptables made by a non-binary latine called Juno! You can contact me directly on Discord at JunimoPal#9031 or send me an email at (both accounts are co-managed by me and my partner) if you' ...

JunimoPal (0)
Brazil, Santa Catarina
Deni's YCH!

Here is where I post all my YCHs. 

denidenidenid (0)
Brazil, São Paulo

Mostly just adopts available here!

HeavyDirtyWolf (0)
United States, California

Hi I'm arcana, if you see a little dragon around that's my sona, Finn. I offer most of the subcategories of the artwork tab, ychs, commissions, and adoptables :)

Arcanepursuit (0)
United States, Texas
SnapBite Studios

Hi! I’m Novice fursuit maker! I’ll sell head base and premade furs

SnapBiteStudios (0)
Japan, Kanagawa

Hello! We mainly make "use your own eyes fursuit"!We support your transformation! Let's be a beast together!We live in Japan. My English uses Google Translate. I'm sorry if it's a strange sentence.Let me communicate with you a lot when it comes to talking ...

TriggerMaker (0)

Entertainment / Art / Design Original characters • Custom illustrations • Adorable pins

ChubbDraws (0)
United States, Texas
Bow and Arrow Studios

Hallo there! On this shop I will be auctioning off premades and possibly other fursuit items. Tiktok: Stereotypic

Stereotypic (0)
United States, Colorado
Hiro and Kanata

Hiro and Kanata is a beginner furry shop where we sell adopts, fursuits, and more. We hope that you decide to stick around watch as we continue to grow in products and quality. Have an amazing day!

United States, Pennsylvania

Here I be selling Premade Partials 1 by 1, I always make sure to sell them by a fair price, 100% handmade.

Cherrina44 (0)
Mexico, Baja California

❤ Hi! You can find some lovingly made adoptables here ❤Hope you like them and want to buy them.

Nat_10210 (0)
Argentina, Tucumán
Paradise Paws

All paws are made with kloofsuits paw pattern on etsy.

Paradise-Paws (0)
United States, Florida

Dbleki (1 )
Czech Republic, CZ
2Startled's Adoptables

I just like to draw :P

2Startled (1 )
United States, New York

We make what our furry friends wish for ;3

Vishera (0)
Cyprus, Cyprus

I sell fursuit parts and partials! I sell premades that I myself create.

ZtrikeZuits (0)
United States, Kentucky
Yxi's Glade of Fibreart Friends

A store specialising in custom crochet plushies and apparel. 

YxithePixie (0)
United Kingdom, Glamorgan
Fine Crafts by @LilTayeGrr

Maker of individually handmade made-to-fit Collars, Harness, Bandana, bondage items, Custom restraints and much more.Located in Germany, shipping only within the EU (European Union).Ask for pickup service at conventions.Payment by PayPal and Bank transfer ...

LilTayeGrr (0)
Germany, Baden-Württemberg
Mendfri Creations

Hello, and welcome to my store!~ ^^ Here you'll find commissions for buttons, keychains, and occasionally tails and paws. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions!

EndMendFriend (0)
United States, Michigan

Fursuits, stickers, art, earrings, and more!

Moonlightwolfstore (0)
United States, New Jersey
Furry Dakimakura

This is where Furry Dakimakura puts its surplus, misprinted, returned, and otherwise less-than-perfect items up for auction. Pay a little, get a lot on these items!

FurryDakimakura (0)
United States, Wisconsin
Fluffy Boi Suits

@fluffy.boi.suits on instagram

MhopCat (4 )
United States, North Carolina
The Lunar Vixen

I mostly sell artwork, customs, and Adoptables~!

Lunarvixen (2 )
United States, North Carolina
VolCanix Worx

Volcanixworx is owned and operated by @Volcanixtheraptor on Tiktok.Most listings are on my etsy.Costume art since 

VolcanixWorx (0)
United States, Texas
Sprinkled Stardust

Hi I make fursuits and fursuit parts!

Stardustsprinkles (0)
United States, Kentucky
Feline Skull Fursuits

From premade partials to fursuit parts, Feline Skull Fursuits is the place to get great quality products! Everything is made with love, effort, and high quality materials

felineskullfursuits (0)
United States, California

Furally is an adopt and future craft store!

Poppln (1 )
United States, Indiana

sometimes i sell stuff

Pynnepoodle (0)
United States, New York
Oneirus Prop Studio

Hi! My name is Oneirus and I am a digital/3D artist and fursuit maker! I make all sorts of fursuit parts; head bases, follow me eyes, noses, claws, partials, you name it! Got a request? Need a specific part? I can make it!

Oneirus (2 )
United Kingdom, Aberdeenshire

Hey, What’s up, Bro! I am glad to welcome you to the page of our store!

Majesty_Angel (3 )
Russian Federation, Moscow obl.

Welcome to my merchandise store! I make enamel pins, acrylic keychains & badges, buttons, and stickers, along with all kinds of digital artwork. I ship anywhere in the world for less than £5 per order with same day dispatch.

lilyfie (0)
United Kingdom, Hampshire
Circuit's Store

Mostly selling fnaf related fursuit parts and items!

HenryCCDL (0)
United States, Utah
M & T Comics and Cards

M & T Comics and Cards has been a dealer specializing in furry comics and graphic novels since 1996.  We also carry Steampunk and Adult Only genres.  We don't carry everything but do have one of the largest selections on the internet and ship worldwide. ...

Brerbadger (19 )
United States, New Jersey
Hoko Studios

Cute, colourful, traditionally-illustrated stickers and prints.

Hoko (0)
Canada, Alberta

Just tryna make a tiny bit of my money back cuz I left the fandom abt a year ago

Delicatefluff (0)
Canada, British Columbia
The Havana Wolf

THE HAVANA WOLF ILLUSTRATIONS- Commission- Badges- Prints- T-shirts

thehavanawolf (0)
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Rubicon Art

Hello! My name is Jay, or you can call me Rubicon.Advancing out into more Furry based areas to sell my work, mostly focusing on dragons with a few birds for good measure!Art prints, badges, art dolls, and clay figurines, all hand made with love.Please giv ...

RubiconArt (0)
United Kingdom, Northamptonshire
Lorraine Prints

I do artwork for commissions and adoption

lorrainePrints (0)
United States, Maryland
Fresh! By Flitt

Satisfy your craving for cuteness with a variety of adorable plushies, fursuit props, artwork, stickers, and more! 

FreshByFlitt (4 )
United States, Florida

I'm new to The Dealers Den, but i've been on etsy and social media for over a year now! customer satisfaction is a guarantee!

violettrenchstudios (0)
United States, Arkansas
IcePaws Productions

Hi, this is IcePaws Productions, this is my little pre made fursuit parts store! 

Zemeckis (1 )
United States, Maryland
Four Moons Fursuits

Four Moons Fursuits is a new fursuit maker based in British Colombia, Canada specializing in premade partials. Follow on Instagram @fourmoonsfursuits, open to questions and inquiries.

Four Moons Fursuits (0)
Canada, British Columbia
Tink 'n' Binx

Patreon / Ko-fi / DeviantArt / TumblrArt prints, stickers, buttons, and more!

tinknbinx (0)
United States, Florida
momoscow & partners custom characters

Adoptables, character designs, customs, you name it.  I also sell characters my partners make.PFP made here;

momoscow (7 )
United States, Pennsylvania

Handmade Furry Creations

Manex57 (0)
United Kingdom, Cambridgeshire

I am a girl from Sweden. I make fursuits as a hobby and I have recently decided to take commissions!I take commissions and I do some pre-mades too. If you want to know more just visit my webpage:

PawMadeDesign (0)
Sweden, Skåne
PaintKnife Studios

New maker just trying to have fun and get experience

AcerWorse (0)
United States, Mississippi

I sell mostly fursuit accessories but I will occasionally have suits too

Ivansheepfursuits (0)
United States, Minnesota

3d-printable models of any difficulty

polygony (3 )
Russian Federation, Tyumenskaya obl.

Commissions, Fursuit parts, Premades and more!All Digital items will be send via Messages when payed.All physical items, will be shipped every Day.

DawkoDragon (1 )
Denmark, midtjylland

Kemono fursuit maker

softexpresso (0)
United States, Oregon

Commissions, YCH's, badges, and other fun art stuff! 

Harikuran (0)
United States, Oregon
'.-*'.Pastel Sugar Shop.'*-.'

Adopts, Badges, and YCHs!Stay tuned for more listings!

mac_n_tea (2 )
United States, Texas
More Milkshake

New fursuit maker 

Milkshake890 (0)
United Kingdom, Devon
Sun Blight Studios

I sell premade items here! If you're intrested in a possible commission, you can either email me, or find me on Instagram under the user @sunblight_studios 

SunBlightStudios (1 )
United States, New Hampshire
Sprky RecycledRope DogGear

 Sprky's Recycled Rope Dog Gear keeps waste out of our Oceans and pups happy! Materials are costal sourced from shores of Canada's Maritime provinces. All products are backed by a DoggyLife Guarantee and that 'waggly tail' feeling

Sprky (0)
Canada, Nova Scotia
Puppet Master

Our current stock of pre-made tails. Fur suit commissions open.

PuppetMasterFS (0)
United States, Texas
Cryptid Carnival Creations

A small team of artist here to bring your crazy creatures to life!We are currently not open for custom works but will be selling premade suits and parts here! Please follow us on twitter and instagram to find out more information and to keep up to date wi ...

CryptidCarnivalCreations (4 )
United States, Arizona
NaritaCoree Fursuit Creations

A PNW based fursuit maker and mix media artist! I work full time to creat premade and custom fursuits while also working on other art projects!

NaritaCoree (2 )
United States, Washington
Twist FooFurry Studios

All my sales are all without transport charges

Twist_FooFurry_Studios (0)
Canada, Quebec

A store shared by two boyfriends in fursuit and artwork!

Sockett (1 )
United Kingdom, Pembrokeshire
Rising Sun Kemono

Rising Sun Kemono is a Kemono creator run by Fudoki-san and Keba-kun. We are full service. We design, produce, photograph, sell and ship.

RSKemono (0)
United States, Florida
Troll Creative Studios

Artist and fursuit maker based in Czech Republic!

TrollCreativeStudios (0)
Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Skippers shop

this is my store of fursuits and art!  I’m a small business but Iv been doing commissions for two years! And fursuits for one.

Skipper2261 (0)
United States, Colorado

Premade Fursuits, Partials, Parts, Props And Adoptables. All Prices Are Based On How Much Time And Effort It Took And How Much Was Spent On Supplies And Tools. All Physical Items Are Handmade.

JCpremadecreations (5 )
United States, Texas

Perfectpups fursuits for sale and auction !

Perfectpups (0)
United Kingdom, London
Juicy JD Dog

Telegram - @dogjuicyMy InstagramFA -

Juicy_Dog (5 )
Russian Federation, Moscow
TreeBark Creations

Custom Fursuit Commissions, Fabulous Pre-mades, and a variety of furry goodies. Please take a look around and If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at

Therabbitssoul (0)
United States, Virginia

I am a freelance commissions artist who likes to sew and sculpt! I'm working to sell both digital art as well as fursuits! I'm still new so I'm learning quite a bit as well as getting newer tools when it comes to fursuits. As for art I do digital art goin ...

cynophobiaarts (0)
United States, Texas
QT Bears Fursuits!

Hobbie/part time maker. Anything I make but don't keep will be up for sale here. I take requests but not doing large commissions. Paw commissions okay though! 

QTBearsFursuits (1 )
United States, Nevada

Ailurodae (2 )
United States, Colorado
Candied Peaches

I am not a professional suit maker, just someone who enjoys fursuitting. I do not make suits nor do I claim to. I have gotten permission from the maker @Cricket Creations to resell my suit. Character rights belong to me. 

PastelsChateau (0)
United States, Utah

We sell premades and other furry items!

FeralTigerCreations (0)
United States, New York
Dally Taur Studios

Dally taur studios sell 3d printed bases and goods as well as custom items and props. Can make a wide set of items and CAD desgins, based in AU but otherwise sells world wide. feel free to message me on twitter instagram or telagram. ...

dallytaur (1 )
Australia, South Australia