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Puppet Master

Our current stock of pre-made tails. Fur suit commissions open.

PuppetMasterFS (0)
United States, Texas

Entertainment / Art / Design Original characters • Custom illustrations • Adorable pins

ChubbDraws (0)
United States, Texas
Anileu Works

Shop more at our main store!

anileu (1 )
United States, Oregon
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Hello! We mainly make "use your own eyes fursuit"!We support your transformation! Let's be a beast together!We live in Japan. My English uses Google Translate. I'm sorry if it's a strange sentence.Let me communicate with you a lot when it comes to talking ...

TriggerMaker (0)

Small fursuit maker!

plantpupp (0)
United States, Illinois

Entertainment / Art / Design Original characters • Custom illustrations • Adorable pins

ChubbDraws (0)
United States, Texas
Bow and Arrow Studios

Hallo there! On this shop I will be auctioning off premades and possibly other fursuit items. Tiktok: Stereotypic

Stereotypic (0)
United States, Colorado

I plan to just sell fursuits that I currently have.

Werewolveswithagenda (0)
United States, New Mexico

VortexFursuits are two Fursuit makers from Berlin, working together to create unique and handcrafted Fursuits

VortexFursuits (0)
Germany, Berlin
Hiro and Kanata

Hiro and Kanata is a beginner furry shop where we sell adopts, fursuits, and more. We hope that you decide to stick around watch as we continue to grow in products and quality. Have an amazing day!

United States, Pennsylvania
Vics dungeon of crafts <3

I redesign raptor masks and make art! Sculpting and repainting masks is what I mainly do, I find it super fun to see characters come to life. I have made many masks and have sold a bunch! 

smexdongen (0)
United States, New Hampshire
Islandhedgehog Studios

Premades that focus on reduced waste in creation! All the premades sold here feature end-of-bolt and second-hand purchased fabrics, which not only saves it from being trashed or wasted, but it also means we sometimes end up with stuff that has gone out of ...

islandhedgehog (0)
United States, Oregon
Fluff and Stuff

Just spending my time selling my suits:D

FluffAndStuff (0)
United States, Oklahoma

Here I be selling Premade Partials 1 by 1, I always make sure to sell them by a fair price, 100% handmade.

Cherrina44 (0)
Mexico, Baja California

WolfberryCrafts is furry workshop, specializing in the creation of individual figures of furry characters. Since 2016, we have been creating them from a very pleasant and light material - air clay. Each work is created with attention to detail and love ...

WolfberryCrafts (0)
Russian Federation, Russia

❤ Hi! You can find some lovingly made adoptables here ❤Hope you like them and want to buy them.

Nat_10210 (0)
Argentina, Tucumán
Paradise Paws

All paws are made with kloofsuits paw pattern on etsy.

Paradise-Paws (0)
United States, Florida
Plaid Paws by Maus

Plaid Paws by Maus is a fursuit maker ran by Maus Cat. She specializes in toony suits and occasionally posts some up for sale here!

PlaidPawsMaus (0)
United States, Minnesota

Dbleki (1 )
Czech Republic, CZ
2Startled&#039;s Adoptables

I just like to draw :P

2Startled (1 )
United States, New York

We make what our furry friends wish for ;3

Vishera (0)
Cyprus, Cyprus

I sell fursuit parts and partials! I sell premades that I myself create.

ZtrikeZuits (0)
United States, Kentucky
Yxi&#039;s Glade of Fibreart Friends

A store specialising in custom crochet plushies and apparel. 

YxithePixie (0)
United Kingdom, Glamorgan