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Roseate Spoonbill Fursuit

Do you want to be the best bird in the world? Maybe one of the neatest birds? Then look no further then the Roseate Spoonbill made by Avatarraptor!

avatarraptor (3 )

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Lion Partial Coat Fur to make half/fullsuit.

Please see full description for all photos! Site isn't letting me upload my photos of all the parts.Lion mini-partial: Head, two pairs of handpaws, tail. Includes a ...

chimeracon (0)

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Chow Chow Mix Mini Partial *NEW*

Chow chow mix mini partial for sale! Fits up to size 23” heads and small/medium hands. He features a detailed mouth, pickable nose, magnetic tongue, and floppy ears!

Creative_Creature_Costumes (0)

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Dutch Angel Dragon Headbase CARVED

this listing is for ONE carved dutch angel dragon base made by FurFancy. shipping is not included

akirawo1f (0)


Dog Fursuit Head Moving jaw Baes

 Item was used before me.The work I put into it was cutting out the ice in the nose off so you can put buck rub ice in any type of noise you want. Jaw needed some  Exte...

HinataUchihaCreations (0)


Costume Eye Inserts

3D Printed Costume Eye Inserts (Style: 3D Follow-ME)

MoonMoon (5 )


Bat Fursuit Head (Only worn twice)

My girlfriend is selling her fursuit head and would really like him gone. His name is Alex and he's a Honduran White bat fursona.Maker is red crocodile creationsThe ...

stonepanther77 (0)

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Design auction, suit will be made to fit buyer.

YeenihutJr (0)

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22" Knitted ScaleMail Dragon Tail Green With Red Hearts

hand-knitted metal scalemail dragon tail

Wolfdragonworks (1 )


Baby panda NEW by FurrHouse studio

Worldwide Shipping

FurrHouse_Jessy (0)

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Chocolate themed Dutch Angel Dragon Adopt, Ref sheet!

IO-Dragon98 (1 )

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Manokit ladder auction

Kokytea collab

Thewendigoworkshop (4 )

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Diesel Pony

Horse Fullsuit

EazyTheDoberman (0)


Lady the Dog head


Tamblerone (19 )

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demonic GALAXY SKULL partial


Tamblerone (19 )

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Blue husky

Hello,We are selling this beautiful new blue husky partial. It has 3 hairpieces that you can change easily. We can also make a hairpiece that is not long or another col...

moonwolf (1 )

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Wolf partial

Hello, We are selling this beautiful new wolf partial. Made from foam and quality fur. Comfortable and nice see-through via tear ducts. No airbrush, just fur so eas...

moonwolf (1 )

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Pink Fox Partial

Hello, We are selling this beautiful new pink fox partial. It has 2 hairpieces that you can change easily. Made from foam and quality fur. Comfortable and nice see-thro...

moonwolf (1 )

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Fursuit Head

This adorable unfinnished dog fursuit head is ready for a home! It's lined with a balaclava and has 2-D flat eyes but also comes with buckram if desired to reamake e...

CitrusSuits (0)



4 characters in this bundle

IO-Dragon98 (1 )

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New base, new beast

IO-Dragon98 (1 )

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Premade mini partial of snake dog hybrid

THIS ITEM IS NOT MADE YET. IT WILL BE MADE AFTER ITS PURCHASE. This mini partial is a vibrant snake/dog hybrid that includes a head, hand paws, a tail, and full rights t...

Willerd (0)

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Anthro dragon adopt

A nice simple dragon adopt

IO-Dragon98 (1 )

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Glow Adoptable

A bit spookier than the other adoptables

IO-Dragon98 (1 )

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Green Leopard Saber - Partial

Includes head, paws and nub tail. More Items can be made if requested!

SweetCiderCreations (2 )

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Winged Wolf

Size: 21x12 cm

EUR 30.00
masterxa (0)

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Nub Tail

Gray and Burgundy Nub Tail

Izzyratbit (0)


Yellow and Black Nub Tail

Bee themed nub tail

Izzyratbit (0)