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Spiked Raptor Mini Partial

Dino Mask Mini Partial. Comes with Head and Paws. Shipping for Anywhere in the US.

The_Random_Furry (1 )

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Kangaroo Fullsuit

Selling this like new Kangaroo

Hiphophuskyofficial (3 )

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Iaboo Youaboo Weeaboo Stickers

 Show your friends what you like with these Stickers! Includes 1 WaterProof Sticker!Iaboo Youaboo Weeaboo Stickers Large 4"What is Party Animal?Party Animal is your...

Vitai (5 )


Party-Hard Buttons

Let your friends know you like to Party-Hard with these Buttons! Includes 1 Square Button! Party-Hard Buttons Large 5"What is Party Animal?Party Animal is your prem...

Vitai (5 )


Rat fursuit + tail

This was my first fursuit, now for sale as a possible fixer upper! Includes head, tail, and glasses prop. Payment plan is possible.

K_Drago (0)


Mini Partial Premade Design Commission - Weasel

Premade design for a mini partial commission. Suit is not yet made, will be completed upon purchase.

huckleberrystudios (0)


$10 Full body

Here are my full bodies, I can go from the knees or go down to the feet.(the bird fursona and the paper drawing at the new ones and the other 2 are older)

CAD 10.00
snowballArtCorner (0)


Head base Canine 3D Printed

Basic 3D printed Canine Head Printed in PLA Really sturdy But be carefull when hot gluing thing on it Color available : Black at the moment Grey and White ine the f...

Zataas (0)


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Fursuit and character rights excluding the head

Full character rights and suit must change name

CrushStricker (0)


Fursuit Head FOR SALE

Fursuit head for sale, not fully finished but going for a good price! 



READ DESC* Custom Fursuit Heads!

Toony! Any Fursona, Any Animal, Made to Order, most heads take about 1-2 months of work~

FairyTailsEShop (0)


Traditional Furry Badge

A bust/headshot drawing of your fursona!

AvalancheStudios (0)



Custom made.

DxManiac (0)


FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Dutch Angel Dragon Base!

Choose from several different options of spikes, horns, tails, etc.

Casper_Creates (4 )



selling my main fursona that I've owned for 2 years now. She has $1400 worth of artwork and a thorough backstory. Can provide proof of more artwork. All artwork ...

I_Am_Silence (0)


Fursuit costume goggles

goggles scaled to the size for you in fursuits

dallytaur (1 )


Axolotl-Drake Fullsuit - Brand New

World, meet Charms! This unique blend of species has never before been worn to any convention or meetup, only ever to test dimensions and sturdiness. He's looki...

CAD 2,300.00
Kyeth (0)


Custom Fursuit / Fursona / Furry Reference Sheet

I make custom reference sheet's of your sona/OC. You will receive the drawing through email so it doesn’t lose quality. Before purchasing, please send me a pic...



Manokit 3d-printable model

STL model of a manokit with a movable jaw for printing on a 3D printer

StiasHann (9 )


Custom Fursona Headshot Badges (Any Species!)

Fursona headshots badges for cons, meetups, Etc.

TheSmolNoodle (0)


Kemono Hyena Adopt

Unmarked reference sheet will be sent once purchased!

MonsterintheCloset (5 )


Pichu Full Fursuit & Hoodie & Approx 30 Badges - All in Great Condition

The time has come for me to part with my Anthro Pichu character, which includes my Pichu Fursuit, Pichu Hoodie, and approx 30 badges that can be clipped to clothing or th...

pichu912 (0)


LION, fursuit head

LION, fursuit head, 3D eyes, fleece, nose with a hole

HalcyonFursuitWorkshop (0)


Fursuit Hospital!

Fursuit Hospital for your fur babies

TheSmolNoodle (0)


Hyena Fursuit!

Female hyena all parts

SymphonySuits (0)


Custom Fursona Shirts!

Fur shirts!

Arneox (0)


Tampon plush prop

These large tampon plush are great for being weird and silly, or showing of your equality by saying periods are normal and shouldn't be hid. Also great neck pill...

Oble (-1)


Pink/Ivory Digi Bodysuit w/ Attached Wings

Feetpaws and Tail NOT Included

PastelsChateau (0)