Featured Listings

Featured Listings

$5 USD Headshots

Unlimited Slots!

LadyNightosphere (0)


icons $15

Please note this is a digital piece of artwork you are commissioning and not a tangible item that will be sent to you.

Arcanepursuit (0)


Headshot/ Bust Badge

Headshot/ bust badge of your character. Comes with any expression requested. 

Harikuran (0)


Slushie the Red Panda *REDUCED PRICE!*

Full Plantigrade Suit by Tesyra Creations, made on a modified Wolf Skin Suiting headbase!

EUR 1,000.00
TesyraCreations (3 )


Premade Fursuit tail

2 color nub tail

islandhedgehog (2 )


Banana the Honduran White Bat (Premade)

Premade fursuit of a honduran white bat we named Banana! This suit is brand new, never been worn (aside from model photos), and looking for a forever home with you. This ...

CassMutt (0)

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Purple and Black Canine

This partial includes head, paws and tail with many additional accessories and features

KuteKittyKatt (1 )


Helpful Frog Vinyl Diecut Sticker

Weatherproof, vinyl diecut sticker.  Measures 1.25" x 3"

Milesy (1 )


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Commission open 1slot for January 2021

Commission open 1 slot for January 2021

Marty_Collins_Bro (1 )

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Eclipse the Owl Full Fursuit

Eclipse the owl full fursuit-- Includes head (with accessories), plantigrade bodysuit, feather hands, tail, and feet. Made by Four Moons Creations.

Four Moons Fursuits (0)


Fur The Win Digi Birb Suit

Size details Height 5.7 Weight 160 lbs Basically new i bought it and never wore it (doesnt fit) and never got it resized. Just the suit is for sale not the character

PointyToofs (0)

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NEW premade spaniel mix head

Chester the spaniel mix premade is for sale! Fits 50-55cm heads, probably for biggers too. 3D follow me eyes, moving jaw with good ventalation. Vision is ok. Comes with a...

BearlyFursuits (0)


Gently used Not so ferocious tiger suit!

Here is your opportunity to purchase a ready to ship big cat sure to put a big roar in any occasion!  They are used but they are not abused.  the suit is in very nice s...

ByCats4Cats (1 )

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Skull Cat Partial

TO BE MADE with a DVC Feline Skull base.

ClockworkCarousel (3 )


MLP stallion (Chance) for sale. (Plushies and art included.)

Hi there! I decided to sell my OC, Chance, after a few years of not using him and not giving him the love he needs. I adopted him as a design and I gave him his cut...

LunaOfMidnight (0)


Premade preclaim

Vexel species premade

Furrymelons (0)


New Papllion Dog Partial

New Partial, with a Fosshape Head with a Moving Jaw, Paws, and Tail.Head is an Fosshape base, which I go over the construction here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVD_Sk...

FeralFacade (1 )

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Grump Wolf *new*

Fall spices themed grump wolf! Mini partial, brand new, and ready for spooky season!

Stardustsprinkles (0)

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Poltergeist the Skull Dog - NO RESERVE

Please see image for sizing guide. This mask runs small.

SBGothik (0)

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Lily the Dragon combo

Lily was one of my first fursuits from a maker I don't even know much anymore. She wasn't terribly bad to wear-see description for full detail.

Looking-to-sell-22 (0)

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Selling-once used Opossum partial

This is Basil. He was a once used partial for a local con but due to the eye shape/pandemic and such I am unable to use him as often and am looking to sell.

Looking-to-sell-22 (0)

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Selling-brand new partial Navy Rex Jackalope never used!

I thought I might enjoy fursuiting with this guy but due to covid and my busy schedule I was never able to wear him. I dubbed him Orion but you are free to adopt him!

Looking-to-sell-22 (0)

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Aussie premade

Cute puppy premade!

MikoSuits (0)



Listing for an older suit head (and bonus tail).

GBP 200.00
searawolfie (0)

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Dingosaur Fursuit

Dingosaur fullsuit made by Hevoyic! 

lakehund (0)

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Cocktail Fox Fursuit Slot

Buy this baby and she’ll be built to fit!

DokeiHaneriArt (0)

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Pastel Red Panda Tail (w/character)

45 inches long, that's over 3 feet of Floof! Comes with character design- if you'd like to purchase some matching fur too read description!

TribalKitten (1 )

1 bid  

Canine Fullsuit

Blue, green, and white canine fullsuit made by @Peckish.Paws on Instagram

PeckishPaws (1 )

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