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Featured Listings

Kinect VR Color Trackers and Belt Combo

Cross your legs, sit, and dance in VR!These offer a more accurate way of tracking your movements using a Kinect for full body tracking in VR.

Rapid-Proto_Dragon (9 )


Preclaim :: Premade Canine Fursuit Partial

A preclaim slot on a premade fursuit set to be completed in late April / Early May canine partial comes with Head, Handpaws, and Tail to start, comes with more based on ...

NaritaCoree (2 )

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Glow in the dark 3D Fursuit "Follow Me" eye blanks

Glow in the dark 3D printed "follow me" eye blanks

GBP 37.50
Oneirus (0)


Asiatic Wild Dog Custom Fullsuit NEW HQ

This Asiatic wild dog was made by @Honeyghostsuits and designed by @TerraTimberWolf A custom bodysuit will be made to the buyers measurements. 

Honeyghostsuits (0)


German Shepherd Partial Premade

This brand new Fishbowl Fantasies premade is available for adoption for $2,000! (shipping not included and will be calculated based on zip code)This suit comes with a hea...

Kawanii (1 )


Bunny Fursuit Mini Partial MQ

MQ bunny mini partial. Will NOT fit with glasses. 20"-22" head circumference.

Splinter (0)

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Puppy Premade Partial

BRAND NEW! Head, Tail, Arm Sleeves, & Hand Paws!

Betsy_the_chipmunk (6 )

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Mustelid Adopt

You are purchasing the design/character seen in the picture. You will have full rights to the character upon purchase. Please link back to our shop when you post the char...

MorrowHorror (5 )


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Cream Velvet Deer

premade deer ready to be adopted

Carthusflame (1 )


Canine foam head base

Canine foam base with floppy ears, fits larger people heads snugly 

Honeywaffles (0)

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Cute Angel Dragon Partial!

'Violet' the Angel Dragon Partial suit.Bought about 2 years ago off of Furbuy. Suit made by Bulgarian maker "Secrets Of The Wild Forest". In great con...

TigressThePon (0)

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Mismatched Red/White Kitten Ears

These are handmade kitten ears that were made for cosplay but can be happily worn by anyone who would like them! The white ear has some light pink airbrushing on the insi...

pheonomenal (0)

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Rabbit Foam Base by Neffertity

Rabbit Foam Base by Neffertity, ready for eyes and fur

CassMutt (0)

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Basilisk partial

Brand new!! Only worn for photos!! foam base, will fit 22-24”Slip-off paws for easy use of handsGreat field of vision (range shown)MASSIVE 98 inch tail (surprisingly ...

mettagiri (0)

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Headshot drawing

This is a digital drawing. I’m only taking up to two slots at a time. Please email me or DM me on Twitter.Email: azucreates@gmail.comTwitter: @Azu_Creates

Azu_Creates (0)


German Shepherd Partial Premade

This brand new Fishbowl Fantasies premade is available for adoption for $2,000! (shipping not included and will be calculated based on zip code)This suit comes with a hea...

Kawanii (1 )


Pastel Tiger Tail

Brand new tiger tail! Wearable on a belt attached via the nylon loop on the back.

BearSmug (1 )


Fennec Fox Partial

This fursuit is brand new!  Only worn by the artist to take pictures!

Ulario (3 )

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Dog Mutt Fursuit digi Partial!

This is made from luxury fur, lined with black stretch lycra. fits heads 22-23". The paws and tail are currently being finished, when they are done, I will update th...

violettrenchstudios (0)

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Custom Fursuit Head commission Slot!!

Prices can range from $600-$1200!! this is not a final price! You must messageme for a quote!

violettrenchstudios (0)


White And Rainbow Suit - can sell separately

White suit with Rainbow Accessories - Can separate.

Fallynfen (0)

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White puffy paws

Brand new paws made using kloofsuits pattern! 

BearSmug (1 )


Sunflower Fields

ANY SPECIESANY GENDER Can: -Pick between magic or a butterfly in between hands. -Change color and pattern of moth friend, moth friend is optional. -Change hoodie colo...

bunnyboi93 (0)

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flower crown for ear

used for only ears on fursuits 

Alex-the-snake (0)


Griffin head base

This isn't premade and ready to go.This listing is for ordering one to be made, once purchased it will take around 3 days to create. 

GBP 100.00
kraftyhyena (0)


White wolf tail

A simple white wolf tail 

SunnyDawgSuits (1 )

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Lemonbrat Partial Bat-Eared Fox

Selling this loveable suit to a good home. Looking to get another suit of a different character.Comes with Head, Arm sleeves, Hand paws, Feet paws and Tail. Additionally ...

JscottPOS (0)

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Manokit Fursuit Head

New premade Manokit Fursuit head made by me @gloomystrawberries on instagram. It's completely lined, all details hand sewn on including teeth. I have over four years...

gloomystrawberries (0)

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