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Featured Listings

Philippine Eagle Head

Brand New up for adoption, features posable eyelids, movable jaw, realistic suit.

Animagusstudios (0)

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3 bendy and the ink machine suits

Each one is for sale at a different price if you win the auction just tell me which one you want or if it goes over a certain price you get all 3 Boris 400 Evil bendy ...

cringy_coyote (0)

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Star Feline Premade Auction

This feline moving jaw fursuit will include a Head, Handpaws, and a Tail. I will ship worldwide. Minor design changes can be made. Mystery accessories and treats will als...

mariefursuits (0)

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Shiba Inu Premade Mini Partial Fursuit

BRAND NEW! Head, Tail, & Hand Paws!

Betsy_the_chipmunk (6 )

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Collie premade

Collie premadeShe is my 2nd ever made suit 

Echo_the_wolf (0)


DISCOUNTED NEED GONE!! HQ FuzzbuttFursuits Canine Partial

HQ partial built on a fuzzbuttfursuits head base. Includes: Head, outdoor slim feet, curled tailNO CHARACTER RIGHTS, BUYER MUST CHANGE DESIGN!!Head features:Fully lined ...

monster_party (0)


Angel Dragon 3D printed Headbase

3D printed Angel dragon Head Printed in PLA Really sturdy But be carefull when hot gluing thing on it Color available : Black at the moment Grey and White in the futur

Zataas (0)


Clown wolf/dog adopt

clown dog adopt :)

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protogen head base (lights installed)

selling a protogen head base. The horns pictured aren't attached but WILL come with the base. visor and light panel insert are not glued down, in case you wanted to remov...

Lagunahusky (2 )

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Snow Leopard Partial Fursuit

Brand new partial fursuit, never been used. Includes:-Head -Handpaws -Tail -About 30 pieces of digital art including a reference sheet.The same fur was used for all o...

w540xxa (0)

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Sabor-Hyena Partial Suit

The suit was made in 2021 and is in Like-New condition. It comes with the head, two hand paws with resin claws, two outdoor digitigrade feet paws, arm sleeves, and a tail...

LokiHowler (0)

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Timber Wolf Paws

Fully lined timber wolf paws

sirwoofers (0)

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CUSTOM Pludo Species Fursuit - SALE

Original Open Species Fullsuit, email me for halfsuit and partial options! EXAMPLE photo is outdated and uses very different methods! chronomayne@gmail.com

chronomayne (0)


Red Variant Floramancer Fursona Pin

#574 Floramancer rare/uncommon red variantThis pin has been on my pin board and may need to be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Pin comes as is with no backing card.Must ...

queenkayara (6 )


8ft Long Blue and White Fursuit Tail

Tail made by: Karo's Krafts PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION Check out my website for other cool fursuit items.

MaxStockton (5 )

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5 Fursona Pins Lot

This lot is of 5 A and B grade fursona pins. These have been on my pin board and may need to be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. These come as is with no backing card.Mus...

queenkayara (6 )


[INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING] Galaxy Snail Full Partial & Art

This cute galaxy snail fur/fleece suit comes with a head, plush arm sleeves, shell backpack, tail with dangly stars and outdoor boot style feet paws. He also includes cha...

GBP 250.00
Frog-Toes-Furs (0)

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Realistic Husky w/Movable Jaw

Includes Head, Two 4-Finger Paws, and Tail with 2 strap holes for firm wagging! plus Badge.

ElectricTiger (0)

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Pastel Puppo

Last one of the year~

ClockworkCarousel (3 )

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Werewolf head NEW

Another of my fleece creations. Meet this little werewolf who needs a home!

Haxorus112 (1 )


Citrus Corgi by Fennecrafts

Partial made by Fennecrafts in 2019

icacchi (0)

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Furzombie Monster suit

Like-new hybrid species digitigrade fursuit finished in 2019 by Furzombie studios

Vishykin (0)

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Fossil Day Fire Fox Fursona Pin

#947 Fossil Day Fire Fox Fursona Pin (October 15th-17th 2021)Each fire fox pin is most likely A grade but it is possible it may be a higher quality B grade as I can occas...

queenkayara (6 )


PB&J Tiger Premade

by @gnaws

subwoofer (2 )

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GeisterHund Head, tail and Character

Gently used, made by Yaboyluke.

UnleashedStudios (13 )


4 SLOTS Kedamono-chan from popee the performer head

CUSTOM mask expression and face under mask

Moomoo_Kemonos (0)


Cotton Candy Fennec Premade Partial Fursuit

- PARTIAL FENNEC FURSUIT - Partial Fursuit by LaughingMaw!

tudeowo (0)

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Hyena Head and Feets

Only worn 3 times indoors for pictures! Airbrushed, and professionally made with a hidden zipper up the back for easy wear. Fits up to 24in head. Feet paws fit size ...

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