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Custom 3D Bean Lapel Pins

Please note, as this is a custom item, some communication is required.Payment must be made within 1-2 days for slot to be kept, as any delay will cause others in the batc...

pannycake (0)


Yoshi Wallet

Very lightly used, many pockets, free US shipping

Sockish (3 )


• Kemeno Dragon Auction •

 Kemeno Dragon Auction 

HijackTheJackal (0)

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Furry Gachapon (3 mini figures!)

Three surprise mystery figures!

Kattywampus (4 )


Bat Character

This bat bab is for sale! I don't use him anymore so I'd love to see him go to a new home!Paypal only!Only comes with art shown!

jellycur (0)


Costume Eye Inserts

3D Printed Costume Eye Inserts (Style: 3D Follow-ME)

MoonMoon (5 )


Grey and White Tail

Made with Faux Fur, Elastic, Thread, Poly-fill, and Love.

ZellasCreationsCo (0)


Canine Fursuit Base

Foam Canine Fursuit Bases Uncarved

anileu (0)


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UNFINISHED fursuit project

BUYER MUST FINISH THIS THEMSELVES. IT IS NOT CURRENTLY WEARABLE.Personal project that was dropped so I’m letting someone else finish it. I will also throw in the charac...

WingWong (20 )


3 plushies

3 plushies that have been sitting around my house.Have been cleaned and not near animals.Looking for a new home where they'll be loved.Shipping not included in price...

WingWong (20 )


Spiderbear one of a kind plushie

Spiderbear one of a kind plushie (Terror Bear) 

Greyfang (2 )

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3 feet Walking Dead Bear with full size skeleton

3 feet Walking Dead Bear with full size skeleton**worth over $600**

Greyfang (2 )

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Blue ombré nub tail

Different shades of blue ombre nub tailCan be used for cosplay Fits many different species If there are any questions please contact via msgs 

prettypuppy (2 )


Gray fursuit gauges

Received 2nd hand from another maker i have no use 

prettypuppy (2 )


Amber Tabby Head

brand new premade suit.This tabby features a pair of sky blue follow-me eyes, a cute star pattern on the back, and a cool mohawk! Options to add a tail or a pair of hand...

Kabber (-1)

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Cute Small Deer tail

Small Brown and Silver Tail up for grabs!

SimbaDoesStuff (1 )

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Walter inspired bull terrier fursuit head

Yes like the meme walter

_August_pubby_ (0)

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Cute pink tail and paw set


Autiana13 (0)


Borzoi Mini Partial by H&T

This brand new, one of a kind, borzoi suit is ready to go home! She is made by Heads&Tails Studios! 

headsandtailsstudios (0)

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Glow Adoptable

A bit spookier than the other adoptables

IO-Dragon98 (2 )

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Anthro dragon adopt

A nice simple dragon adopt

IO-Dragon98 (2 )

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Panda head base

An intended base to be a red panda but you can change it and make it into whatever you desire! Its balaclava mounted so it will fit any size head, no ears

VayMutt (1 )

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Canine head base

An intended base to be a canine but you can change it and make it into whatever you desire! Can be balaclava mounted so it will fit any size head

VayMutt (1 )

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Red and black dutch or mano kit tail

Surreyandsuccu (0)


I Want to Do My Best Enamel Pin

These pins were over 150% funded on Kickstarter!With the funds I was able to get the first batch made, now they’re available to the public.For $11 a pin you can get the...

Screaming_Peasants (5 )



4 characters in this bundle

IO-Dragon98 (2 )

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Socks digi form feetpaws


Tamblerone (19 )

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Chocolate themed Dutch Angel Dragon Adopt, Ref sheet!

IO-Dragon98 (2 )

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