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Custom tails!

~Hello my name is Creature floop I have been making fursuit heads for a while but I wanted to practice tails and get my name out a bit so that's why I'm...

rebcoola (3 )


Costume Eye Inserts

3D Printed Costume Eye Inserts (Style: 3D Follow-ME)

MoonMoon (6 )


big cat fursuit head and tail with accessories

This is a big cat fursuit that includes a head, a tail, and several accessories. This fursuit is very good quality the only thing that is glued is the inside of the mouth...

Pepper (0)


The Plague Doctor

Unique artistic freedom designed fursuit that can be upgraded to a fullsuitListed price comes with head, hand paws and tail.The head is a unique design with a vinyl face ...

Kaikirith (0)


$2.50 Headshot

This is my headshot commissions i do, not many people get these ones sadly.

CAD 2.50
snowballArtCorner (0)


R3d protogen mini partial

Ever want to have a protogen? Well now is your chance to snag this adorable bean

Phelix_Blackfeather (0)

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Drinking Convention Buttons

Show your friends what you like with these Buttons! Includes 1 Square Button! Drinking Convention Buttons Small 2"What is Party Animal?Party Animal is your premier ...

Vitai (5 )



Please read the description carefully and put your offer according to the pricing chart and your character's colors.

huckleberrystudios (0)


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Partial (head, tail, paws and feetpaws) horse for sale!)

Partial (head, tail, paws and feetpaws) horse for sale!

Marty_Collins_Bro (1 )

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Purple and Grey handpaws

These handpaws are fully lined and brand new, only worn for photos. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can reach me at Sunblightstudios@gmail.com or @S...

SunBlightStudios (1 )


Kemono Alien Fursuit by PriamWolf

Please be 18 or older when purchasing ! Selling fullsuit with character rights and art. Accepting 1500$ for partial only, 2000$ for full suit

SplashingNoctis (0)


Toony Andrewsarchus

Andrewsarchus partial

Rhee (11 )

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furry handheld fan

It's a fan for the fursuit

CAD 70.00
duhestudio (0)


Partial with 4,000+art pieces

Sadly, I no longer want this suit and character due to personal reasons.Head, tail, paws, armsleeves, and over 4,000 art pieces!PLEASE HAVE TOYHOUSE IF YOU BUY, I WILL NO...

Wormby (0)

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Canine Partial

A partial with a head and paws

elliotlion (0)

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Dino Dog Character + Fursuit Slot Sale

This neon beauty was designed by @canidkisses and @jaxmerlecollie on twitter back in 2018Buyer will receive full character rights, and everything mentioned below.They com...

GBP 1,100.00
bytewavee (0)

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Beautiful realistic brown wolf with moving jaw. Have extra long claws on a fluffy and comfy hand paws and a cute tail. The head is made of foam, being lighter than rea...

Keto-Pagano (0)

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AdorableThree eye cat fursuit head

Adorable white and pink 3 eye cat looking for a forever home. Has a head set inside Fits sizes 24-25

Samantha (0)


Clockwork Jackal

Head only

sugarbeast (0)

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New Doggy

Brand new dog partial (head, handpaws, tail and body (kigurumi)) You get fursuit and all the rights to the character.

AliraGrimm (0)

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Red panda partial

BRAND NEW RED PANDA PARTIAL You get fursuit and all the rights to the character.

AliraGrimm (0)

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Collie Partial suit

This boy looking for new loveable home! Lost connection completely with this suit. Has been worn good bit for pictures and tiktok videos but not long at all. Has been was...

Leestowe (0)

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Dutchie premade

3D printed test fursuit Comes with: head, tail, wings, and a ref sheet! Fursuit by: Me Head base model by: Tioh

AceAndJellyDesigns (0)

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NEW Boba/ Thai Tea Kangaroo

This fursuit is a collab I did with @fangs211, completed in February 2021. It includes head, handpaws, and tail. Please read description before purchasing.

TransformTiger (5 )


Canine Mini Partial

Includes head, handpaws and tail.

shtiven (7 )


Pink Llama Fursuit Head

Toony llama fursuit head with moving jaw. 

galianogangster (1 )


Button Badge Commissions

Custom Fursona badge commission in the form of wearable buttons

EndMendFriend (0)


NEW Shy Snow Leopard mini partial

This is an auction for a BRAND NEW TLC Shy Snow Leopard mini partial WITH upgrade options!The Head- Hard resin base created by Colorful Creations -Fully lined inner bala...

Twistedleopardcreations (11 )

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