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Kinect VR Color Trackers ONLY

Cross your legs, sit, and dance in VR!These offer a more accurate way of tracking your movements using a Kinect for full body tracking in VR.

Rapid-Proto_Dragon (10 )


Feral HandPaws (Amber & Gold)

Made by ZettaNovaArts

ZettaNova (7 )


Collie premade

Collie premadeShe is my 2nd ever made suit 

Echo_the_wolf (0)


Puffy Feral Fursuit Paws - white + lime

Puffy feral handpaws in white ecoshag and lime green. Completely lined on the inside. Fits up to large hands.

PlaidPawsMaus (0)


Helpful Frog Needleminder/Magnet Button

Helpful Frog needleminder or fridge magnet.  Please specify which option you would like at purchase.  Needleminders come with one extra magnet to attach your button to ...

Milesy (1 )


Red Marble Semi-Realistic Fox Mini Partial

This lovely friend is officially done and up for sale!Size: 23 inches to 28 inches (may need padding to fit nicely, built on a baseball cap.)Base by DVC.Price: $1900 AUD,...

AUD 1,900.00
Theramblingfoxarts (0)



You are bidding on a brand new suit made by myself, Because Fuzz! With this suit, you will also receive a care guide, swatch sheet, simple reference sheet, and a complime...

Lbacon (0)

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Mini partial fursuit

Mini partial fur suit. Black/grey/blue wolf. Comes with head, paws, and tail. $350

Afhayden (0)


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Sabertooth Adopt [8 Art]

Sabertooth adoptable - ref sheet, 3 headshots, 3 full bodies & couple sketch - med/high quality

GBP 60.00
Frog-Toes-Furs (0)

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2 yards pastel blue bunny

One whole piece. Will not cut. Never been used.Shipping is extra.Was purchased from howl fabrics.

WingWong (43 )


Fursuit head base Unfinished

Clearing out materials and unfinished protects. This base was made by Max. I will include foam ears and horns but nothing else. Sold as is. I will not finish the base for...

WingWong (43 )


Sky One "Wild Things" Duck Mascot Costume Frenzy Creative

This little ducky managed to be saved from the scrapyard after a series of (i guess fortunate?) events. He's had a few modifications made and he needs some TLC here and t...

GBP 200.00
Lampy_Life (0)

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Spooky Skulldog partial

A perfect suit for the spooky season barley worn and high quality ready to find their new owner this Halloween

Artdrop413 (0)

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Skrizims suit

Suit for sale, not fursona

RockclawBluefire (0)

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Blue grey fox fur 1 yard

Local find fur. Not sold online. A little over 1 yard.Shipping is extra.Sold as is. Normal backing.

WingWong (43 )


Peryton character design

Was going to be made into a suit but I don’t have time. Quick draw from myself. Buyer is free to do what they like with it. Digital file download only.This species is a...

WingWong (43 )



You are bidding on a brand new suit made by myself, Because Fuzz! With this suit, you will also receive a care guide, swatch sheet, simple reference sheet, and a complime...

Lbacon (0)

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Seasonal Canine Premade

Brand new premade partial by Anoverratedartist

GBP 1,100.00
Anoverratedartist (0)


Moving jaw Bull and Character

I need money and need to part with some of my characters and the few bits of suits I have

MinakoTheOnly (0)

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Halloween Opossum! - Partial, Kigu & More!

COMES WITH: Head, Feet, Tail, Hands, Kigarumi by TunnySaysIDK, Ref Sheet, Badge, Artwork and Professional Photos by SvenFennec!! (extra artwork included for buyout!)

TinyTunaRoll (0)

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Cat 3/4 partial

Tuxedo cat Digi partial

Dreamerwolf (1 )

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lion fursuit head

only worn for pictures and videos, fully lined, fits up to 25.5 extremely comfortable.

Razer_Kayla (1 )

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Fursuit maker leftover supplies lot

Box includes fleeces, patterns (may or may not be complete), foam pieces, kemono noses, resin base hinges, paints, and more.Cleaning out my shop and someone else may have...

WingWong (43 )


Bird chibi wings harness

Made by monstercatcreations but was too small for what I needed. No character included and sold as is.Wings on elastic harness and fit one size most.Made of minkyPrice in...

WingWong (43 )


MASSIVE Weighted Leopard Slug

Made by Kaylas Kritterz

Jenncole44 (0)


Bird tail

Never used. Was made by someone on Etsy but can’t remember the name. Will update when I find it.Shipping is extra.Made of luxury shag and minky.

WingWong (43 )


Pastel Red Panda Tail (w/character)

45 inches long, that's over 3 feet of Floof! Comes with character design- if you'd like to purchase some matching fur too read description!

TribalKitten (1 )

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Vampire Corgi Premade Head

Just in time for spooky season, this lil pup come with Velcro eyelids, possible wings on the head, and a vampire bite on the back of his ear! He also comes with a free Ha...

Amp (1 )