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Canine 3d-printable model

STL model of a canine with a movable jaw for printing on a 3D printer

StiasHann (9 )


Fursuit costume goggles

googgle scaled tot he size for you in fursuits

dallytaur (1 )


Mochi Minky Handpaws - Price Lowered!

Deliciously soft mochi minky handpaws!

DrowsySeal (0)


Cobra/Dragon premade

raptormask premade

SecretKeeper (1 )


fursuit base crocodile

1. universal size2. there is a blind spot3. comfortable to wear with glasses4. you can breathe wellI'll put Russian sweets in the parcel (and not only) UwU)))for all...

ChubbyCorgi (0)


Badge Commissions!

FREE Shipping!

Royaltea-Rose (0)


Helpful Frog Vinyl Diecut Sticker

Weatherproof, vinyl diecut sticker.  Measures 1.25" x 3"

Milesy (3 )


Croxl the Pink Demon

Full gigigrade suit

Kahlani (0)

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Tan Shiba Inu/Corgi

Tan shiba inu/corgi partial Head, handpaws, sock feetpaws, and tail 

fangs211 (0)


Fox art doll, 10,56" in height

With wire carcass

Majesty_Angel (1 )

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Zebra leg minky plush prop

Big hunk of Zebra with a squeaker in the bone!

FreshByFlitt (0)


Buttery Pancake with syrup minky plush prop

"Do you like pancakes? Yeah I like pancakes!"

FreshByFlitt (0)


Paw/Tail Bundle Commission!

These will be new, made for you paws and tail! They will treated as a standard commission as the slot will be sold at near base price! 

LynxDenCreations (0)



Base: foam Connect with a buyer through the mail.ruPayment 100% prepayment. International shipping and paid from 12-50$.up to 1 kg 17-20$ normal delivery. The exact dat...

Sofi_Leru (3 )

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Fox Jan

Head: -papier-mâché fortified with epoxy resin; - teeth, eyes, eyelids and nouse from the mass of papier-mâché (and plastic semisphere for eyes); -ears made f...

Sofi_Leru (3 )

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Jackalope Adoptable

When purchased, original piece will be shipped to new owner with official Prismacolour colour palette.

xCailinMurre (6 )


King Dino Mask w/ Moving Jaw and Eyes, Plus Sound Effects!

Dino Mask customized by KnightNox. :)

KnightNox (3 )

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Puppetry-Style Fullsuit Commission

Puppetry Style! Own an custom made unique suit!

BeastlyTeeth (1 )

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Gold and Black Dino with Realistic Eyes Tear Duct vision.

New and Unused Crafted and designed by KnightNox!

KnightNox (3 )

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Grunge Bowser-Themed Dino Mask

Has chin strap still attached. Painted Dino Mask completed by myself, KnightNox. 

KnightNox (3 )

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Small Black Silver and Gold Dragon Tail Knitted on Dark Purple Yarn

Metal scailmail/scalemail tail knitted on yarn

Wolfdragonworks (2 )


Pastel Wolf Tail

21” pink and purple wolf tail. Strong elastic belt loops!

Winter_furr (0)


Skull Monster~ Made by ZettaNova

Brand new fursuit head & handpaws! (Private Auction)

ZettaNova (7 )

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Fursona Headshot

fursona headshot commission!

Wolfdragonworks (2 )


Custom Tail Commission

Any shape/size/species for a flat price!

Thera (0)


Feral Canine Hand Paws

Made with minky paw pads and luxury shag, stuffed with polyfill in the paw pads and fingers to hold their shape, lined inside with lycra to keep the stuffing away from yo...

Thera (0)


Alt Wolf Girl

Made and designed by me

TerraDH (2 )

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Rose Canine Adopt fursona furry fursuit

Fluffy rose canine adopt 

EUR 3.00
BigPawTiger (1 )

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