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DVC Resin Canine Base

With Straight Hinge, Silicone Nose, Jaw and Silicone Tongue Attached.

Just-A-Little-Mixed-Up (3 )


Evil Goat Needleminder/Magnet Button

Evil Goat needleminder or fridge magnet.  Please specify which option you would like at purchase.  Needleminders come with one extra magnet to attach your button to you...

Milesy (0)


$10 Reff sheets

I do ref sheets but only for furries who A. dont have a fursona or B. only has one image of there character but dont have a ref sheet.

CAD 10.00
snowballArtCorner (0)


Save us! 2 partials

2 Partials (1 orange deer and 1 emerald tree boa/raptor). It'd be a shame to throw them in the garbage. They can be touched up very easily with bakeable polymer clay...

FurryJunk17 (1 )

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Premade Kemono Dragon Fursuit Head

Made by Twilight Knights Cosplay 

Bootleg (0)

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Dolphin Kemono Partial

This is a LQ-MQ head and my first minky work, it has imperfections

Ducky_d_studios (0)

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Legend of Zelda Triforce Pendant Necklace

Legend of Zelda Skyward sword pendant by Nintendo! Excellent condition. Ships with USPS first class.

TawnyPaws (2 )


Cute Purple Wolf Partial, Comes With 2 Tails!

Hello! The head and paws of this gorgeous girl were made by FluffyFoxFursuits on insta. The tails and sleeves were made by me. I bought her brand new and she has only be...

wonderwaifu (3 )

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Yarben Adopt

Yarben are an original species by BlueAvian537 (me)

BlueAvian537 (0)

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Fur scraps faux fur scrap bag

A large bag filled with faux fur of multiple colors, lengths and sizes.Roughtly 1Kilo of fur!

viccylove (0)


Canine Dog Mini Partial

This is a cute mini partial dog! She has a fully lined head, follow me eyes, and floppy ears. She features a head and tail only. A mystery badge will be added. She’s gr...

spookscreations (0)

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Dragon Tail red and black fluffy dragon

A Fluffy dragon tail with long black fur on the top and a short red fur on the bottom. 

viccylove (0)


Holographic bi pride tail

Rad & sparkly! ✨

Geckoworks (2 )


Purple Fursuit Bandana with Bones and Paw Prints

Can be personalized :)

EUR 20.00
UlyssesBG (0)


Royal Blue Fursuit Bandana with Bones and Paw Prints

Can be personalized :)

EUR 20.00
UlyssesBG (0)


Fursuit Bandana with Pineapples

Can be personalized :)

EUR 20.00
UlyssesBG (0)


German shep design

Was purchased from fishbones on TwitterAsking what I paid for.NO PHYSICAL ITEM TO BE SHIPPED. Digital download only.

WingWong (21 )


3 plushies

3 plushies that have been sitting around my house.Have been cleaned and not near animals.Looking for a new home where they'll be loved.Shipping not included in price...

WingWong (21 )