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Kemono Cat-Dragon

Kemono fursuit with paws and tail

BojangletheCollie (0)

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Dutch Angel Dragon Partial

Selling this gently used Dutch angel dragon partial!Includes:-Head (fits 22-23")-Handpaws (one size fits most)-Tail-Digital refHead is fully lined.Made with a Furfan...

Egylon (5 )

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Worm on a string -Small- (international shipping)

Worm on a string plushies, comes in multiple different colours and eye styles!

GBP 20.00
Frog-Toes-Furs (0)


Whisper Werewolf Paws&Tail Adopt

Whisper Werewolf Halloween adoptItems included:-fully lined and cuffed hand paws -Very soft tail with hidden belt loops-full character rights with unwatermarked adopt im...

Lilanchor (4 )

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Pixel Eye Icons

MADE TO ORDER Pixel Eye Icons, 1000x1000 size. Digital art. Can be emailed or sent via Toyhouse. $3 per piece. If you want it to be a 2 frame blink animation, it will be...

mariefursuits (0)


Purple and Coral Cat Paw and Tail Set

This beautiful cat paw and tail set are ready to find a new home!Featuring inner paw lining, elastic belt loop, and extra long white fur on the tip of the tail.Made with ...

sirwoofers (0)


Selling HQ Tail

Selling a tail from a professional maker on instagram (I can’t remember their name unfortunately) I had it commisioned for $70 and I’m selling it for $50. It’s very...

DragonDog (0)


Party Animal Logo Stickers

Let your friends know you're a Party Animal with these stickers! Includes 1 WaterProof Sticker! Party Animal Logo Stickers Small 3"What is Party Animal?Par...

Vitai (5 )


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Plush hug YCH

Any species

Tamblerone (32 )


Aussie adoptable

Dog adoptable Very funny puppy! Only fullbody $25Each headshot is +$5^^ If you purchase with headshots i doing it on the day of purchase! Take payment to bank card, p...

Tamblerone (32 )

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Flame kitty ears

4 cm / 1,5"

Tamblerone (32 )

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Half suit raccoon

fullsuit option

Tamblerone (32 )

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Cotton Candy Fox Tail

Free US shipping!

PatchworkCostumes (0)


Rainbow Wolf Tail

Free US shipping!

PatchworkCostumes (0)


$10 Start Fursuit Canine Head-Base

$10 Start Fursuit Canine Head-Base. Great for beginners!

EikoEkoStudios (1 )

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Maned Ligress Partial + Character!

Head and sleeves made by Ligris Cybernetics

Luciferushi (0)


Blue Wolf - Partial Suit

Blue Wolf Partial with handpaws and tail

EUR 1,300.00
VinoStudios (1 )


PREMADE fursuit preclaim

This design will be made into a suit within 2 month after being bought. We take long payment plans.

Tuvasolve (0)


PREMADE fursuit preclaim

This suit will be made within 3 months after purchase. We ship worldwide and take long payment plans

Tuvasolve (0)


PREMADE fursuit preclaim

This suit will be made within 2 months after purchase. We ship worldwide and take long payment plans.

Tuvasolve (0)


[Fursuit For Sale] Frog Jiaer

Selling brand new frog fursuit (partial) -Moving jaw-Head x1 -2 pairs of Removeable Eyelids (Half + Full) -Webbed Frog paws x2 (Four fingers) -Short tail x1 - ...

Nianshou2 (0)


Premade Drekkubus Partial

Made by Twilight Knights Cosplay

Bootleg (4 )

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HyperNovaCrafts Commission Slot

Get a custom fursuit head, partial, or fullsuit made by HyperNovaCrafts! Winner will be selected between April 22nd -29th.

HyperNovaCrafts (11 )

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Lemur Head

*Nostrils updated in last picture. Aside from that, nothing has changed.Head only. Tried some new techniques so it isn’t perfect. Inside is lined. Eyes come with Velcro...

WingWong (53 )

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Wolf-Deer Skully

Realistic Wolf-Deer mask. 3D printed, made out of PLA Pro. Have added head and chin straps but can be cut off to replace if so desired. Fits heads 23-25 inches.Horns are...

sms0609 (2 )


Puffy Handpaw Commissions

Custom pair of stuffed handpaws

Pawpunchproductions (2 )


5 FOOT Red & Black Tail

Comes with matching custom design or adoptable! (Optional)

SnoozButton (1 )


Black & Pink Puffy Paws

Used handpaws, in great condition. Comes with matching custom design or adoptable! (Optional)

SnoozButton (1 )