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Feathered Raven head

Feathered Raven head for sale Made with crystumes base

angeldragon5 (0)

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Pink and Blue Canine Tail

Always dreamed to wag your pink and blue tail? This one is made for you !

DumbDogStudio (0)


NSFW/ SFW Commission Sheet

Hello ˚♡˚₊‧⁺˖ I'm opening my commissions for the first time so the prices are relatively low! Feel free to message or email me with any questions :)

PeachyHaley (0)


Realistic Full-Body Commissions

Realistic full-body commissions! See the description for more details.

lorrainePrints (0)


Realistic partial commission opening

Realistic mini partial (head tail and handpaws) commission opens !

EUR 1,670.00
AnimaCreatures (1 )


Angel dragon partial

Teal angel dragon with colorful ears, comes with a furry head two tails a medium one and a floor dragger and paws. Comes with ref sheet 

Smol_Casie (0)


African wild dog

African wilddog digitgrade full suit

CAD 2,500.00
Ishymitsukai (0)


Traditional Furry Badge

A bust/headshot drawing of your fursona!

AvalancheStudios (0)


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Boar fullsuit

Fullsuit with character rights!

coyote (4 )

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PocketPap Canine Fursuit Head

PocketPap Canine fursuit head with magnetic eyelids and removable eyes and tongue.

PaperCatCrafts (0)

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Sleepy Wolf mini partial

This mostly grey wolf partial comes with paws, tail and a head.

SunBlightStudios (2 )


FurFancy Digitigrade Wolf fullsuit with extra parts

Pre-owned, well loved, like new FurFancy digitigrade fullsuit. No flaws, no holes, no bald spots  100% stellar condition Here is a great opportunity to own a FurFancy s...

Twistedleopardcreations (15 )

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Partial Japanese Bobtail Cat

Perfect condition, partial with head, tail, paws, hair floof and eyelids. Exceptionally well made, clean, brushed and taken care of. Made 4 months ago! You get character ...

coconutpawss (0)


Monochrome Lemur Head

*Nostrils updated in last picture. Aside from that, nothing has changed.Head only. Tried some new techniques so it isn’t perfect. Inside is lined. Eyes come with Velcro...

WingWong (53 )

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Proxy the fruit bat

partial fursuit with wings!

treyix (1 )


High Quality, Unique Full Fursuit Partial with Character Rights

Pine the Malamute Catfish High Quality Full Partial (Grumpy head, Stompy feet, Digi-Leg sleeves, Hand paws, Arm sleeves, Tail)

Pupsota (0)


Almost half yard black beaver

Has some cut outsShipping is extraFrom howl

WingWong (53 )

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Kemono prototype print

This is the only print from the kemono file I have for sale. There is no nose or bottom jaw. It fits smaller heads. 22 inch and smaller.Sold as is. Shipping extra.If you ...

WingWong (53 )

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Werewolf Suit

Selling my fursuit due to general life issues, only worn a couple times for halloween.

MorieturTheVenera (0)

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Tango the Ferret Fursuit Partial

Tango the Ferret!!!Includes:• Head• Paws• Tail• Velcro tongue• Character rights + reference sheetHead fits up to 23” and is lined. The suit was made by me in ...

Pinqdog (0)

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Partial possum/ferret suit

In good condition haven’t put her on much besides to take some photos! She’s a possum or ferret of sorts does come with art!

Watermel0nsp1t (0)

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Zebra/ Unicorn hybrid adoptable

A purple Zebra/Unicorn hybrid adoptable

CrowWorkz (0)

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Angry Wolf Partial by Lemurcatt

VERY sturdy, high quality, and practically brand new mini partial by lemurcatt.

furryf0rm3r (1 )

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Portuguese Water Dog by We Might Bite & Cat and Cockatoo

well loved, but very clean, good quality, and well taken care of. low price for a quick sale, and because i got him for a steal.

furryf0rm3r (1 )

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adopts for sale i do accept offers!

read des.

fiafoxxel123 (0)

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(NEW) Valentines Cat / Fish Hybrid Mini Partial Fursuit

“Will you be my meow-entine? I’ll be happy to be brought along to meets, cons, events and more!” This brand new fursuit partial includes a lined head, 4 fingered pu...

CAD 1,800.00
MondayMidwich (1 )

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Pastel Canine Partial

This is a lovely pastel canine partial that includes head, hands and tail. Only worn briefly by the maker to test the fit.

Ulario (4 )

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Curly Husky Fursuit Tail

A machine sewn, high quality, curl patterned husky tail with durable dual canvas belt loops.

DreamingDogDesignsAndFur (0)

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