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Bunny/Goat premade

worldwide shipping Please contact me your bid so I can keep a track on the auction on instagram : blue_raptor_creations, telegram : Echo_furry or on delears den  the p...

EUR 800.00
Echo_Raptor (0)

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Madebymuttmix suit

Light partial with custom badge and suit ref

Teacat (0)


Pawai Dragon

Includes head, tail and paws and art. Good condition.

xjws (0)

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The Devil Cat Fursuit Head

The Devil Cat. Fursuit Head.Foam, 3d print, fleece, artificial fur. Nose with a hole

HalcyonFursuitWorkshop (0)


Dog Fursuit Mini Partial - Head & Tail - Semi Toony Resin

Head & Tail Resin Semi Toony Base Small Tail Artworks

EUR 800.00
FeroxFurry (0)


Green Tiger Premade

Brand new tiger head made by me, @reggiefelis!

pandepix (1 )


Prism the Cat-Partial Fursuit+Acc+Badge+Digital Art-Made by Transform Tiger

Prism the Cat is a gently used, colorful tabby/Maine Coon partial fursuit for sale! She comes with: toony foam head, paw gloves, sleeves for short shirts, outdoor feetpaw...

IaraWarriorfeather (0)

1 bid  

Folf partial suit - full character rights + badge + digital art

A bit of a franken-partial, the parts are from different makers/sources and put together. I got him in 2019, and have worn him to one convention. Hasn't been worn a ton o...

colliethegrace (0)


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HOLIDAY SALE! Sheep-Dragon Mini Partial

SALE! Need to sell! Great price, great quality. Fits 23in and similar heads.

KreatureKit (12 )



This is a tiered auction meaning the higher the bid, the more items you recieve!

ThatCatObsessedDemon (0)

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(OSFA head(one size fits all) ~21 to 23.5~ (-Base head from Etsy from known makers) -lined -angery face -(eyes from Esty from known makers) -no refund -buy...

Muttsspit (0)

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Partial Sabertooth Suit by Navy_Workshop

Head, paws, and tail by Navy Workshop.HEAD: One size fits all (up to 27” with glasses), made on a hinged base with a zipper and adjustable strap. Fully lined with flee...

hackermutt (1 )

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Australian Cattle Dog Mini-Partial

Made by Sittin Kitten Studios

Lydia_Quinn (7 )

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Dutch Angel Dragon Fursuit Head

Faux fur matte fursuit head Comes with all character rights and ref sheet Made to fit 24in head but it has slight wiggle room Any other questions feel free to message ...

TorriThorn (0)

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Dutch Angel Dragon

Selling this baby so that I can pay for medical bills that are coming up. It will come with the head, the floor dragger tail, and the extra fur that was left over. This s...

Hazyskycreations (0)

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(NEW) Toony Coyote Mini Partial Fursuit

This wild friend is certain to please anyone who likes North American Wildlife! They'll be happy to be brought along to meets, cons, events and more. This brand new fursu...

CAD 2,100.00
MondayMidwich (1 )


Sly Fox Mini Partial *new*

Fox mini partial includes head, paws, and tail. Brand new and only ever been worn for photos! Everything made by Dino Pupp Studios

Stardustsprinkles (1 )

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【NO.9FURWORKSHOP】 lizard head for sale


hakooo (0)


Frozen sabretooth zombie


ursworkshop (0)

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Fursuit partial for sale! Come with: - Fursuit head ( lined fits head 59cm ) - Pair of puffy paws ( lined )- Dragger tail ( 150cm long + comes with belt )- Art of the ...

Wiki (0)


Cat Fursuit Partial

Hello! I’m selling my cat mini partial! Her current name is Angel! You may change the name and character however you’d like upon purchase! I will email you the unwat...

FlyingFurFantasies (0)

2 bids  

Fursuit Head, Handpaws + Character Rights

New fox fursuit head and puffy hand-paws made by me + character rights! Suit has only been worn twice. The character has several pieces of art that can be found on their ...

TearfulWerewolf (0)

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Porcelain Mouse Partial Fursuit

Partial fursuit including a lined head, below-elbow-length arm sleeves, and a tail. Intended as a mouse, but can be another species like a gerbil or rat if the buyer choo...

BorxoiiStudios (0)

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New Purple Fox!

Brand new and for sale fox/canine partial suit! The partial comes with a head, two paws, two eyelids, a hair tuft and a fluffy tail. Constructed with foam and high quali...

CurryCatCreations (0)

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Doberman Partial

Calamity Costumes

Colliecalamity (0)

9 bids  

Charity Auction for Pittie in Pink

Charlotte the pitbull partial, in honor of Pittie in Pink's own beloved pittie. Made by Chamelio Creative

JessyeD (0)


Lani the Cactus Cat

Made by Pyrope Costumes and never worn outside of my apartment this guy is practically brand new. Includes the fursuit head, four finger paws, nub tail, and accesories

SweatySalt (0)

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Mini partial custom fursuit slot

This will be the last slot that I open for a long time, so I'm going to auction it off.

DemonWolfStudio (0)

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