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Husky Tail

I'm accepting PayPal payments in USD only. You are more likely to receive the tail if you are able to pay in full right away. The tail is 1ft long, has two loops...

SilhouetteStorm (0)


Black and White Dinosaur Fursuit Cosplay Tail

We have one black, white and green dinosaur tail for sale, made of the highest quality fur.

grayzener (0)


Kemono Fursuit Eyes - Blue (imperfect)

Kemono fursuit eyes - Imperfect due to being a test pair.

softexpresso (2 )


Feline Tail- Gray & White

This feline tail features white stripes down the side, interior spine, and a felt belt loop.

Floofer_Studios (0)


Premade Fursuit tail

2 color nub tail

islandhedgehog (2 )


Fox tail - fireworks + purple

Purple + fireworks fox/cat tail. Approximately 20" tall, with a 4" to 8" diameter.

PlaidPawsMaus (0)


FuzzButt Head Base

Lightly used, most hot glue residue has been taken off. Not needing it anymore. $60 shipping for Canada and USA. If international, please message for a shipping quote. C...

mariefursuits (0)


Canine 3d-printable model

STL model of a canine with a movable jaw for printing on a 3D printer

StiasHann (9 )


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Unfinished equine head base

***Shipping to the United States ONLY***Payment made through paypal invoicesHeadbase suitable for a mule or donkey character, could also alter the ears shorter for just...

gusty (1 )


Canine head base

***Shipping to the United States ONLY***Payment made through paypal invoicesMy original vision for this head was to make a shepherd suit, but would suit any canine char...

gusty (1 )


NEW premade spaniel mix head

Chester the spaniel mix premade is for sale! Fits 50-55cm heads, probably for biggers too. 3D follow me eyes, moving jaw with good ventalation. Vision is ok. Comes with a...

BearlyFursuits (0)


Pre-made Halloween Trick or Treat Puffy Paws

Brand new and ready to ship in time for Halloween!

ShwitCreations (3 )


Fursuit tongue

About 3 inches long, never used.Shipping is extra.

WingWong (43 )


Brown and White Fursuit Tail Nub

This tail was made by me 3-4 years ago, so I’m not 100% sure how good the quality is. Was not used. Can always be sent back for repairs. Tail is about 7”My ToS is als...

saltyseasadness (5 )


3D Printed Fursuit Eye Blanks

Made by Sere Studios

saltyseasadness (5 )


Feline Headbase

Able to be upgraded to RTF base, finished head, partial, fullbody.

saltyseasadness (5 )


DVC Dream Vision Creations LIGHT BLUE HORNS Set of 6 New/Unused

Measures about 2" tall. Really pretty robin egg blue color.

KnightHawke (13 )

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Poltergeist the Skull Dog - NO RESERVE

Please see image for sizing guide. This mask runs small.

SBGothik (0)

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Red panda head

This suit was originally made by MyrtlesMonsters. I did a small refurb so it can find a new home!Replaced the eyes, nose, muzzle fur, gave it a deep wash in the machine a...

WingWong (43 )



Listing for an older suit head (and bonus tail).

GBP 200.00
searawolfie (0)

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Green Lion Head

This head was made by marty_collins_bro on Instagram, and was only worn a couple of times. The fur is high quality and very soft.Head will fit a circumference no larger t...

B3llum (1 )


Toony Chicken/Bird Partial Suit Base and Some Parts, Finish Yourself

Toony Chicken Fursuit Partial Base and Parts, Finish Yourself

JuicyPeachStudios (4 )


Light Blue Curly Shiba Fursuit Dog Tail

A light blue curly tail with white fur on the bottom

JuicyPeachStudios (4 )


Red and White Long Curly Husky Fursuit Dog Tail

A long tail with red and white fur

JuicyPeachStudios (4 )


Pastel Red Panda Tail (w/character)

45 inches long, that's over 3 feet of Floof! Comes with character design- if you'd like to purchase some matching fur too read description!

TribalKitten (1 )

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Prototype fursuit feet only

The bottoms have flaws so this isn’t my full price. Pattern by kemocube. Lining is sewn but glued to the fur and has the ability to remove stuffing from the toes. Linin...

WingWong (43 )


Plantigrade Bodysuit and Tail.

A used bodysuit in good condition with a brand new tail. 5'4-5'5 162.56cm-167.64cm 100lbs-115lbs 45.36kg-52.16kg

KreatureKit (9 )


DVC Large Canine Headbase

2015 version, comes with nose/bottom jawset/hinged

TribalKitten (1 )