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Pink/White Maned Wolf Mini Partial

Brand new Heart themed Maned Wolf Mini Partial with two interchangeable tongues. PLEASE READ description before Bidding I will only sell to over 18's. I may need pr...

GBP 500.00
HouseOfCardsFursuits (1 )

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Happy Waifu T-Shirt

 Show your friends what you like with this comfy T-shirt! Includes 1 Ultra Soft T-Shirt! Happy Waifu S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XLWhat is Party Animal?Party Animal is your...

Vitai (5 )


Asexual Pride Tail

a 21in Asexual pride flag themed tail!

NaritaCoree (2 )


Male Gazelle | Customisable

Customisable adopt

Milesy (1 )


(Holo)Bones & Flowers Logo Sticker

Dailor, Serj, and Zach have gotten a little spooky on these Holographic Stickers! Includes 1 WaterProof Sticker!(Holo)Bones & Flowers Logo Stickers Small 3"What ...

Vitai (5 )


Striped Hyena Adopt!

Hello! This adopt is a Striped Hyena, I named her Athena but that can be changed if the buyer wants. Buyer gets all character rights and so can change anything else about...

AshTheYeen (1 )


Ocelot Fullsuit Fursuit (cheap/young fur!)

This is an old suit of mine which needs a new home!

FeralTigerCreations (0)


Kemono pig fursuit

Baby the kemono pig! 3/4th fursuit: hand paws, feet paws, legs, arm sleeves, head, digitigrade legs and tail. Comes with a physical badge and digital art. Large head can ...

Mosertia (0)


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brandnew cat black-red partial

I sell this brandnew black-red cat partial fursuit (only head and Tail).The head is very easy to wear and has good ventilation and view. Circumference will be about appro...

EUR 540.00
Sasa_Creations (2 )

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brandnew coloured bird head

I sell this brandnew bird head. I've taken the Blaukappentangare (engl.: red-necked tanager) as a model. But I used orange fur instead red fur. The head is very ...

EUR 400.00
Sasa_Creations (2 )

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Kiyo Dutch Angel Dragon Full Suit

Up for grabs is my Dutch angel dragon Kiyo. Only worn on two occasions for photographs.

Kiyo (0)


Sea Bun adopt

Base made by Ihoundr on DA

Hvcax (0)


Sword dude design

an adopt I got and not used much anymore

ValeSafi (0)


Dino Mask Fursuits

Two dino masks being sold togetherone is furred one is painted

Undeadkaiju (0)

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Mega Fursuit Starter Kit

 This fursuit kit comes with 2 tails, multiple head bases, paws, armsleeves, fur, brush, and more!

Undeadkaiju (0)

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Rabbit head

Head fits most sizesFollowing eyes

Adawolff (0)

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Cat Headbase

A ready-to-fur foam headbase.

MonsterPartial (0)

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Furry head on sale

This head is going to be cheaper than that head because it's not going to be sold with full fursuit

duhestudio (0)


Zootopia Figurines

Brand new Zootopia figurines

Chyroso72 (3 )

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Fullsuit + Character For Sale

Selling the fullsuit, plus old design rights!

Pess (0)

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Fur hoard 10 yards total!

Selling my entire fur stash.There is about 10 yards of fur in total.Teddy, cubby, beaver, fox, luxury shags, and local finds here all with normal backing!Most are full pi...

WingWong (40 )

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Kemono fursuit base and tail

Ready to fur kemono base and finished tail.Shipping is extra. There is plastic over the eyes. It is mostly lined but needs small touches to finish.Nothing else included. ...

WingWong (40 )


Rebel the Cat! Premade Partial

This listing is for a fursuit partial, Rebel the Cat! It includes a head (with eyelids and 2 different tongues), 4-finger puffy handpaws, and an extra long tail!

Four Moons Fursuits (0)


fursuit parts w full character rights and art

remix is a skulldog and cosmic horror who was my fursona from 2015-2019. I dont connect with him anymore so I'm hoping he can make someone else happy! he has a lot of art...

GhostinthePouch (0)


Fursuit collar

Can’t remember who made this. I bought on Etsy last year.Price includes shipping. It is adjustable.USA only

WingWong (40 )


FinFun Ice Dragon Mermaid Tail + AMP monofin

Adult Medium size, includes bonus bag

Oshi (3 )


Cross Fox - Fullsuit

Brand New Fullsuit! By PumpkinPlushness (me) Crossfox that can fit up to 155lbs and 5"3 in height Head is 30" So I can custom pad the inside with your head ...

PumpkinPlushness (0)

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Black/Ivory Tail

A premade fursuit tail

SpartanCoffee (4 )

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