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Mochi Paws *Discounted*

Mochi paws for sale at a lower-than-usual price!

Kemoyagi (0)


Small fox tail

A small, light fox tail with huggable squish

TigerbatTails (1 )


New custom orange fruit ears

New furry ears from a custom design inspired with orange fruit.

Zaqlen (1 )


Cat 3d-printable model (Notify me at TheDealersDen to purchase)

STL model of a cat with a movable jaw for printing on a 3D printer

StiasHann (10 )


Baby Blue Tail and Ear Set

A cute and fluffy fox tail with matching ears!

Queen_Pendas (0)

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Holographic Unicorn Slipper-Paw Hooves

Slim fit, slipper-style, holographic hoofpaws

GoodFurSomething (5 )


WestsCustomCreations dragon head base

foam dragon head base by WestCustomCreations!

BearSmug (4 )


Pink and Blue Canine Tail

Always dreamed to wag your pink and blue tail? This one is made for you !

DumbDogStudio (0)


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White Wolf Fursuit Tail

White Wolf Fursuit Tail-brand new-HQ-elastic belt loop-over 1 foot long@JaxxRW on Instagram if you have any questions ^^

RavenWoof (0)

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Black Wolf Fursuit Tail

Black Wolf Fursuit Tail-brand new-HQ-elastic belt loops-over 1 foot long@JaxxRW on Instagram if you have any questions ^^

RavenWoof (0)

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Golden Tiger Tail

Golden Tiger Tail-brand new-HQ-invisible belt loops-about 3 feet long-slight gore detailing@JaxxRW on Instagram if you have any questions ^^

RavenWoof (0)

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Worm On The String Fursuit Tail

Worm On The String Fursuit Tail-HQ-Brand New-Invisible Belt Loops-Detachable googly eyes- about 3 feet long@JaxxRW on Instagram if you have any questions ^^

RavenWoof (0)

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White Bunny / Deer Nub Tail

white bunny / deer short nub tail. has a squeaker inside!

inkedpuppy (0)


Cotton candy paws

These stunners feature good quality mint green and bubblegum pink faux fur with white minky dot (dimple chenille) for the paw pads. The internal stitching holding all the...

Crickettheaxo (0)


Yellow top half body suit, faux fur

Selling the top body suits of one of my fursuits as it no longer fits due to losing weight. Also do not wear it enough as I prefer partialling in that suit. Full desc. B...

GBP 99.00
HouseOfCardsFursuits (1 )

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Fursuit head base + character

Started making years ago but dont plan on finishing. Comes with wip paws, finished tail, same felt as the one on the tail, eye lids (struggles to stick on) and white foa...

GBP 150.00
Offlinewitch (0)

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Premade HQ Fursuit Skullcrow head black

Premade HQ Fursuit Skullcrow Head comes with moving Jaw, very good ventilation and field of vision. Has an adjustable strap, a back zipper and long black fur.

EUR 650.00
Fudonis (0)

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Lemur Head plus tail!


WingWong (54 )

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Iridescent Dino Mask

Selling this therizinosaurus mask that I painted myself for a project. Unfortunately I no longer have any use for it.Comes with plastic straps on the inside to adjust to ...

ZeroFoxGiven (3 )


Neon Light Blue Fox Hand Paws by FurDay Creations

Selling a pair of hand paws made by Furday Creations. Unfortunately the maker of these paws is no longer in business and from the looks of their FA profile they have not ...

OtokageWolf (3 )


New Pre-made Moss Agate Aardwolf Head

Brand new pre-made aardwolf fursuit head for sale!

Jenxworks (1 )


Medium Tail

Medium tail with hidden belt loops. Initially made by myself for my character but I need space for moving. Buyer doesnt have to change design , Made with HQ fur.

GBP 60.00
MaxWolfe (0)


Small Canine Tail w/ blue collar

Hardly worn small canine tail, made by CassiusCrafts/CassiusRed. Belt loops on the base for attachment. Bought a year ago at Confuzzled 22. Used but practically still new...

GBP 30.00
MaxWolfe (0)


Dragon reptile foam headbase semi-toony

This foam headbase is for most dragon characters. Also reptile, lizard, dinosaur, (dutch) angel dragon. Intended for use with balaclava (not included). Like most dragon b...

EUR 79.99
PlatinumBladeStudios (0)


Premade fursuit/cosplay fur wings

Fur wings for fursuit or cosplay premade. They are beautifully soft, the black base layer is made of mink fabric, the golden layer is leatherette and on top is a quality ...

EUR 120.00
ivythedutchie (0)

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Hoof paws

Fursuit hoofs made with siberian wolf fur (two tone fur ) and minky ! They're like mittens. I'm a beginner maker, wich means there may be some flaws! Payment plans are ...

EUR 250.00
Sentir (0)


Alien Dog Fursuit Head

Brand new premade head that I just finished. Fits 23" head and larger. Straps inside to hold the head on better. Head made by me with parts purchased elswhere.

starslasherx (0)