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Premade Skull Dog Mini Partial with DVC Skull

This mini partial is made with a Dream vision Creations skull and comes with the head, tail and hand paws. It is a brand new Premade character. It will be physically ship...

The_Random_Furry (1 )

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The Plague Doctor

Unique artistic freedom designed fursuit that can be upgraded to a fullsuitListed price comes with head, hand paws and tail.The head is a unique design with a vinyl face ...

Kaikirith (0)


REDUCED! Rottweiler Partial by Conifer's Creations

Brand new pre-made Rottweiler Partial by Conifer's Creations.  ❤️ WE DO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY ❤️ **** WAS £950 ($1340) **** --------------------------------...

GBP 800.00
ConifersCreations (0)


Midnight Fox mini partial

Head, paws and tail!

EUR 500.00
LadyNightLight (0)

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3/4th Digigrade Cat Fursuit

A beginner's fursuit of a cat that comes with a head, tail, hand paws, outdoor feet paws, and a 3/4th body suit. Used lightly and in relatively good condition bu...

mystic_crow (0)

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SLF 》Cotton Candy Tiger partial premade

" I never added the disc after I reposted this X.X "

DeadXQueen (0)


Collie premade

Collie premadeShe is my 2nd ever made suit 

Echo_the_wolf (0)


Gezak Bodysuit

I'm selling a Gezak Bodysuit; It does not come with hands, paws, or head. Please see the description for more details.

KamauRot (0)

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Head and tail

This boi is a dragon/deer He comes with a head,tail and prop

GBP 400.00
Hazardscreations (0)



I have this beautiful girl up for sale she comes with head,tail,art and a prop

GBP 350.00
Hazardscreations (0)


Aqua - Protogen Mini-Partial, Character, 30plus Artworks and Animation

This listing is for a protogen (type: rare) fursuit mini-partial including Head, Tail and Paws. Also included in this purchase is more than 30 artworks by serveral art...

GBP 180.00
ShyTye (0)

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NEW Boba/ Thai Tea Kangaroo

This fursuit is a collab I did with @fangs211, completed in February 2021. It includes head, handpaws, and tail. Please read description before purchasing.

TransformTiger (4 )


Bird Fursuit head

only warn for pics/vids. fits up to 24", great ventilation and vision.

Razer_Kayla (1 )

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Litten Fursuit Partial Premade

Fursuit premade of Litten from Pokemon, comes with a head, handpaws, and tail. Never worn.

drowsytiel (0)

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Emerald the Welsh Dragon (Test Suit)

A test suit built by Midnight Fur Studios. Price reflects some defects, described below. Perfect for a first time suiter or someone with a smaller budget.

GBP 100.00
MidnightFurStudios (0)

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NEW!! Kemono doggy Sora by FurrHouse studio

worldwide shipping

FurrHouse_Jessy (4 )

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Vaporwave Dragon Premade

Once the auction is won, this will be made into a head, tail, and paw set in this design. THIS IS AN ARTISTIC LIBERTY AND WILL NOT BE CHANGED!

FireLizardStudios (1 )

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Umbreon fursuit (NEW)

Asking offers over $350.00 plus shipping! Comes with head, tail, and one traditional art. Suit is absolutely brand new, only wore for pictures.

fierceiris (1 )

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Toony Monarch Butterfly Dragon Partial - Komickrazi Studios

Premade Toony Monarch Butterfly Dragon partial made by Temperance of Komickrazi Studios. Built of a foam headbase made by MAX bases.

Komickrazi (5 )

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Realistic Rat Partial - Komickrazi Studios

Premade Rat partial made by Temperance of Komickrazi Studios LADDER AUCTION! As bid prices are reached, additional pieces will be made.

Komickrazi (5 )

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Toony Striped Cat Partial - Komickrazi Studios

Premade Toony Cat partial made by Temperance of Komickrazi Studios

Komickrazi (5 )

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Dutchie Full Partial!

This is a Partial Set that includes:Head: 23"+ Its a fairly large headbase fully lined.- Removable eyelids-Removable tongues-Removable Hair tuffSleevesPaws with sque...

Reddragon979 (3 )

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the Tiger English bullterrier!

Free international shipping

Majesty_Angel (1 )

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Kitty the pretty lioness!

Free international shipping

Majesty_Angel (1 )

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Pretty Kitty Partial

white cat fursuit partial

MhopCat (4 )


Border Collie

Border collie fursuit head

MhopCat (4 )


Fursuit Fox (head and paws)

Fursuit Fox with head and paws.

NoAm (0)


Blue Dragon Mini-Partial

Dragons Mini-partial. Comes with head, tail, paws and a badge.

GBP 225.00
BirdsBlood (0)

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