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Pre-made 2000s Scene Girl Husky

Yet to be made, read description!

klovesbunnies (1 )

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Scaled Dragon Head, Gauntlets, and Tail Partial Suit - JayeCreations

Hello and thank you for the interest in our auction! This is our 2nd ever complete dragon head that comes with clawed gauntlets, unclawed gauntlets, and a tail! Video D...

Wuffjaye (1 )

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Puppy fursuit partial

Puppy partial with head, paws, and tail. Buyout gets a custom fit fullsuit!

Audubonanimals (0)

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Peregrine falcon mini partial- Abby’s Armory

Mini partial suit. Comes with falcon head, tail feathers, wing arm sleeves, and rights to character. 

Abbys_Armory (1 )

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Partial fursuit

Character and Partial fursuit with paws, tail and head. Includes physical art and digital reference sheet and small plushie! Super loved puppy but with working a full tim...

Ryleepie (1 )


Baby Blue Deer Partial! ✨

Fully lined head and plush paw-hooves 

Thistlecrux (0)

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Banana Cream Yeen Partial

A sparkly, sugary, and oh so very handsome spotted hyena partial out just in time to treat yourself for the holiday season ahead!

Queenhyena (1 )

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New whisper forest Spirit

Seventh moon coyote 

Lumpmac (2 )

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Fox partial with a character and arts

Partial with paws, tail and head(DELIVERY TO ANY COUNTRY)

Negative_Roberts (1 )

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Hello,We are selling this beautiful new fox partial. Made from foam and quality fur. Comfortable and nice see-through via tear ducts. No airbrush, just fur so easy to ...

moonwolf (1 )

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Mint Ice Cream DOG ! NEW ! made by Angel tigress!

New Fursuit Mint Ice Cream ! Made with love by Angel tigress Studio! VERY soft and high quality American fur All spots and stripes are sewn by hand on the head, ther...

Angel_Tigress (16 )

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Dog orange ! ! NEW ! SALE

Dog orange! ! NEW! Craft by Tupik ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MORE Photos : Watch here! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

Angel_Tigress (16 )

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Corgi head!

Only head

Tamblerone (24 )

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White Lion Partial

white lion partial made with resin head and moving jaw

QTBearsFursuits (1 )

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Coral Rex

head, tail, and claws

Rhee (5 )

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Pink and Yellow Husky Mini Partial~!

A sweet pink and yellow husky baby! Comes with a lined foam head, lined puffy paws, and a curly tail. See full description for more details! COMES FROM A HOUSE WITH CATS!

HarvestTheDragon (0)


OmgPineapples / CorgiLegs Suit


RebeIIiot (0)

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Hot Cocoa Partial

Made to fit partial

Tiddypod (0)

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Amarillo Dutchie Partial

Hello, this is Amarillo the Dutchie!He comes as a partial: head,indoor feetpaws,floor dragging tail, paws and plenty of art! Sadly lost his badges when I moved but I’m ...

Joy4547 (2 )

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Custom head

Ladder auction for a custom fursuit head / partial

ginger6471 (0)

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Goat Partial

Goat partial for sale! Comes with head, paws, tail, ref sheet, and character rights! 

Midnight_Sky (0)


Strawberry Dog Partial

Made by furshadowing. Head, Paws, and Tail

v0rxx (0)


Plush Skull Wolf

Barely used suit!

Galaxydoll (0)


Pink LavaFox Partial

Lavafox Head & Tail

v0rxx (0)


Generic Canine Partial

Premade Canine Partial: Head, handpaws and tail. 

Roxwulf (0)

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Pink Canine Fursuit Partial

This high quality fursuit partial includes a head, pair of handpaws, and belt loop tail. The head has outstanding ventilation and vision. The inside of the head is lined...

aspenfolf (0)

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Playful Rascal Fursuit Partial

Brand new Fursuit Partial,More info below, please read!

cometdust (0)


Skull Monster~ Made by ZettaNova

Brand new fursuit head & handpaws! (Private Auction)

ZettaNova (6 )

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