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Raccoon Partial

Raccoon Partial made by LemonBrat. Worn for a couple of hours and then stored. The suit is in excellent condition and was made in 2022. Comes with head, hand paws, slee...

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Madebymuttmix suit

Light partial with custom badge and suit ref

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Green hyena fursuit

Fursuit head and hand paws. Head fits 21”-22” and hand paws are one size fits all but on the bigger end. Both are fully lined.

GBP 500.00
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Partial Fursuit + 300 pieces of art (VIDEO OF SUIT IN DESCRIPTION)

Hi! I am selling my fursona and fursuit. He comes with a full partial, 300+ pieces of art, badges, kigurumi, and much more!

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Ram Fursuit Partial

A cute pink ram partial with curly hair, a bouncy tail, and five-finger hoof paws made by Kinghime and SammySmilesCo!

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Feathered Dragon Partial

Fursuit made by biab_ikkyu also has a ref sheet and telegram stickers plus more art!

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Flame Wolf Partial

A cute Wolf partial created by @fluffy.boi.suits is looking for a home!

MhopCat (13 )


Kemono Cat-Dragon

Kemono fursuit with paws and tail

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Maned Ligress Partial + Character!

Head and sleeves made by Ligris Cybernetics

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Blue Wolf - Partial Suit

Blue Wolf Partial with handpaws and tail

EUR 1,300.00
VinoStudios (1 )


PREMADE fursuit preclaim

This design will be made into a suit within 2 month after being bought. We take long payment plans.

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PREMADE fursuit preclaim

This suit will be made within 3 months after purchase. We ship worldwide and take long payment plans

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PREMADE fursuit preclaim

This suit will be made within 2 months after purchase. We ship worldwide and take long payment plans.

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[Fursuit For Sale] Frog Jiaer

Selling brand new frog fursuit (partial) -Moving jaw-Head x1 -2 pairs of Removeable Eyelids (Half + Full) -Webbed Frog paws x2 (Four fingers) -Short tail x1 - ...

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Premade Drekkubus Partial

Made by Twilight Knights Cosplay

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Jokull the caribou

Fits a size 23 head made by cattlecastle Unlined Tail is very old as it was made by his original maker whom I’ve lost track ofComes with 8 physical badges and some di...

QuartzChain (1 )

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Blue Donkey/Deer Partial

Brand new Head + Hands + Tail! VIDEO TURNAROUND

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Canine/Hyena/ African Wild Dog ext partial by JessieFrosst/CottageMoss

This is a partial suit head tail paws and feet.

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Punk Dragon

New! FREE Anthrocon Delivery!

KreatureKit (13 )

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Raccoon Fursuit Partial

Includes head, handpaws, arm sleeves, 2 tails, over 70 pieces of art, multiple badges, and extras!

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Сappuccino Cutie

mini-partial = head, paws, tail, made by @JuicyDog

Juicy_Dog (14 )

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Canine Fursuit

made on a yamishizen base - character rights included

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Yellow Pansy Butterfly Cat Partial

This suit was originally made by Kandorin Creation in 2020 and lightly used(only worn 4 times), I'm only selling the 1.0 of this particular character. You don't have to r...

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Blue Hyena Partial

+ pickable nose & removable eyelids

CAD 3,500.00
SewingStuffs (11 )

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Sasha (Punk Themed Cat)

Mini partial - Head, Handpaws and tail

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Mohawk Canine Partial


RougeLavender (18 )

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Black Canine Partial


RougeLavender (18 )

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Refurb Fox Partial

premade partial by WowDragonStudio that was originally made by lolipopfurshop around 4 years ago.

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