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Fursuit Badges

I’m making custom fursuit badges! They can be made any size, generally, I make them around 6" by 5", however, I can make them bigger or smaller! They will cos...

SleepyEagleStudios (0)


Custom !Squeaky! Four Finger Puffy Handpaws

Custom Four finger handpaws with inner lining. Minky fur pawpads. Squeaker in palmpad

TheVoiceStories (0)


Drinking Convention Buttons

Show your friends what you like with these Buttons! Includes 1 Square Button! Drinking Convention Buttons Small 2"What is Party Animal?Party Animal is your premier ...

Vitai (5 )



Tinzin is a peaceful wolf and likes to grow berries in their backyard.I will email Tinzin to you after purchase.

rebcoola (3 )


Pride Paw Furry Cross Stitch Pattern

This is a physical, printed pattern, mailed to your door.  If you would rather purchase an instant download to print yourself, please visit my website for information.Pr...

Milesy (1 )


Spice & Wolf Holo/Horo cosplay (Ears, Tail)

Ears and tail for  cosplaying the second main character of "Spice & Wolf", Holo the Wise Wolf. 

SpadeTheRaptor (0)


Aussie Girl

Buyer is free to change anything they want. If you would like me to make small edits, such as changing chest size, please add $5High res file without water mark will be s...

ClockworkCarousel (1 )



I CAM SHIP INTERNATIONAL! (Pm me, link below) $800obo (plus shipping) Can ship immediately, traded from lorelei hickey who bought it from

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Curved Lion Tail


ZeroRemnants (4 )



One of a kind hoof shoes made to order. Payment plans are accepted.

Crittertraces (1 )


Jupiter the Lynx Partial Fursuit

Comes with a head, paws and tail as well as the character.

HuskyTeeth (0)

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NEW Twistedleopardcreations MintChip Canine mini partial

This is an auction for a BRAND NEW TLC Mint Chip Pup mini partial WITH upgrade options!The Head-Balaclava base, fits up to a 25' head, hand carved upholstery foam-Fully l...

Twistedleopardcreations (12 )

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Collie premade head

This lavender collie includes a pickable nose, a floppy ear, ear stretches and a velcro tongue! The head is quite small and will fit up to a 22 inches circumference head....

kurenji (0)


Blue/Brown Female Wolf

Female wolf

Athella (2 )


Cloudy Mint Wolf Adopt

A cloudy-inspired mint wolf design

Athella (2 )


Red Wolf fullsuit

worldwide shipping

FurrHouse_Jessy (5 )

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NEW Boba/ Thai Tea Kangaroo

This fursuit is a collab I did with @fangs211, completed in February 2021. It includes head, handpaws, and tail. Please read description before purchasing.

TransformTiger (7 )


CHARITY Half Curl Huskey/Akita Tail

25% Going to The Humane Society Disaster Relief From Hurricane Ida.

KreatureKit (8 )


Camber the Flying Winged Squirrel Sciurus Fullsuit and Character

Adorable and unique character fullsuit made by me, all art and character rights included

splatfennec (3 )

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This head is a multi-maker project: the original foam base (and the 3D printed teeth) being from KeryuOkami, with re-sculpting and finishing work by ArtKourCostumes and t...

Kour (0)

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Maned Wolf fullsuit

Starting bid $1000, free shipping!

TheLionessAndTheLoom (3 )

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Little Cutie Heart Cat

This fursuit is a Kemono Heart Cat!NEW! used for testing, photos and video only, Wear less than 5minutes.It comes with a head, handpaws, and tail.Check out more pictures ...

b01831 (4 )


Cat 3/4 partial

Tuxedo cat Digi partial

Dreamerwolf (1 )

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1 yard light brown fox

Purchased form Fursuit Supplies. Never used.Shipping is extra.

WingWong (43 )


YBL Premade Horse

Selling good-as-new secondhand premade


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Strawberry Cow

A super sweet cow up for adoption ! Comes with unwatermarked and watermarked versions of the reference sheet. Made on a base by @larkbites, design by @pancakesnplants on ...

pancakeonyohead (1 )

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Fluffy Forest Bat Adoptable

Cute bat adoptable with bonus headshot option !

pancakeonyohead (1 )

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Tanuki Adoptable

A cute, Genshin inspired Tanuki !

pancakeonyohead (1 )

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