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Snowy Pangolin Premade

Information:Our Snowy Pangolin fursuit Premade features, two semi-removable "follow me" eyes, a removable 4 ft tongue, and a batik lining inside the head. This ...

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Kemono Cat Partial

Brand new partial, only worn to take photos.

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Fursuit Head Fox/Wolf

Fursuit Fox/Wolf Head

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Mini partial fursuit

Mini partial fur suit. Black/grey/blue wolf. Comes with head, paws, and tail. $350

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Mustache Cat Premade

Based off of Stache, the oriental short hair/dobby cat!

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Premade Dragon Cat Fursuit

Head, Tail, Wings, NO PAWS

GoodFurSomething (3 )


Fursuit commissions

Hello, I am opening commissions for custom fursuit partials! Please be patient if you suit takes awhile especially if your Fursona has unnatural color on it. I work hard ...

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Full Partial - Made by @terian_goldshtain on Instagram. Fursuit comes with: Head, paws, tail, and feet paws. Character comes with: Character rights, reference sheet, art!...

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squirrel pre-made

This beautiful red squirrel is looking fore a home. Thay come with paws, taill, hade and a acorn plushy and one badg and a refrence sheet. The taill is hared to put on ...

EUR 390.00
Moononia (0)

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Cute dog pre-made

This cute dog pre-made i looking fore a home. Thay come with a nub tail, paws, armslevs and the head of corse. Thay will come wit a badg also. Thay fite 56cm to 57cm h...

EUR 200.00
Moononia (0)


Valentines skulldog pre-made

This cute Valentins skulldog is looking fore a home. They come with paws, tail,are sleeves the head of cours and 2 bages. The hede fits 58-60 cm ore les. Thay have bri...

EUR 600.00
Moononia (0)

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Charity Cat Fursuit Partial

50% of proceeds will be donated to, Simply Cats, a local nonprofit cat shelter!This partial features:~ 24” fully lined head
~ 3D printed follow-me eyes + Velcro eyeli...

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Feline Space Cat Mini Partial Fursuit

This colorful feline friend is aiming for the stars! They'll be happy to be brought along to meets, cons, events and more. This brand new partial includes a lined head, 4...

CAD 1,250.00
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Sleepy Red Panda Partial

Sleepy Red Panda Partial: ANTHROCON PICKUP AVAILABLE Head, paws, and tail magnetic eyelids toony style pickable nose puffy paws hidden belt loop

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Atomic Doggo

Official Lemon Brat Partial.

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Witch Lynx Premade

Lynx Mini-Partial

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Rainbow Pride Puppy

Rainbow Pride puppy fully lined with magnetic ear and tongue accessories and 4 Velcro tongues Buyout price gets more added

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Furred Dragon wings, paws, and tail

Premade dragon handpaws, tail, and wings for sale. Handpaws made with Kloofsuits paw pattern, the rest is custom patterned.

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starry wolf fursuit

made by maxyncheese

maxyncheese (2 )

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Pre-made Paradise Fish Manokit

Brand new mini partial with upgrades!

ShwitCreations (3 )

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Baby blue feline mini partial

This lovely baby blue feline is looking for the new, loving home wher she'd bring alot of joy. It's the gal you're looking for!

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Red Black and White Butterfly Cat Partial

This is a partial suit created by Kandorian Creations (Keeatah). It's modeled after a particular crimson, black, and white butterfly.

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Twitch from League of Legends

This is one of the skins/outfits Twitch has called Pick Pocket Twitch

Demarious (1 )


WintersHowling x Kloofsuits Partial Fursuit

Partial cat dog fursuit by WintersHowling and Kloofsuits

GBP 1,200.00
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Doberman Hellhound Partial

- Lightweight EVA base- Fits head up to 22"- Fits neck up to 17" (fitted neck, please measure!)- Hidden zipper on head for a snug fit- Feral paws with glow in t...

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Pastel Goat Partial

Pastel Goat partial made by Westscustomcreations.

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Full Partial - Made by @terian_goldshtain on Instagram. Fursuit comes with: Head, paws, tail, and feet paws. Character comes with: Character rights, reference sheet, art!...

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Pre-Made Racoon Mini Partial

New racoon Mini-partial!Includes-Head:Best fit for 22-23 inch heads.Lined with lycra.Breathable and comfortably wearable with glassesFollowing eyes.Fleece nose, mouth, te...

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