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Sparkle Dog Full Fursuit, RGB Boop Nose, Ref Sheet, VRC & VTuber model and More

RBG LED Glitter Nose, 3D Follow-Me eyes, Fully Lined Bodysuit with Digitigrade & Hip & Thigh Padding, Sock-Paw feet, Four Finger Paws, Chonky Demi-Curl Tail and B...

ArmouredBrownies (3 )


Bee Fursuit

Form fitting bee fursuit. Meant for smaller build. I have all of his fur colors and sources logged in case you need to make adjustments.

rubixedcube (0)


African wild dog

African wilddog digitgrade full suit

CAD 2,500.00
Ishymitsukai (1 )


Bat Hybrid Fursuit by Waggery!

Bat Hybrid Waggery Cos. Suit!

ReinaNoe (0)

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Lion digigrade fullsuit

Lion digigrade fullsuit! Practically brand new, only worn for few minute intervals (photos, tik toks, etc) Fits comfortably 5’4-5’7, i’m 5’8 and 122IBS and it f...

Felixzbear (0)

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Twinky Arts Dachshund Full Digi Suit

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE, please read full description

DresdenComplex (1 )


Red Dutch angel dragon Customizable suit

A suit you can choose patterns for.

TimepalsStudios (0)


Dutch Angel Dragon Fursuit & Kigumi

Reselling a suit I ended up not connecting to unfortunately

ClownHound (0)

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Twinky Arts Dachshund Full Digi Suit

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE, please read full description

DresdenComplex (1 )


Wolf Kigusuit

Not a fursuit, but not a kigu either! Premade kigusuit that's the best of both worlds

OtterChaos (0)


Full Suit Design, Mojaka Species

A full suit digi grade design of a Mojaka species design ready to be made.

AUD 4,300.00
TheUnholyCollective (0)


SaberTooth Feline Digigrade Fullsuit

Please see all attached photos and read the entire description.

sms0609 (2 )

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DHC Deer fullsuit

I’m rehoming the fursuit I bought from my friend, its original owner no longer wanted it due to the history behind the creator (Dont Hug Cacti). I can send you more pho...

Ditzydeer (0)


Monkey fursuit, Mongo !

Hello, I'm selling the fursuit (and character, lots of drawings) of my monkey, Mongo!

Rovafur69 (0)

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Waggery Costumes Body+ Tail and Handpaws.

New condition! Fits 5'5.

KreatureKit (13 )


Wolf Fullsuit/Partsuit Black/ Red Wölfin Premade

Dies ist ein Cartoon Wolfs Fullsuit/Partsuit Premade den ich selber zwischen 2017-2019 Gebaut habe. Der Head und die Feetpaws bestehen aus Schaumstoff.3D Gedruckte Augen...

EUR 1,600.00
Brainykekoa (0)

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Galaxy Löwin / Fantasy Löwe Fullsuit/Partsuit

Dies ist eine Galaxy Löwin Fullsuit/Partsuit den ich selber zwischen 2016 - 2017 erworben habe. Ich selber kann ihn jedoch nicht tragen da er mir zu klein ist, Langsam ...

EUR 1,200.00
Brainykekoa (0)

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Full Suit Design Windchime

A detailed full body design of the character Windchime, ready to be made into a full digi suit.

AUD 8,000.00
TheUnholyCollective (0)


Sabertooth Bobcat Digi Full Suit

Digi grade full suit made by explosiveace

Patheticpidgey (2 )

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Cheetah fullsuit (with fluorescent markings)

Cheetah with fluorescent markings for sale, looks amazing underneath a blacklight!*Made by Rainbowbeatz* Preferably fits 130lbs, height of 5'9, shoe size 8.5, and a head ...

Thebigbucks (0)


FurFancy Digitigrade Wolf fullsuit with extra parts

Pre-owned, well loved, like new FurFancy digitigrade fullsuit. No flaws, no holes, no bald spots  100% stellar condition Here is a great opportunity to own a FurFancy s...

Twistedleopardcreations (15 )

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Blond Raccoon Fursuit

This full suit was built in 2020 by Strong Bob Fox and Rex Collie. The suit has only been worn a couple of times. It is clean and smoke free. This suit consists of a head...

RexKoeck (0)

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Zebra Full Suit

Zebra full suit, comes as is with other bits and bobs I don’t need anymore along with it. Does not come with character rights

BandurasBible (0)

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fox4 (0)


Pre-Made Full Suit Design - Mint Sugar

A pre-made digi full suit design themed around boba tea.

AUD 5,000.00
TheUnholyCollective (0)


Vauban the Sergal Fursuit!

I sell my fursuit from the Sergal Vauban. This one comes with lots of artwork, several badges (like 5 hand drawn badgets), Kigurumi, toyhouse profile and two cheese plush...

EUR 2,500.00
Surrogate (0)

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Pink Canine Plantigrade Full Suit

Pink Pre-Owned fursuit needing TLC!

kittyklinic (0)

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Full planti suit minus head

Was supposed to be finished with a head but I just don’t have time.Planti body, hands, feet and attached tail.Sold as is. I’m too chubby to wear this so no people pic...

WingWong (53 )

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