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Fox Head Preclaim

Head only

KDean20 (0)

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Matcha and White Handpaws and Curl tail!

handpaws come fully lined with DVC hard claws. pattern by YBL fursuits. Curl pattern is my own!

GreenBirdMakes (1 )


Mango the Dragon Bat partial + character rights! Perfect for Halloween!

Head is on a foam base with follow-me eyes (removable for easy cleaning), fits 20"-23" heads, detachable and poseable tongue, good vision, and ventilation throu...

C0rvarts (0)

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Premade Feline Fursuit Partial By Cwoodsdean Creations

By bidding on this auction you agree that you have read EVERYTHING listed below! I offer WORLDWIDE Shipping! For some reason dealers den shows some countries as "...

GBP 200.00
cwoodsdean (0)

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Please read the description carefully and put your offer according to the pricing chart and your character's colors.

huckleberrystudios (0)


Party Animal Logo Stickers

Let your friends know you're a Party Animal with these stickers! Includes 1 WaterProof Sticker! Party Animal Logo Stickers Small 3"What is Party Animal?Par...

Vitai (5 )


Fursuit Badges

I’m making custom fursuit badges! They can be made any size, generally, I make them around 6" by 5", however, I can make them bigger or smaller! They will cos...

SleepyEagleStudios (0)


I You Weeaboo T-Shirt

 Show your friends what you like with this comfy T-shirt! Includes 1 Ultra Soft T-Shirt!  I You Weeaboo S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XLWhat is Party Animal?Party Animal is y...

Vitai (5 )


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Cat Partial

Grey Cat Partial (head, hands, medium tail)

galaxy_pawbs (0)


Curved Lion Tail


ZeroRemnants (4 )



One of a kind hoof shoes made to order. Payment plans are accepted.

Crittertraces (1 )


Jupiter the Lynx Partial Fursuit

Comes with a head, paws and tail as well as the character.

HuskyTeeth (0)

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NEW Twistedleopardcreations MintChip Canine mini partial

This is an auction for a BRAND NEW TLC Mint Chip Pup mini partial WITH upgrade options!The Head-Balaclava base, fits up to a 25' head, hand carved upholstery foam-Fully l...

Twistedleopardcreations (12 )

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Collie premade head

This lavender collie includes a pickable nose, a floppy ear, ear stretches and a velcro tongue! The head is quite small and will fit up to a 22 inches circumference head....

kurenji (0)


Blue/Brown Female Wolf

Female wolf

Athella (2 )


Cloudy Mint Wolf Adopt

A cloudy-inspired mint wolf design

Athella (2 )


Red Wolf fullsuit

worldwide shipping

FurrHouse_Jessy (5 )

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NEW Boba/ Thai Tea Kangaroo

This fursuit is a collab I did with @fangs211, completed in February 2021. It includes head, handpaws, and tail. Please read description before purchasing.

TransformTiger (7 )


CHARITY Half Curl Huskey/Akita Tail

25% Going to The Humane Society Disaster Relief From Hurricane Ida.

KreatureKit (8 )


Camber the Flying Winged Squirrel Sciurus Fullsuit and Character

Adorable and unique character fullsuit made by me, all art and character rights included

splatfennec (3 )

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This head is a multi-maker project: the original foam base (and the 3D printed teeth) being from KeryuOkami, with re-sculpting and finishing work by ArtKourCostumes and t...

Kour (0)

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Maned Wolf fullsuit

Starting bid $1000, free shipping!

TheLionessAndTheLoom (3 )

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Little Cutie Heart Cat

This fursuit is a Kemono Heart Cat!NEW! used for testing, photos and video only, Wear less than 5minutes.It comes with a head, handpaws, and tail.Check out more pictures ...

b01831 (4 )


Cat 3/4 partial

Tuxedo cat Digi partial

Dreamerwolf (1 )

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1 yard light brown fox

Purchased form Fursuit Supplies. Never used.Shipping is extra.

WingWong (43 )


YBL Premade Horse

Selling good-as-new secondhand premade


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Strawberry Cow

A super sweet cow up for adoption ! Comes with unwatermarked and watermarked versions of the reference sheet. Made on a base by @larkbites, design by @pancakesnplants on ...

pancakeonyohead (1 )

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