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Light tan & white mini tail

Lightly used and features two elastic belt loops for easy wearing.

poppedbutter (0)


plantigrade lion

a purple plantigrade lion made in 2022 by creature creations and costumes

sarek (0)


Fursuit bandanas

Reversible, flannel or cotton, oversized

Pawpunchproductions (3 )


MQ German Shepherd Partial

Reselling this MQ German Shepherd gal since I haven't connected with her! Check the description for more details :DD

Kelly (0)


Black and white dog mini partial

Hello! I’d recommend this as a starter suit or a suit for a kid. It’ll fit head sizes 20-21 maybe a little smaller.

Mintsmonsters (0)


Cute Wolf fox mini partial

Head tail and paws. Head needs to be re designed but I will help you with that. What I need to be done: Change nose color. Remove horns. Change markings on snout and...

Tuvasolve (0)


Sharky Fursuit Hat

This listing is for a HAT ONLY, sized for fursuits with ear holes and a cute shark pattern.

MidnightMustelid (0)


Premade Calico Cow Partial Fursuit

Head, Hoofpaws, and Tail

GoodFurSomething (5 )


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Dino Mask Fursuit

Dino Mask Fur Suit Partial with lots of extra goodies!

megsteere (0)


Custom paw commissions

Part commissions for hand and feet paws. Both digi and planti, and indoor and outdoor. Hand and feet hooves also available. Feet paws are sock paws and come in two sizes...

Vampire-red (0)


Dragon Digi Fullsuit!

Selling my dragon digi fullsuit! Happy to provide more pictures and answer questions! I don't have enough time for him anymore and want to find him a new home :)

Rosie2222 (2 )


Black and Grey Curly Tail

A standard curl tail in black and grey. Has two loops on the back of the tail to hook onto a belt.Shipping can be calculated for serious buyers.

halloweenberry (0)

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Peppermint hot cocoa Canine

If interested in this suit dm me on Instagram @teek_batdog or on telegram @636-358-7876

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Bull terrier robusta! NEW !

★ Bull terrier Robusta ★ Made Al.fred_workshop VERY soft and high quality fur All spots and stripes are sewn by hand on the head, Has a little airbrushing ! ...

Angel_Tigress (33 )

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Black Cat Suit - WolfSkin_Studio

$1200 or Best OfferMaker: Lined head, paws, tail, & artwork (physical & digital) + a ref- If paid in full, I will cus...

Amedrinix (1 )


African wild dog head

only head

Tamblerone (31 )

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Red Panda Mini Partial

Brand new "trans panda" mini partial.Comes with head, hand paws, and a massive 5 ft floor dragging tail!Head is nearly fully lined, image of the lining is shown...

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Kemono Natsumi! Partial by FurrHouse studio!!

worldwide shipping

FurrHouse_Jessy (7 )

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Sabertooth tiger partial

I made this suit sometime last year and it hasn’t been used at all! So I thought maybe she deserves a loving home instead of just collecting dust. She fits up to a 24...

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Cotton candy paws

These stunners feature good quality mint green and bubblegum pink faux fur with white minky dot (dimple chenille) for the paw pads. The internal stitching holding all the...

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RosetoothCouture Weasel Digi Fullsuit

ANTHROCON PICKUP AVAILABLE HQ Fullsuit w/exta items & features

HikariGamingLynx (3 )


Brown Canine Partial


RougeLavender (20 )

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Blue Canine Partial


RougeLavender (20 )

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Husky Fursuit Mini Partial

-Created by ME-Made with high quality fake furs, felts, and minky -Vision is ok-Ventilation is good-Only worn for photos and short clips -Head and paws FULLY lined with...

Jamiie (0)


Grumpy Hyena - Head+Tail

A grumpy hyena with horns!

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Worm Partial

Head, paws, tail, and extras

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Dino mask

Price lowered :)

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Kigurumi Kagetsu Canine Fullsuit

Get a suit without the wait! Will ship next business day after payment received. CAN DELIVER TO ANTHROCON FOR FREE! CONTACT FOR DETAILS!

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