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Lemonbrat Full Partial Fursuit

Full partial fursuit made Lemonbrat; confirmed 1st-2nd generation Includes; arms sleeves, paws, 2 tails & a head. Badge included; credit magpie_madness on Insta

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Mochi Premade Paws

Ivory and teal fursuit paws!

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Fennec Fox Partial

(only one pic because dealers den wont let me upload more than one at once for some reason, message me for more pics!) Fennec fox partial, made by Monster Cult Makers wit...

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Pink and Yellow Husky Mini Partial~!

A sweet pink and yellow husky baby! Comes with a lined foam head, lined puffy paws, and a curly tail. See full description for more details! COMES FROM A HOUSE WITH CATS!

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Aqua - Protogen Mini-Partial, Character, 30plus Artworks and Animation

This listing is for a protogen (type: rare) fursuit mini-partial including Head, Tail and Paws.Also included in this purchase is more than 30 artworks by serveral artists...

GBP 190.00
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Small Black Silver and Gold Dragon Tail Knitted on Dark Purple Yarn

Metal scailmail/scalemail tail knitted on yarn

Wolfdragonworks (1 )


striped tail

3 foot long orange, tan, and auburn tail all hand sewn by me, decorabones/BY2CREATURES fursuits

decorabones (1 )


26" inc green and white tail

This is a Fursuit tail that is made by Luna fursuit Instagram: luna_fursuit tiktok: luna_floof_

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New gundam inspired fullsuit

Cypress the redwolf shiba inu mix

Lumpmac (2 )

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Matching puffy handpaw and tail set

Taking money offers on this black, yellow and green set! It originally was made for my fullsuit but i ended up not using them. The hands are built on gloves and 100% mach...

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Large Stuffed Dragon Egg

Red stuffed Dragon Egg

Wolfdragonworks (1 )



Hello! I am selling my lion fursuit made in 2010 by SparkyCanDo. Very professional builder who has always made superb fursuit with high quality material that has aged ...

CHF 110.00
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Puppetry-Style Fullsuit Commission

Puppetry Style! Own an custom made unique suit!

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Ripper The Raptor

Ripper The Raptor Fursuit Head & Paws!He was made by @king_bay_art on Instagram! 

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Fursuit Partial: Rebel the Cat

This listing is for a brand new fursuit partial, Rebel the Cat! It includes a head (with eyelids and 2 different tongues), 4-finger puffy handpaws, and an extra long ta...

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Autumn Deer Partial Premade

Deer Mini Partial - Head, Tail, and Hoof paws Made by Pockett Creations

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African Wild Dog Head & Tail

Very fluffy african wild dog head and tail. Features a flocati mane, removable tongue, head lining, pleather nose, airbrushed accents, and plush teeth. Comfortably fits u...

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Playful Rascal Fursuit Partial

Brand new Fursuit Partial,More info below, please read!

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Fursuit Head Commissions

These are the basic prices. The final price depends on the complexity of the character. Please send reference image. I have my own style but I can work multiple styles....

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Arcanine premade partial

Prepare this partial with my new assistant to show you how to work with me. The quality is excellent!I want to use the money to pay the rent and buy food for the mandator...

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Pastel Wolf Tail

21” pink and purple wolf tail. Strong elastic belt loops!

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Skull Monster~ Made by ZettaNova

Brand new fursuit head & handpaws! (Private Auction)

ZettaNova (6 )

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medium rainbow speckled dragon tail with white underbelly

multicolored dragon tail

Wolfdragonworks (1 )


11” Pastel Tail

Cute bouncy pastel tail! 11” long, sits to the side (as shown in pics)

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Commission open on January February

Commission open on January- fe

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Dusty the Coyote Partial Fursuit

Dusty the Coyote is looking for a forever home! Will it be with you?This is a brand new fursuit partial that includes a head, handpaws, and a tail. The head includes a mo...

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Fursuit K9 Tail navy blue

This tail is completely machine sewn. The loops were handsewn on. This tail is 28 inches long, over 2 feet. This tail was made to test out a new pattern I made and it tur...

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Fursuit Nub Tail navy blue

This brand new nub tail is completely handsewn. The fur is high quality by Big Z Fabric. Comes with an elastic belt loop to wear with any sized belt. The color is navy bl...

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