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Premade Bat Fursuit Head Base

Made by me! Almost ready to be furred, just needs eyes and lining. Message me if you have any questions! Read description!

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Pink and Blue Canine Tail

Always dreamed to wag your pink and blue tail? This one is made for you !

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Pastel Rainbow Handpaws Dog Cat Wolf

These rainbow paws are average size and fully lined and cuffed with a cotton blend. They are also puffy paws, meaning that the toe beans and fingers have a little bit of ...

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Canine Fursuit

made on a yamishizen base - character rights included

chime (0)

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Blue and Orange Fox mini partial

This is a mini partial, head, hands, and tail made by me, Pawstabilities in 2022. It comes with additional digital art as well after purchase.

Pawstabilities (3 )

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SFW Portraits

I will make a SFW portrait for you

Nova_The_Warcriminal (0)


portrait commissions

For more info Mail me at

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Sparkle Dog Full Fursuit, RGB Boop Nose, Ref Sheet, VRC & VTuber model and More

RBG LED Glitter Nose, 3D Follow-Me eyes, Fully Lined Bodysuit with Digitigrade & Hip & Thigh Padding, Sock-Paw feet, Four Finger Paws, Chonky Demi-Curl Tail and B...

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Plush hug YCH

Any species

Tamblerone (32 )


Aussie adoptable

Dog adoptable Very funny puppy! Only fullbody $25Each headshot is +$5^^ If you purchase with headshots i doing it on the day of purchase! Take payment to bank card, p...

Tamblerone (32 )

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Flame kitty ears

4 cm / 1,5"

Tamblerone (32 )

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Half suit raccoon

fullsuit option

Tamblerone (32 )

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Cotton Candy Fox Tail

Free US shipping!

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Rainbow Wolf Tail

Free US shipping!

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$10 Start Fursuit Canine Head-Base

$10 Start Fursuit Canine Head-Base. Great for beginners!

EikoEkoStudios (1 )

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Maned Ligress Partial + Character!

Head and sleeves made by Ligris Cybernetics

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Blue Wolf - Partial Suit

Blue Wolf Partial with handpaws and tail

EUR 1,300.00
VinoStudios (1 )


PREMADE fursuit preclaim

This design will be made into a suit within 2 month after being bought. We take long payment plans.

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PREMADE fursuit preclaim

This suit will be made within 3 months after purchase. We ship worldwide and take long payment plans

Tuvasolve (0)


PREMADE fursuit preclaim

This suit will be made within 2 months after purchase. We ship worldwide and take long payment plans.

Tuvasolve (0)


[Fursuit For Sale] Frog Jiaer

Selling brand new frog fursuit (partial) -Moving jaw-Head x1 -2 pairs of Removeable Eyelids (Half + Full) -Webbed Frog paws x2 (Four fingers) -Short tail x1 - ...

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Premade Drekkubus Partial

Made by Twilight Knights Cosplay

Bootleg (4 )

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HyperNovaCrafts Commission Slot

Get a custom fursuit head, partial, or fullsuit made by HyperNovaCrafts! Winner will be selected between April 22nd -29th.

HyperNovaCrafts (11 )

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Lemur Head

*Nostrils updated in last picture. Aside from that, nothing has changed.Head only. Tried some new techniques so it isn’t perfect. Inside is lined. Eyes come with Velcro...

WingWong (53 )

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Wolf-Deer Skully

Realistic Wolf-Deer mask. 3D printed, made out of PLA Pro. Have added head and chin straps but can be cut off to replace if so desired. Fits heads 23-25 inches.Horns are...

sms0609 (2 )


Puffy Handpaw Commissions

Custom pair of stuffed handpaws

Pawpunchproductions (2 )


5 FOOT Red & Black Tail

Comes with matching custom design or adoptable! (Optional)

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Black & Pink Puffy Paws

Used handpaws, in great condition. Comes with matching custom design or adoptable! (Optional)

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