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full fursuit reservation.

It is currently booked. As soon as the order is placed, it can be started.

CAD 2,500.00
duhestudio (0)


Evil Goat Needleminder/Magnet Button

Evil Goat needleminder or fridge magnet.  Please specify which option you would like at purchase.  Needleminders come with one extra magnet to attach your button to you...

Milesy (1 )


Kinect VR Color Trackers and Belt Combo

Cross your legs, sit, and dance in VR!These offer a more accurate way of tracking your movements using a Kinect for full body tracking in VR.

Rapid-Proto_Dragon (10 )


black and white bodysuit only

hello i'm selling my was about to be my border collie fursuit bodysuit only it's in like new condition was custom built in september of 2019 the suit fits anyone up to 5'...

LoveParty (0)


Pichu Full Fursuit & Hoodie & Approx 30 Badges - All in Great Condition

The time has come for me to part with my Anthro Pichu character, which includes my Pichu Fursuit, Pichu Hoodie, and approx 30 badges that can be clipped to clothing or th...

pichu912 (0)


orange fursuit partial

a brand new cute orange fursuit partial for sale includes a lined head that fits a 21” to 22” inch head a pair of unlined puffy paws with cotton inserts filled ...

sushi_dragon_studios (0)

1 bid  

Sobe the Tiger Mini Partial

A cute tiger partial that comes with hand paws and a cute nubby tail.

erintiger1000 (0)


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HQ goat head and tail fursuit partial

Very comfortable, breathable, and great visibility! (Does not come with character rights, please read the desc.)

LadyBugWolfdog (1 )

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Lion Partial Pre-Made

Lion pre-made mini-partial

Dinoluvr (0)

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Lars Hyena Fullsuit

Entertaining offers on my fullsuit! Sizing infoBody fits up to someone 5'9" and 220 pounds! I’m 5’4” and 205 pounds and he fits wonderfully!Head fits 24 inche...

DoberMAWS (0)

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About 1/2 yard palomino fox

About 1/2 yard of palomino fox fur from Cr's CraftsSold as isShipping is extra

WingWong (41 )


1/2 yd pastel pink bunny

Never used. Shipping is extra.

WingWong (41 )


1/2 yard coral pink luxury shag

Sold as is. Never cut.Shipping is extra

WingWong (41 )


1/2 yard ivory bunny from howl

Purchased from Howl. Never used.Shipping is extra.

WingWong (41 )


Canine Adopt 6

A quick adopt I made!

Poppln (1 )


Canine Adopt 5

A quick adopt I made!

Poppln (1 )


Canine Adopt 4

A quick adopt I made!

Poppln (1 )


Canine Adopt 3

A quick adopt I made!

Poppln (1 )


MadeByMercury Feline/Cat Plantigrade suit (SHIPS FROM UK)

SHIPS FROM UK! (Non-UK buyers may get additional customs charges) Message me about Payment Plans!

GBP 1,800.00
Pawltergeist (0)


Canine Adopt 2

A quick adopt I made!

Poppln (1 )


Canine adopt 1

A quick canine adopt I made!

Poppln (1 )


Fall Scarf Couple YCH

Auction DetailsA cute YCH of your fursonas or characters for use as profile images, icons, con badges or whatever else!Examples of finished YCH these in the listing imag...

GBP 30.00
DivineTofu (15 )


'Starchild' Ferret feral adoptable

Base by: HuppyLeonUpon payment you will be given the high quality image and a transparent version, both without watermark. It’s your choice if you’d like to receive t...

DayDreamDrop (0)

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Cheap vulpe partial

include head, tail, paws.

LankTheFurry (0)

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Partial suit

partial suit, good condition

LankTheFurry (0)

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Canine Adopt

Canine AdoptToyHouse: is an NSFW image which can only be seen by those with an account. Ladder options available:Art pack 1: ...

GBP 80.00
caitlingibson165 (2 )

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Alien fox suit

Like new alien fox suit with extras

Cobaltfolf (0)