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Laminated Badges

One-of-a-kind art badges of your fursuit/fursona! These badges are handmade on paper, inked, then colored with a mix of prismacolor pencils and alcohol markers, and lamin...

Drgrahamcracker (0)


Rocket Raccoon Full Partial + Jumpsuit

Rocket Raccoon resin cast head with built in fan and moving jaw, hand paws, arm and leg sleeves, tail, and feet, with one piece jumpsuit and accessories. Head fits large ...

corgitimes (0)

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Canine headbase

Has eyes, mouth lining, nose lining, and teeth already in. No tongue but that may be included if it reaches AB. Lightly worn, but made just September 2022.I am trying to ...

untitledmutt (0)

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Bone nosed raptor up for grabs

ClockworkCarousel (4 )


Jaguar Sticker Sheet

Praise the sun with these Jaguar Sticker Sheets. Includes 4 WaterProof Stickers!Aztec Jaguar (Yellow) Sticker Sheet 6"x4" What is Party Animal?Party Animal is y...

Vitai (5 )


Custom Ref Sheets

Custom Ref Sheet Commissions. All Species Welcome!

The_Random_Furry (4 )


Funtime Foxy Cosplay Fursuit

Made in 2017, needs a bit of work, price reduced

GoldRibbonStudio (3 )


Tan and White Body Suit

Selling my body suit (keeping my partial)

daisy_chanxx (0)


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PREMADE FURSUIT bat/wolf - wings, paws, head and tail

If you decide to buy this fursuit you’ll receive: Paws Wings Fursuit head Tail 2 drawings of the character

DKK 7,500.00
HypeCookie (0)


ONE YEAR - Art Slave!

So, I'm in urgent need of funds, so I'm offering the art slave deal

mooskii (0)

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Full Suit Design Royal

The full digigrade suit for the design Royal the lion.

AUD 7,200.00
TheUnholyCollective (1 )


Full Suit Design Mint Sugar

A to be made full suit design of the character Mint Sugar.

AUD 6,700.00
TheUnholyCollective (1 )


Full Suit design Cage

A full suit design featuring a cage chest and full face mask.

AUD 6,400.00
TheUnholyCollective (1 )


Kigurumi Kagetsu Canine Fullsuit

Get a suit without the wait! Will ship next business day after payment received. CAN DELIVER TO ANTHROCON FOR FREE! CONTACT FOR DETAILS!

borkborkborks (0)

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Full Suit Design, Mojaka Species

A full suit digi grade design of a Mojaka species design ready to be made.

AUD 4,800.00
TheUnholyCollective (1 )


Yeen fullsuit

Yeen Auction  Up for auction is a Yeen worn once during FWA.  * Comes with removable eye lids, feet paws fit up to size 13 men's comes with indoor and outdoor feet pa...

RumWolf (2 )

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Dawn Fox by TheCritterCove - Fullsuit Upgrade Available!

FREE pickup (Orlando, FL), or FREE US shipping!

Covepalms (0)


Honey Badger Full Fursuit made by BNCreations

Honey Badger Fursuit - Nickname Flat Badger. Comes with badge and reference sheet artwork.

Badgersuit (0)

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Voltaire partial, plushies and character rights!

x1 Partial fursuit x2 Plushies, (one is a bag) x3 Animation memes. 100+ pieces of art.

Enchanteddove (0)


NEW Party Hyena Partial

Made by Opal Mutt

opalmuttstudios (0)

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Comes with ToyHouse profile. This is a 3/4ths suit, a DTD is required. Design by .

furcreations (1 )


Starlight the Amythest Starling / Dragon

Lightly used fursuit made by Monster Cult Makers This fullsuit will be a good fit for smaller furries ^^

MonsterCultMakers (11 )


Toony canine plantigrade fullsuit by MyFurCreations

The model in the photos is 5.7". The bodysuit will fit baggy on anyone shorter than 5.7".  This fullsuit will fit comfortably on performers 5.7" to 6.0&q...

Mfcs (5 )


Blue Hyena Partial

+ pickable nose & removable eyelids

CAD 3,500.00
SewingStuffs (11 )

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Gecko-dragon fursuit partial (Geckgon)

Looking for something interesting and rare?

Krafi (7 )


Blue-ish Dog Partial

Nothing to see here, just a blue dog

CAD 3,300.00
SewingStuffs (11 )

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Monster Lion LEMONBRAT Partials

Purchased around 6 years ago for 3200$,Has only been to one outing, Still in same condition as the first time I unboxed it, Includes a few art pieces I have to sell them...

BirthdayBug (0)


Jett the Sparkle Dog Pre-Made Mini Partial

See Description!

klovesbunnies (3 )

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