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Mustelid Adopt

You are purchasing the design/character seen in the picture. You will have full rights to the character upon purchase. Please link back to our shop when you post the char...

momoscow (8 )


Shaded Fullbody Commission

Digital full body commissions of your character. Completely custom, can draw any species, SFW only please Completed within 1 week

pigeonpony (0)


$5 USD Headshots

Unlimited Slots!

LadyNightosphere (0)


Tropical Bay Breeze Hyena

I wanted to draw a hyena with a tropical drink theme so I made this cutie!

AdamSales837 (0)


Lion Hybrid Fullsuit

A cute fullsuit made by Geekpaw Production

LionQueen (0)




Smuwuthie (0)


Fursuit Paws and Tail Set

Purple and UV reactive green paws and a tail.

Rainbowloom62 (0)


Custom made fursona hoodie and optional mask

Custom made hoodie and optional face mask to look like your fav animal, pet, or fursona! These are well made with love and will keep you cozy, warm and connected ...

Lizbyshop (0)


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Ready to fur head base kit

Built on balaclava.Teeth and tongue installed. Mouth is lined. Nose included. Will include tape on base.Ears unattachedSold as is. Will fit head sizes 22 inches to 24 inc...

WingWong (51 )

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Fluffy dragon character + artwork!

Price includes all of the digital artwork shown and 2 physical badges to be shipped to the buyer.No trades.We accept Cash, Paypal, or Stripe.No returns, exchanges, or ref...

WingWong (51 )

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Monkey partial


WingWong (51 )

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Sea dragon adopt

Designed by chepa26. Comes with NSFW version as well.Sold as is.

WingWong (51 )

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Sunset wolf tail

Made by toyservalAbout 2.5 feet long never wornShipping is extra

WingWong (51 )

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Green premade fursuit eyes

Eye blank is about 4.5 inches wide. Pupil is 2.5 inches.Shipping is included in price.Eye mesh is printed.

WingWong (51 )

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Human size spiked collar

Purchased from Wish. Better for smaller neck sizes but may fit with a suit head if it’s tight fitted.Length is about 16-17 inches

WingWong (51 )

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Furry bird feet

Fits up to womens size 10ishWas made by someone on Etsy and never worn.Price includes shipping. USA only.We no longer accept Paypal, Zelle, or Stripe. Cash/Check/Money Or...

WingWong (51 )

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Highlighter yellow collar

Adjustable size. Purchased from fursuit suppplies and never worn.

WingWong (51 )

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Various furry themed shirts

A couple convention and other shirts purchased from artists.Top three fit men’s largeBottom left is 2XL and bottom right is XLJust getting rid of extra things I do not ...

WingWong (51 )

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Hyena tail

About a foot long. Made from cocoa and sand luxury shagSold as isShipping is extra

WingWong (51 )

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Catty Adopt

Created by ToyservalJust never used the characterOnly this art includedno physical item shipped

WingWong (51 )

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Smilodon Premade

Crafted to fit a 23"-24" Circumference Demo Video: Worldwide Shipping

WarDancer (5 )

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durrpy dog plushie

This dog plush is looking fore a home. Thay can be poseble haw ever you want sinc there is a metal cord inside of the plush, but dont worrie this plush can be snuggle...

EUR 36.00
Moononia (0)


squirrel pre-made

This beautiful red squirrel is looking fore a home. Thay come with paws, taill, hade and a acorn plushy and one badg and a refrence sheet. The taill is hared to put on ...

EUR 390.00
Moononia (0)

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Cute dog pre-made

This cute dog pre-made i looking fore a home. Thay come with a nub tail, paws, armslevs and the head of corse. Thay will come wit a badg also. Thay fite 56cm to 57cm h...

EUR 200.00
Moononia (0)


Valentines skulldog pre-made

This cute Valentins skulldog is looking fore a home. They come with paws, tail,are sleeves the head of cours and 2 bages. The hede fits 58-60 cm ore les. Thay have bri...

EUR 600.00
Moononia (0)

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Charity Cat Fursuit Partial

50% of proceeds will be donated to, Simply Cats, a local nonprofit cat shelter!This partial features:~ 24” fully lined head
~ 3D printed follow-me eyes + Velcro eyeli...

SoaringSaberStudios (0)


Feline Space Cat Mini Partial Fursuit

This colorful feline friend is aiming for the stars! They'll be happy to be brought along to meets, cons, events and more. This brand new partial includes a lined head, 4...

CAD 1,250.00
MondayMidwich (0)

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Partially Completed Digitigrade Bodysuit (Free Shipping)

Unfortunately I found that digitigrade fursuits probably are not in my best interest at the moment due to some health issues.Please note that this is my first time making...

SoaringSaberStudios (0)