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Sabertooth tiger butterfly mix partial

Items included: head tail and paws! The head fits up to a 24 inch Ships to most places

CAD 550.00
Bird (0)


Symmetric Headshot

Only the eyes are shaded, the rest of the drawing is flat colored!

Phelokis (0)


Custom Fursuit Reference Sheet

Have a fursuit maker in mind, but don't have a reference? Need to see how a suit in a specific art style would fit your character? I can use most suit styles as inspirati...



Brown Wolf Tail

tail made by elkcraft/elkdragon in 2012 but recently refurbished by me.

BlitzWolfie (0)


Digital Reference Sheet

My ref sheets include as shown; two fullbodies (back/front), two headshots, three chibi clothing options and a small section where I can fill in who your character is!

honeygecko (0)


Polecat Partial

Polecat Partial made by LemonBrat. Worn for a couple of hours and then stored. The suit is in excellent condition and was made in 2022. Comes with head, hand paws, slee...

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Iaboo Youaboo Weeaboo Stickers

 Show your friends what you like with these Stickers! Includes 1 WaterProof Sticker!Iaboo Youaboo Weeaboo Stickers Large 4"What is Party Animal?Party Animal is your...

Vitai (5 )


Tabby Cat Full Partial Fursuit

Full partial fursuit including a lined head, five-finger hand paws, outdoor feet paws built on men's size 8 shoes, and a belt-loop tail.

BorxoiiStudios (1 )

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Sabertooth Bobcat Digi Full Suit

Digi grade full suit made by explosiveace

Patheticpidgey (2 )

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Realistic Gryphon Fursuit Head

Refurbished fursuit head, unknown OG maker

D1N0SYNTH (2 )


White Wolf Canine Full Fursuit

Comes with Full Plantigrade Suit with numerous pieces of Artwork, 1 Physical Badge, 2 Fursuit Props and 1 Collar

Cyclone (0)

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2 yards blue grey lux teddy howl fabrics

2 yards blue grey lux teddy from howl fabricsNever opened. Single piece.$67.98 + shippingSelling for what I paid.

WingWong (53 )

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Medium Bulldog Harness Clear

Made of clear PVCShipping is extraNever been worn so no wear or tearSize medium men’sHas a belt buckle so slightly adjustableSold as isUSA only*was sitting in the faux ...

WingWong (53 )

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Shark partial suit

Comes with character rights

WingWong (53 )

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CUSTOM FURSONA BADGE Laminate Badge TRADITIONAL ART Cons Cosplay Commission

Custom laminate badge of your fursona! Headshot or waist-up (same price for either one).

KnightHawke (16 )

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✨Crystalline Feline✨

A shiny and shimmery premade head for grabs!

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Pandog fullsuit


Deerlord (3 )


$4k Realistic fox fursuit partial - hand paws, feet paws, arm ext, tail

NEW, fits 22-25 inch head circumference, comes with head, hand and feet paws, tail and arm sleeves, fit slim arms, feet paws is size 10. feel free to message me any ques...

strikerfox (0)

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Orange Sherbert Mochi Fursuit Paws

Fully lined fursuit paws made by me, @mistyrivers_creations on Instagram!

Rainbowloom62 (0)


taking offers

taking offers but still pls read

fiafoxxel123 (0)

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Pig Partial, Used in Good Condition

Pig fursuit made by MostlyBadCostumes; selling due to improper sizing I failed to correct the maker on, fursona design changes, and lack of use. Worn minimally, once to a...

AmbrosePetal (0)


Cat fullsuit digigrade

This suit has only been worn one full day and I just decided I didn’t really feel great wearing her. She’s is a HQ essentially brand new suit! If you would like to se...

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Dutch Angel Dragon Partial

Dutch angel dragon mini partial by Mugiwara's Creative Corner / Mugiwara Cosplay

EUR 2,100.00
Marias_Creative_Corner (5 )

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NEW Royal Hyena Head, Hands, Tail

Brand New, made by Gold Ribbon Studio

GoldRibbonStudio (3 )


Reiki 3/4 Full Digi


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Tigerbee Fursona Adopt

I did not have as much as a connection with this sona as I thought I would so I decided to sell them. I hope whoever buys this gives them a good home though! It has three...

Rsmith0809 (2 )


Folk Cat Fursona Adopt

I am selling this character because I am trying to empty out some of my storage with my characters. This sona comes with a front view reference sheet with a animal crossi...

Rsmith0809 (2 )


Witch Cat Fursona Adopt

I am selling this fursona because I need to empty out some storage with my characters. They come with a front view reference sheet with two different color variations and...

Rsmith0809 (2 )