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Love Bat - Fursuit Head Commission

Love Bat - Fursuit Head Commission - $630

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Fursona Pins Collection

34 pins

abyssalkei (2 )


White and Gold Fluffy Fursuit Paws

Large fursuit paws fit for a Husky, Samoyed, white wolf, or any other fluffy canine creature. Fits larger hands

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Citrus Corgi by Fennecrafts

Partial made by Fennecrafts in 2019

icacchi (0)

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AWD Adopt

You are purchasing the design/character seen in the picture. You will have full rights to the character upon purchase. Please link back to our shop when you post the char...

momoscow (8 )


Evil Goat Needleminder/Magnet Button

Evil Goat needleminder or fridge magnet.  Please specify which option you would like at purchase.  Needleminders come with one extra magnet to attach your button to you...

Milesy (1 )


Angel Dragon 3D printed Headbase

3D printed Angel dragon Head Printed in PLA Really sturdy But be carefull when hot gluing thing on it Color available : Black at the moment Grey and White in the futur

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Spiky Raptor/Dino Mask 3D Printed Head Base

Spiky Raptor/Dino Mask 3D Printed Head Base

GBP 100.00
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Lavender Merle Aussie Mini Partial

Brand New from Mostly Bad

MostlyBad (6 )

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Fursuit wolf partial

fursuit mini partial! Details listed below. -fits 21”-25” head snug - good vision and ventilation -fully lined -14”

Cupcakethemanokit (0)

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Pyro.bytes canine Mini partial premade

A natural colored premade fursuit made by Pyro.bytes

toothedaxolotl (0)

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Golden Rot Fox

Rotten little fox partial

Rhee (12 )


Commissions of all Sorts

$30 full body with color/shading $15 badges with color/shading Message for more detailed pricing and quotes

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Premade Cookie Reindeer Partial

Made by Gold Ribbon Studio! Head fits up to 24" or 23" with glasses. Hand paws are Medium sized. Comes with a goodie bag and a custom Gingerbread scented fursui...

GoldRibbonStudio (3 )


Peachypop/Snoberry Dog Design

An old Snoberry adopt I bought back in 2018. She comes with the original reference picture, 1 full body and an icon made by me in 2018. 

kingkapi (0)


Kemono partial

For sale:  Kemono fursuit head with foot paws, hand paws, and tail.The head has a built-in fan for ventilation.  It was also built on a baseball cap to fit multiple siz...

carolking (0)


Eclipse the Owl Full Fursuit

Eclipse the owl full fursuit-- Includes head (with accessories), plantigrade bodysuit, feather hands, tail, and feet. Made by Four Moons Creations.

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Milkshake the Collie - Partial Fursuit

This listing is for a new fursuit mini partial, Milkshake the Collie! It includes the following: Head, 2 tongues, paws, and a tail. Made by FourMoonsCreations.

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Blaze the Manokit - Partial Fursuit

This listing is for a new fursuit mini partial, Blaze the Manokit! It includes the following: Head, 2 tongues, paws, and a tail. Made by FourMoonsCreations.

Four Moons Fursuits (0)


Fursuit with character rights

Selling a beloved character of mine for personal reasons. Comes with a toyhouse and more art. Designed by pawmpon and suit made by me. Only worn once. Can accept SHORT ...

EdgyTacoDoge (0)


Halloween monster / spider adopt

This is a cute little adopt that you can add to your collection once you purchase.

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Tiger adopt

I made the base. They are a tiger.

Catswell-Creations (0)

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Cockatiel adopt

This bird is looking of a new home. Demi male flag based adopt. I made the base.

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Raccoon Mini Partial

Brand New HQ Premade by Shellsews Fursuits.

Shellsews (0)

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LemonBrat SlushPuppie fursuit

A digi grade lemon BratFursuit Custom species :SlushPuppie

GBP 2,400.00
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High quality Puffy Paws

Light blue, tan and black puffy paws!

Flimseey (1 )

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Green Lion Head

This head was made by marty_collins_bro on Instagram, and was only worn a couple of times. The fur is high quality and very soft.Head will fit a circumference no larger t...

B3llum (2 )


MARMALADE -- Full Digi suit and Character Rights

Plus-size friendly digi fullsuit made by DeLeon Fursuits

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