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Furry artwork commission

your oc with sadness or badass style.Campbell_W_D_ is my personal twitter account so NO Worry about that.these works were commissions or my own oc made by me. DON'T STEAL...

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The Devil Cat Fursuit Head

The Devil Cat. Fursuit Head.Foam, 3d print, fleece, artificial fur. Nose with a hole

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Fursona/Character Reference Sheet Commission

Personalized reference sheets of your fursona, furry character, or character. Sheet can come shaded or unshaded with the character's name, species, gender, and color pa...

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Ques Costumes Fursuit Commissions

Que's Costumes is *OPEN* for new work!

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Lime green outdoor feetpaws

Sockboot interior with comfort cushion

Thunderhowl (5 )


SFW Portraits

I will make a SFW portrait for you

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Royal blue outdoor feetpaws

Sockboot interior with comfort cushion

Thunderhowl (5 )


Feline Tail- White, Purple & Blue

This feline tail features winding Purple and blue stripes broken up by white fur, interior spine, and a felt belt loop.

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Dalmatian Partial Premade - BRAND NEW!

This dalmatian partial is for sale for $800 plus shipping! It includes:A neoprene-lined head that can fit up to 26” comfortably, or 24” with glasses.A pair of unlined...

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3/4th Cat Fursuit

Made by West’s Custom Creations in 2020

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Sheep Head

Made by Furbitten Studios May 2022

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*free shipping* Pumpkin Dragon Mini Partial

Selling a Halloween mini partial made by lilymoon_suits

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Ball Python Fursuit Head (FIXER-UPPER)

Fixer upper fursuit head. Good for budget constraints, but needs work. This head is unfinished, BUT I WILL SEND THE FABRIC NEEDED TO COMPLETE IT.

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Striped Hyena Adopt

Hello and thank you for checking out my listing!

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DVC bird skull

Green shimmering bird skull by Dvc

Rhee (14 )


Sparkly Blue Velvet Paws

Affordable, Handmade, Sparkly Blue Paws! Slip into character with these charming toony paws.

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Sergal mini partial

This sneaky set an needs a good home!!!!

GBP 1,100.00
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Gecko partial fursuit

made by furyjoystudio

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Kiba - My First Ever OC - Need Emergency Funds

I would never think I'd be selling my childhood OC but I desperately need the money. If you're big into VRChat and want a character with a lot of personality and to be ab...

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Guild Wars Charr

Premade Guild Wars Charr

EUR 300.00
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cheap adopts

It's just a bunch of cheap adoptable that are up for grabs the description will give more information.

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Cat Creature Head And Tail

Old Old design of my main fursonas crazy side, Craze. No longer the design and just willing to sell!

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Cottagemoss Indoor Feetpaws

Used Cottagemoss Indoor Feetpaws made in May 2020! With sandals made by myself in 2021!

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Black UV reactive dragon head (with latter options)

-Head size 22-25 (can be altered for larger head at no extra cost) -Moving jaw-Great ventilation and vision -UV orange maw -HQ materials used-Fur is airbrushed UV reac...

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YCH pride cups!

Some ych pride cups are open for grabs please read that description for more information

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Snow Leopard Mini Partial

Brand new mini partial made by AlphaLyncis! Includes head, handpaws, and tail.

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Zombie/undead cat fursuit head

MADE BY: Haxorus112

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Pokemon Stickers

3 inch stickers

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