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スラッシャー Slash , New Fox Kemono Fursuit

スラッシャー Slash, is a Brand New Fox Kemono Fursuit! This is a Fox Kemono Fursuit made by Rising Sun Kemono! We specialize in high quality and high tech Japane...

RSKemono (0)


$10 Reff sheets

I do ref sheets but only for furries who A. dont have a fursona or B. only has one image of there character but dont have a ref sheet.

CAD 10.00
snowballArtCorner (0)


Dutch Angel Dragon Fullsuit

Dutch Angel Dragon Fullsuit with 30+ pieces of art, accessories, badges, and full character rights.

Spookitsu (0)

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Shiba Inu Premade Mini Partial Fursuit

BRAND NEW! Head, Tail, & Hand Paws!

Betsy_the_chipmunk (6 )

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Raccoon Small Clip-On Tail

This is a Small Real Raccoons tail that is almost to 9 inches tall. It is a clip-on so you don't want to use belt loops ever again! Tired of wearing pants just t...

chrisvonland (1 )


CLOSED for now. Do not buy.

Lightweight foam base made custom to match your character. $50 flat price for any species or design. 

quailcostumes (0)


Hybrid Fullsuit

Made by Geekpaw Productions

LionQueen (0)


Furry head on sale

This head is going to be cheaper than that head because it's not going to be sold with full fursuit

duhestudio (0)


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New baby cheetah kemono fursuit

Bright, cute, fluffy, very comfortable!

Krafi (4 )


Partial doggy girl for sale!

Partial doggy girl for sale!

Marty_Collins_Bro (1 )

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Pink Heart Cat Partial

Pink Lion Cat Heart Partial - Tail, fan, eyelids, name badge, and paws included.

IndigoKat (0)

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Kaiketsu Zorori - Collectors Set

Listing is for: a set of various "Kaiketsu Zorori" Items, (from my collection). All items are sold - as a set.* Some items - are in BRAND NEW (never used) condi...

Devinn20 (1 )


Aussie Premade

NEW Australian Shepard premade, built off CityMutt Base


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In the Zone (YCH)

Once purchased, send OC reference. Badge will be inked, colored, laminated, and shipped to owner with badge clip. 

xCailinMurre (10 )


Brown Fursuit Paws and Tail

A set of brown paws and a nub tail made by @pyro.bytes on Instagram.

wolfhound421 (0)


fuzzbuttfursuits possum head

fuzzbutt fursuit resin head

SecretKeeper (1 )


canine foam head

semi toony canine head

SecretKeeper (1 )


All Eyes on Me (YCH)

"All Eyes on Me" YCH | $80 to claim'Reflection' based, but can be two separate characters; very rough base with lots of clean up once claimed.

xCailinMurre (10 )


Celestial Fawn

When purchased, original piece will be shipped to new owner with official Prismacolour colour palette.

xCailinMurre (10 )


In Love with a Criminal (Melon X YCH)

**Had to crop out the horns for the photo, but they do go all the way upShow Mama it'll be alright that you're in love with a criminal. This lovely Beastars villain won't...

xCailinMurre (10 )


JSAB lycan themed fursuit partial

selling both the character and the suit

SecretKeeper (1 )


Renamon Cosplay Partial

A cosplay partial of renamon from digimon. See description for flaws and more details.

wolfhound421 (0)


Rare SCARS Ironclaw Novel FOXES RACCOONS By Ted MacKinnon

Epic anthro novel based on the Ironclaw game. Focuses on the Rinaldi foxes.

KnightHawke (13 )

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Cross Fox Mask Brand New

Mask Features:• Built Off And Crafted From A DVC Resin Blank• DVC Jaw Set • DVC Silicone Tongue• DVC Solid Nose• DVC Mini Muzzle Fan For Airflow• Great Visio...

DexterousZombie (0)

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Appaloosa Horse Partial

Cute, like new horse partial. Includes head, hoof-paws, tail, bridle, and brush!

MitzCat (0)

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NEW- Blue Ruffed Lemur

Brand new suit by MadDawgStudios

MadDawgStudios (0)

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Birds custom character

Parts of the bird's costume. Head, paw sleeves and tail. Please write to me. It is very important for me to know who is interested.My Instagram, Twitter or TikTok @_zel...

_zelric_ (0)


New Tangerine gecko fursuit partial

Looking for something bright, very interesting and rare?

Krafi (4 )

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