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Reference Sheets

a reference sheet for your character!

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Reference Sheets

a reference sheet for your character!

Lunarvixen (0)


Traditional Reference Sheet Commissions

Get a laminated reference sheet of your character!

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Custom Reference Sheet Commission Slot Auction

Your chance to swipe a commission slot for a lower price than I usually charge!

MoonsuitsFursuits (1 )

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The ‘Rio’ sona layout is £10, the ‘Chester’ sona layout is £15.

GBP 15.00
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Custom Reference Sheet

A new ref sheet made for your character! You can send a full body image or send instructions and I'll interpret it, or even mood boardsFor example I was told to make...

Sockett (1 )


Character Ref Sheet Commission

Ref sheet of your character, as drawn by me!(characters in photos are not for sale and are artwork examples)Art is completed and sent via email, no physical items will be...

Akiwuff (1 )


reference sheet commissions

made to order custom drawing of your character or fursona. 

werewolfprince (1 )


Ref sheet or full body of your OC

Ref sheet or full body of your oc by coffee.crafts

GBP 5.00
Coffeecrafts (0)


Ref sheet Commissions

Custom ref sheet commissions! 

EUR 15.00
Lofii_The_Fennec (0)


Cartoon Reference Sheet

This listing is for a cartoon reference sheet of your OC!Upon purchasing please shoot me a message either here on the site, or one of the ways I've listed at the bot...

VglyBxy (0)


Digital Reference Sheet

I will draw character of your choice in a ref sheet format. You may also give a image background or give me a colour for a solid or gradient background. Note, I am more c...

CAD 40.00
anxthema (0)


Fursuit Refrence Sheet

Images are of my characters/commissioned characters, please do not trace, reference, or use. Each reference sheet comes with a three way turn around with extra details o...

Plushvibe (1 )


Ref Sheet commissions!

Ref sheet is $65. Includes a front and back view. And two items. Colored

Dokekki (0)


Custom Fursuit / Fursona / Furry Reference Sheet

I make custom reference sheet's of your sona/OC. You will receive the drawing through email so it doesn’t lose quality. Before purchasing, please send me a picture...



Fursona character ref sheet

Physical or digital ref sheets for your Fursona

TheSmolNoodle (0)


[Digital] Reference Sheet Commissions

One or two sides, can use base if you want.

ControlCoreAngel (1 )