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Worm on a string -Small- (international shipping)

Worm on a string plushies, comes in multiple different colours and eye styles!

GBP 20.00
Frog-Toes-Furs (0)


Large Husky Fursuit Tail

New, large, foam-core husky fursuit tail!! Made by me using high quality luxury shag faux fur, minky, and upholstery foam. The white fur is extra long and wispy, making ...

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Full Digi Monster Bat

Full Digi Monster Bat - Comes With Everything

DatBoiMalachi (3 )

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ear head bands

my instagram is Wowdragonstudio

WowDragonStudio (0)

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Kemono Fursuit Partial

Bunny puppy kemono fursuit

GBP 650.00
ArtPuppie (0)


Blue and Orange Fox mini partial

This is a mini partial, head, hands, and tail made by me, Pawstabilities in 2022. It comes with additional digital art as well after purchase.

Pawstabilities (3 )

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bracelet earring set

sterling silver earring hooks with clear rubber backing. will need sanitized before wearing. (sanitize in saline solution). bracelet made from satin cording, adjustable t...

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Canine fursuit head with ref sheet

With removable fur and drop proof

dallytaur (1 )


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Pink Fox Mini Partial

This adorable pink fox is up for adoption! She's brand new and comes with the head and mochi paws (pattern by @Wittlestudios on instagram!)  Shipping is $15 in the US, ...

majimeri (2 )

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Monster cat partial

Quartz! The monster cat! Head size 23. Used but hardly worn. Comes with character rights! 17 physical badges and even more digital pieces, kigu made by me, paws made ...

QuartzChain (0)

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Dutchie for sale (300 art pieces)

Selling this dutchie! I got them and never did much with them. They have so much art, I want them to have an owner that actually does stuff with them :'>  Will be tra...

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High Quality Pitbull Suit & Character- Like new!

Like new pitbull partial suit & character

BadDog666 (0)

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Mohawk Canine Partial


RougeLavender (17 )

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Wildcat Costumes Racoon light partial

Selling my premade light partial made by WildCat Costumes. The suit is beautiful and great to wear! This suit has been worn a few times but is still in great condition. ...

CoyoteArcade (0)

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Feline Head-Base

Brand new Feline fursuit head base. Worn only for test fittings.21.5-23'' (snug fit on 23")Vision is good. Ventilation is good.Allergy Warning: My dog recently passe...

SpartanCoffee (9 )

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Custom Fursuit Base

A brand new fursuit base made to the buyer's specifications.

SpartanCoffee (9 )

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$35 flat sale Adoptables

All of these are $35 flat sale price in USD payment made via PayPal invoice. Can DM on Instagram or here, same username, pudgz.

pudgz (0)


skull dog

black skull dog small size, read description !

AnasteyshaDash (0)


acid cat

acid cat head

AnasteyshaDash (0)


Lovely lady!

SuitPaws with squeakersSoft lining in the paws and in the headTail-bagelMagnetic brushes!Regular delivery is free, expedited with an additional payment!Dimensions: Head c...

CrystalCraft86 (0)

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hi! dragon costume for sale. My size is listed on Instagram in the full description of the set. There you will find a detailed video about the costume. Payment on Boost...

CrystalCraft86 (0)

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Realistic Gryphon Fursuit Head

Refurbished fursuit head, unknown OG maker

D1N0SYNTH (2 )


canine dog fursuit head HQ premade male

made by me, salmon.rat on instagram

Pigeonfeathrs (0)

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Blue sabertooth tiger fursuit head

This premade is a pretty blue sabertooth tiger! You can see more on @jelliisuitz on instagram She features: -follow me eyes -lined inside -high quality fur -sturd...

Jelliisuitz (0)

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MangoIsland Smal Bean Hat

Purchased from them at Anthrocon this year but don’t wear it. Tried on once and been in storage since.Price includes shipping in USA only. These have adjustable snaps i...

WingWong (53 )

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Digitigrade Bodysuit, Paws, and Tail

Digitigrade bodysuit with sewn-in padding, attached paws and a detached tail

Corgilope (1 )

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Front facing character headshots

These will be digitally downloaded. Not an actual tangible item you can hold in your hand. I draw on a phone so the drawing may be a little small. i apologize if it’s ...

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MQ Ivory Fursuit Paws

MQ Ivory fursuit handpaws.

EikoEkoStudios (1 )

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