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Experimental Shaded Bust Portraits

A shoulders-up portrait of your characterWill be shaded and colored! I may experiment with the shading style and techniques - if you do not like the end result I can redo...

w1ldbugs (1 )


Picture by me

I can put your character either with or without background.  I only do SFW.

Sapphirewing (0)


$15 complete drawing

full body + background

CAD 15.00
snowballArtCorner (0)


Button pins (preorder)

These are hand made button pins, they are currently for preorder as i need to get money to get the supplies. They can be designed however you'd like, there&#...

mariefursuits (0)


Art coms

Portraits, paintings, ref sheets, you name it

AcerWorse (0)


Custom fullbody commission (read description)

** flat color and no background ONLY ** After purchasing this item please message us through twitter or Instagram immediately

ChubbDraws (0)


$2.50 Headshot

This is my headshot commissions i do, not many people get these ones sadly.

CAD 2.50
snowballArtCorner (0)


Headshot/ Bust Badge

Headshot/ bust badge of your character. Comes with any expression requested. 

Harikuran (0)


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Full Illustration

Illustration commissions now up!

EUR 300.00
TechnicallyKai (0)


PNGTuber Commissions

Several drawings of your character that can be used for VTuber programs like Veadotube!

Mojaves (0)


Reference sheet Commission

Offering Reference sheet commissions!

EUR 200.00
TechnicallyKai (0)


Bust Comms

Bust commission for $40

iisho (0)


Icon commission

Icon for social media commission

axellionhart (0)


Headshot / Icon

A shaded headshot or icon of your character

fozsapphiria (0)


Commission Full Body with Color Portrait

Hello! I will be doing commission full body color portraits with no backgrounds except for a base color of your choice. I will need either a detailed description or refer...

Asecretcat (0)


Fursona/Character Reference Sheet Commission

Personalized reference sheets of your fursona, furry character, or character. Sheet can come shaded or unshaded with the character's name, species, gender, and color pa...

Moonlightwolfstore (0)


portrait commissions

For more info Mail me at

HelheimStudios (0)


Open Commissions! Only 10 slots!

My commissions are open! Whether you want a reference sheet or art of your character. I can offer it!

HiveMother (0)


Bust/Halfbody Commissions

Bust/Halfbody Commission 2+ USD

SkyesCreations (0)


Fursona or OC Reference Sheet

Pick from 2 styles, will do most species!



Papercraft Badges!

Are you a fan of the handmade look? These badges are made from cut and colored paper embellished with marker and ink. I can do toony - kemono as the style. I also do any ...

Starry_Mari (0)


Identifurcation ID/license badges!

Why yes sir this is my real id...

Starry_Mari (0)


Furry Headshot

I will do pfp sized headshots

Nova_The_Warcriminal (0)


Reference sheets

I make reference sheets for you

Nova_The_Warcriminal (0)


SFW Portraits

I will make a SFW portrait for you

Nova_The_Warcriminal (0)


SaltySells Art Commissions

Able to draw Furrys AND Humans

SaltySells (0)



Headshots are just $1! Come fully shaded :) all artwork shown is mine

Darknessdrawn (0)