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Kells the Kelpie

Kells is ready to ride off into the bog with you and haunt nightmares!FEATURES EYELASHES, CUSTOM WEFTED MANE, HIDDEN ZIPPER.Base by Kandorin CreationsPurchase of $1500 on...

PlaidPawsMaus (1 )


Manokit 3d-printable model (Notify me at TheDealersDen to purchase)

STL model of a manokit with a movable jaw for printing on a 3D printer

StiasHann (9 )


Valentine the tiger

This lovely lady is looking to steal some ones heart!

Lilymoon_suits (0)

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semi-toony k9 head base

3D printed head base If you have Any questions

SnapBiteStudios (0)


Fern the bat fursuit fursona with extra goodies!

Fern the bat comes with character rights, fursuit, art, and some extras!

nemisanerd (1 )


3/4 rat fursuit. Mid quality fursuit head with digitigrade legs.

A rat drop stitch digi padding 3/4 suit with removable tail. Hands and sock paw feet. Used but loved fursuit for sale, cleaned and properly disinfected after each wear...

StarburstCreates (1 )

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NEW Borzoi mini partial

Brand new Borzoi mini partial.

fancyfishfursuits (0)


Boar fullsuit

Fullsuit with character rights!

coyote (4 )

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Relisted-Prism the Cat-Partial Suit Made by Transform Tiger w Accessories!

Prism the Cat is a gently used, colorful tabby/Maine Coon partial fursuit for sale! She comes with: toony foam head, paw gloves, sleeves for short shirts, outdoor feetpaw...

IaraWarriorfeather (0)

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Toasted Shiba Inu Premade

CCS Mascots Shiba Inu 3/4 Partial

CCSMascots (2 )

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Bat Fursuit by Lobitoworks

Here's that spooky boy! This high quality, exceptionally unique suit will be a perfect addition to your household should you choose to adopt him. Perfect for beginners!

butwithants (1 )


Vicilies, closed species, adoptable design commissions

THIS SPECIES IS CLOSED!! DO NOT USE BASE!! I can design you a Vicilies based off of a description or inspiration that you give me. DISCLAIMER- prices will be decided onc...

GBP 15.00
fawn_adoptables (0)

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Vicilies! Merchant variant, closed species adoptable

THIS IS A CLOSED SPECIES Please do not modify the design of the adoptables, if you want a custom I will eventually take commissions. You will otherwise have full contr...

GBP 25.00
fawn_adoptables (0)


White and pink nub tail

White and pink nub tail with belt loops.

fancyfishfursuits (0)


Used Fursuit

2 year old well loved partial, comes with hand paws, tail, and and head. Does not include character rights!!

ThatCatObsessedDemon (0)


Ginga Akita Inu Full Suit by FreakHoundStudios

Inspired by the Ginga series and Completed in December 2020 by Freakhound/ yellowfreak. He has been to two cons, and worn around the house, outdoors a bit. The maker has...


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Sprinkles the Funfetti Puppy

Comes with Head, Tail, Paws, velcro eyelids (set of 3), and magnetic unicorn horn. It also has a digital reference sheet and a birthday cake-scented fursuit spray (homema...

mango_mocchi (0)


Kemono Dragon Fullsuit

Kemono Digigrade fullsuit by Kawaiimonofurs

foxembers (0)

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Wolf Factory Custom Fursuit Auction

Wolf Factory Custom Fursuit Auction

WereWOLFovna (0)

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Certified Good Boi™ Poster YCH

I'm opening up commissions for poster designs in this style. To view my other works, check @quemquemstudios on Twitter, Insta, FA, or telegram.

EUR 39.00
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IsaacDingo (2 )


New beautiful cat

New beautiful cat, very comfortable and soft suit

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IsaacDingo (2 )



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IsaacDingo (2 )


Koi-croc inspired Dragon Fullsuit

Suit made by Me! Only worn for one outing (test fit) and sales photos. Koi and crocodile inspired Fullsuit featuring Holo scales and Reversible sequins.

GBP 900.00
Astrofenn (0)


TKC Fursuit Head

Created in late 2021, this adorable ‘bacat’ is excited to go on a new adventure with you!

starstrucklions (1 )

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Dog/Moth Fullsuit

Premade Digitigrade Fullsuit, Slightly Used

ACervine (0)

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