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Laminated Badges

One-of-a-kind art badges of your fursuit/fursona! These badges are handmade on paper, inked, then colored with a mix of prismacolor pencils and alcohol markers, and lamin...

Drgrahamcracker (0)


Custom Fursuit Reference Sheet

Have a fursuit maker in mind, but don't have a reference? Need to see how a suit in a specific art style would fit your character? I can use most suit styles as inspirati...



Custom Ref Sheets

Custom Ref Sheet Commissions. All Species Welcome!

The_Random_Furry (4 )


$5 USD Headshots

Unlimited Slots!

LadyNightosphere (0)


Colored Sketch

Flat colored sketch of your character.

Harikuran (0)



Anything you want! Ref sheets, customs, scenes, ect! 

Milomoment (0)


The World tarot ych

Cute ych for your characters

TheFallenFeather (1 )


Custom Pride Flags (physical item)

A flag to hang up of your character! Great for Pride events and conventions! High quality prints. Please read full description before commissioning. PM me after you buy o...

Mythic (0)


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Pyrography Ych

9” X 12” Pyrography Your Character Here

AngelMoonhaven (0)


Scenecore Wolf

Make this fluffy, and rather wacky!, friend your new pal today and use this design within any arts and crafts you'd like! It's all yours!

SoftCrypt (3 )


Old fursona for sale with badges

An old demon canine fursona that has multiple badges and plushies

toothedaxolotl (0)


Sona for sale

My main sona is for sale

KibitzTheMutt (0)


Goofy lil Profile Picture

Just a cute profile picture for whatever, where ever.

Chexd_Up (0)


Cloudy Bat

Based on a cloudy yet starry night

ClockworkCarousel (4 )


Custom Digital Portrait

1-2 day completion time

TheWolfCrash (3 )


Weird cat dog creature adopt

I did not make this character. I got them from Aclaasr on instagram. They do not have any extra art. I ended up not connecting with them or drawing them so I'm getting ri...

sugarlimb (0)


Sea slug creature adopt

I DID NOT make this character. I got them from cloudsleepyy on instagram. They do not have any extra art. I bought them and ended up not really connecting with them or dr...

sugarlimb (0)



Coffee themed dutchie

splophie (3 )

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Elvish chaos raptor

splophie (3 )

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Seafoam dutchie

splophie (3 )

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Cute Base Commission

My First Commission! I will draw your fursona holding their favorite item! You can choose the background color as well!

SaberNoodlez77 (-1)


Woodpecker Adoptable

Been a while since I've done any Adoptables. What a way to restart them than with this fabulously darling Woodpecker?Did you know woodpeckers's tongues pad the back of th...

xCailinMurre (14 )


Hang in There

5 x 7 inches, Graphite on paper. No returns.

Aleutia-the-weasel (1 )


Gryphon character originally created by SaturnFangs

One side/front facing ref of a gryphon character + a bust as said character

FirebirdAde (0)


Blue Marlin Adopt

Downsizing characters, comes with all art shown!Link to TH: Kraken

DeltasPlague (12 )

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Ice Skunk

I'm saving up ti replace my phone screen so sadly I have to let my first sona go. He comes with artwork and a ref sheet.

DariustheYeen (0)

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King Wicker

Make this fluffy friend your new pal today and use this design within any arts and crafts you'd like! It's all yours!

SoftCrypt (3 )


Cobble Stone Pine Marten

This cute little pine marten is looking for a new lace to call home, will you take them in?

SushiGal (1 )