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Traditional Furry Badge

A bust/headshot drawing of your fursona!

AvalancheStudios (0)


$10 Full body

Here are my full bodies, I can go from the knees or go down to the feet.(the bird fursona and the paper drawing at the new ones and the other 2 are older)

CAD 10.00
snowballArtCorner (0)


Front and back ref sheet commissions

Front and back ref + 1 outfit ref



Fursona/Character Reference Sheet Commission

Personalized reference sheets of your fursona, furry character, or character. Sheet can come shaded or unshaded with the character's name, species, gender, and color pa...

Moonlightwolfstore (0)


Laminated Badges

One-of-a-kind art badges of your fursuit/fursona! These badges are handmade on paper, inked, then colored with a mix of prismacolor pencils and alcohol markers, and lamin...

Drgrahamcracker (0)



Anything you want! Ref sheets, customs, scenes, ect! 

Milomoment (0)


Colored Sketch

Flat colored sketch of your character.

Harikuran (0)



These adorable bappers are sure to bring uniqueness to your badge collection! They come fully laminated with an additional lanyard clip! PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE BUYING

fayeyeen (0)


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Pyrography Ych

9” X 12” Pyrography Your Character Here

AngelMoonhaven (0)


Custom Aesthetic Mini-Icons

A small art piece of your character or sona’s head in a simplified/chibi style, background can be an image of your choice, usually themed after aesthetic. Please rea...

BarginBella (0)


Bust commisions

Any species, any number of markings, need a ref sheet.

shadowsking (0)


Glittery laminated convention badge

A bust drawing of your fursona!

GBP 4.00
TRR_BC (0)


Art Slave - 1 Week

So, I'm in urgent need of funds, so I'm offering the art slave deal

mooskii (0)

1 bid  

ONE YEAR - Art Slave!

So, I'm in urgent need of funds, so I'm offering the art slave deal

mooskii (0)

0 bids  

10$ fullbody chibi commissions

For 10$ I'll make you a lined, colored and shaded chibi of your fursona - art by me

DualityControl (0)


Custom Dragon Eye

This is an emergency commission. If you can buy one now, that would be great, as I have two subscriptions renewing tomorrow that I can't afford. If you can't buy one, ple...

Candy_dino0 (0)


Chibi Fullbody!

You will receive 1 chibi fullbody! it might take 2 weeks to them to be done or less!!

LLivael (2 )



Alcohol marker badge on thick paper, backed with a patterned or colored paper. This badge has fur, feather, hair, and/or scale detail drawn in. Holographic overlay and ...

sancto (0)


grayscale traditional fullbodies

traditional grayscale fullbody of your oc- i can draw anything basically. these will NOT be mailed to you unless you ask which will be a seperate feenote; im better at (a...

vaporub (0)



made with binary brush, bright colors

munbliz (0)


Simple Headshot

Simple headshot drawings

enoughofENOCH (0)


Custom Commission

Custom Commissions for OCs or fanart.

DirtyRaccoon (2 )


Fullbody Commisson

Commission me and I'll make art of your character!

enoughofENOCH (0)


Flat shaded sketch Bust

Hello! I’m BarginBella, a small artist. Thank you for taking a look at this listing! I’ll cut to the chase. I am currently in a period in my life where I am unemploye...

BarginBella (0)


2 Body Ref Sheet

2 full bodys drawn in whatever cool outfit you want! -Half color

Byrdie_bb (0)


Chibi fursona doodles!

This listing is for a fun doodle of your fursona in a loose chibi style. They're affordable and lower quality than my usual work, but great to use for stickers !

StrawberryBluu (0)


Sparkly headshot BADGES

message me on my Instagram if you got one ^^ Rothu.hornet

Rothu_ (0)


3D Printed Fursuit Badge (MESSAGE ME)

MESSAGE ME FIRST I will 3D model, and paint a PLA plastic badge of your fursona. All you will need to do is provide a lineart headshot of your desired fursona, with...

BuckarooOJ (0)