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Cotton is a cute little cat and likes to tell jokes and play board games.I will email Cotton to you after purchase.

rebcoola (2 )


Pumpkin Patch Gremlin Partial Fursuit

::Can do Free MFF Pickup:: Feeling cheeky? Want to sneak around pumpkin patches and sell wonderful wares to all.

Fursewna_Studios (0)


Traditional Furry Badge

A bust/headshot drawing of your fursona!

AvalancheStudios (0)


Crystal lion by Beastcub

Lion suit completed by TheBeastcub in August of 2022

Levi95 (1 )

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Striped Hyena Adopt

Hello and thank you for checking out my listing!

AtomicFox93 (1 )


$10 Reff sheets

I do ref sheets but only for furries who A. dont have a fursona or B. only has one image of there character but dont have a ref sheet.

CAD 10.00
snowballArtCorner (0)


Silver Flying Fox Fullsuit Plantigrade

A plantigrade fullsuit with attached handpaws. Feetpaws not included. Resin DVC head base and parts. Includes rights to the character, name and details can be changed, wh...

Sironafur_Creations (0)


Rainbow lisa frank liger tiger lion

Originally my main fursuit but changed it to keep the character. Barely worn, comes with accessories, tail, head, character rights and extras. There is some imperfecti...

BeeePurrfectSuits (1 )

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--Headshot commission--

Headshot commission open!  -25$-Contains no background and have shadows.If you would like to trade art commission with me, please contact: 3192776872@qq.comThe comple...

TransparenT (0)


Premade Kigu and Plush adopt

Hey all! You are bidding on a brand new Kigu and Build a Bear style plush. In this auction you will be receiving: Adult sized Kigurumi Build a bear style plush o...

myriddle4u (3 )

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Pre-made Partial Lioness Ophelia

A white and blue lioness premade.

AUD 1,500.00
TheUnholyCollective (0)



Shipping worldwide, mini set with character!!

Deerdog (0)

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Husky Fursuit Head

THIS IS A MOSTLY FINISHED HEAD!! An adorable husky fursuit head made by me. Only worn for pictures, otherwise been stored away. Crafted on a hand carved foam base, with...

KibaTanuki97 (0)

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trade not sell

read des.

fiafoxxel123 (0)

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Catherine the Realistic Feline

I purchased her a Few months ago on here and just never worn her as much as I love her I want to give her to a home who would love her.Head Only!Head fits 24-26in I belie...

Reddragon979 (9 )

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_n0yra_ fursuit head

_n0yra_ fursuit skull head

Cactipaw (0)


Large Husky Tail

Large white and beige husky tail.

AUD 90.00
TheUnholyCollective (0)


Large Black Cat Tail

Large soft black cat tail.

AUD 80.00
TheUnholyCollective (0)


Harvest the Dutch angel dragon

With a heavy heart I am selling my sweetheart harvest. One of the main reasons is falling out of any connection to the character and wearing her has slowly becoming more ...

ThedragonTamer (0)


Jackalope Red Panda Hybrid

Comes with: Beautiful Air brushed head Pair of Realistic Paws

AmmyStar (4 )

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Mirror fox head

A geometric fox head completely covered in specially-cut mirror tiles.

andrewbee (0)

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Periwinkle Puppy Fursuit Head Premade

Fully lined premade puppy looking for their furever home!

AtaenisWolf (0)

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Hellhound head

Origionally made by HoneyBear in Australia. I am selling her due to downsizing, she has never been worn and has been in storage for a few months.

GBP 400.00
High_Im_Ama (0)

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Blue Canine Head

Made by me about 3 years ago (HoneyHeartStudio), honestly never been worn and has spent some time in storage. She is still in great condition.

GBP 400.00
High_Im_Ama (0)

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Gryphon Head Base

A head base of a gryphon I have had in storage for a few months, I no longer wish to do anything with it so I am selling it.

GBP 150.00
High_Im_Ama (0)


Kemono head base (Partially made)

I was making this but due to downsizing no longer wish to finish this head and am selling it as is. Its face is furred and eyes done but nothing else. It is a moving jaw ...

GBP 200.00
High_Im_Ama (0)


Beastcub Snow Leopard Fullsuit

Pumkin spice themed snow leopard fullsuit made by Beastcub. Worn only twice.

Thaniel (0)

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Pink Lemonbrat Fursuit For Sale

For more photos and to message check out my Instagram lotus.hound :)

PlantMommy (0)

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