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Kells the Kelpie

Kells is ready to ride off into the bog with you and haunt nightmares!FEATURES EYELASHES, CUSTOM WEFTED MANE, HIDDEN ZIPPER.Base by Kandorin CreationsPurchase of $1500 on...

PlaidPawsMaus (1 )


Eeveelutions Pride Denim Vest

Pride Rainbow stripes vest with the eeveelutions embroidered on. Size M, one of a kind! Made by a queer creator.

catoplasm (2 )


Cherry Blossom Dragon (Pre-Order)

This Listing is for the Head Only. Upgrades Available.

FYICreations (0)



this suit is a dragon made by Lemonbrat of October 2021. Lightly worn. Has head, tail, paws, arm sleeves, badge, digital art, Velcro eyelids and a bandana

Mileythefursuiter (1 )

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LIKE-NEW Fursuit Head by Wild Deer Lair

Details about the FursuitThis fursuit was recently created by Wild Deer Lair on Instagram and was briefly used for photos. Fits best on larger sizes (24-25" head cir...

opalmuttstudios (0)


Orange/Green Paws

Halloween Themed Paws, One Size Fits Most

abyssalkei (3 )


Shiranui Cosplay

High quality partial cosplay suit of Shiranui from the Okami games. Made by DrakonicKnight.

Terra-Bites (0)

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Medium Length White and Aqua Tail

I made this around 2020, but never got around to selling it. It's still in good condition. Don't buy this if you have a cat or dog allergy, because I have cats and dogs ...

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Monster dog

Made by rey.n_workshop on instagram. Sold by me scared_pink_purple on instagram.

Iceblue101 (0)

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Mushroom fursuit

Mushroom fursuit for sale

anubisdober (0)


Pink Nylon Fursuit Collar w/Bone Charm

Plush bone charm made by TheHeadlessHare.Paw prints were patches bought at Joanns and sewn onto the collar, but the thread can easily be picked out.The fursuit-sized coll...

xythriwithanx (0)


Black Small Lip Silicone

Made by Dreamvision Creations. Made with silicone, with fabric backing to allow for easy adhesion.

xythriwithanx (0)


Pink Shaped Silicone Tongue

Made by BardicBestiary. Shaped and textured, and has fabric backing to allow for easy adhesion.

xythriwithanx (0)


Cotton candy bunny

Brand new cotton candy bunny head! Built off a DVC resin base it features a moving jaw, open nostrils, sparkle hair, and airbrushing. Fits heads 21" to 23" an...

Mangeyyote (0)

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Mochi Sockpaws

Like-new mochi pawpad style sockpaws from Angel Vixen Studios on a Kemocube pattern!

BrittyBoo275 (0)


Honey Specs Bear

I bought this oc a while back and just haven’t loved it like I wanted to. Will make a custom headshot for buyer with name. 

Maddox (0)

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Boba the Croc

This croc is a baddie that loves summer fun. I made this character years back but just haven’t given her as much love as I wanted to. If the buyer decides to change the...

Maddox (0)

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Large toony canine headbase

Mold purchased from AuraSoul on thedealersdenCast in Smoothon 65D and shatter proofExcellent ventilationNose holes drilledLightweightMade for larger heads

Haxorus112 (7 )


Resin Large toony Canine head base

Mold by from AuraSoul on thedealersdenCast in SmoothOn cast 65D shatterproof resinLightweightGreat ventilationNose holes drilled

Haxorus112 (7 )


Lined Toony canine head base

Lined resin headbase

Haxorus112 (7 )


WintersHowling x Kloofsuits Partial Fursuit

Partial cat dog fursuit by WintersHowling and Kloofsuits

GBP 1,200.00
HimeGriffin (0)

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$30 Commissions! (SALE!)

If unable to purchase, please message me for an invoice! I miss heated water, so I'm doing some commissions at a discount to bring in some quick cash! I will do sfw/ns...

Meekakun (0)


Saber Tooth Tiger Fursuit Partial

Brand new fursuit by Melissa Mendelson Art / ZulayaWolf

Zulaya (5 )


Shiranui Cosplay

High quality partial cosplay suit of Shiranui from the Okami games. Made by DrakonicKnight.

Terra-Bites (0)

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The X-kittah - head, paws and tail - Partial

Hand made - Head, paws and tail with soft lining are searching for a new home.

cacafloof (0)

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pine marten partial suit and character design (+HQ art work and ref sheet)

Partial includes head, 5 fingered paws, tail, 4 badges, 1 plush prop, 0.5M custom character print fabric and 2-3 meters approx faux fur.

GBP 450.00
LimeyPie (1 )

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Canary-BIRD fursuit partial

Looking for something interesting and rare? Here you are!

Krafi (5 )


Elk monster fullsuit

Up for auction is a personal suit of mine.Worn a lot, but well cared for and deep cleaned.Alterations will be made, and changed into a new character. New art will be incl...

Happimonsuta (0)

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