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Chunkies Serj

Party Animal band members Dailor, Serj, and Zach have gotten a lil' Chunkie on these Stickers! Includes 1 WaterProof Sticker!Chunkies Serj Stickers 5"x5&quo...

Vitai (5 )


Mini Partial Premade Design Commission - Floral Cow

*Suit is not yet made, will be completed upon purchase.* Premade design for mini partial commission based on fabrics I have.

huckleberrystudios (0)


Pichu Full Fursuit & Hoodie & Approx 30 Badges - All in Great Condition

The time has come for me to part with my Anthro Pichu character, which includes my Pichu Fursuit, Pichu Hoodie, and approx 30 badges that can be clipped to clothing or th...

pichu912 (0)


Costume Eye Inserts

3D Printed Costume Eye Inserts (Style: Concave Circle)

PumpkinsPatch (6 )


Mini Partial Premade Design Commission - Bear

Premade design for a mini partial commission. Suit is not yet made, will be completed upon purchase.

huckleberrystudios (0)


Button pins (preorder)

These are hand made button pins, they are currently for preorder as i need to get money to get the supplies. They can be designed however you'd like, there&#...

mariefursuits (0)


Giant Meteor 2020 Needleminder/Magnet Button

Giant Meteor needleminder or fridge magnet.  Please specify which option you would like at purchase.  Needleminders come with one extra magnet to attach your button to ...

Milesy (1 )


Lamb Adopt

Mary had a little lamb and so can you!

ClockworkCarousel (3 )


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Nuke Fullsuit

Full Digi Suit, Resin head Base.

SamCo09 (0)

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Red Panda Full Fursuit - Beastcub Creations 2016

Beastcub Creations 2016 Red Panda full fursuit. Head, body, tail, paws and feet.

Eclipse4523 (0)


Flocked Tiger Head

Electrostatic flocking on impact resistant resin. Made by Tamburmane.

BuyanShep (1 )


Sabre Cat Digigrade Fursuit

Made by DHC, completed September 2020. Still in absolutely excellent condition, only used for some photos/tiktoks

Jenncole44 (0)


Wolf Husky Plantigrade Fullsuit

Made by DHC, completed September 2020 and still in absolutely excellent condition, only used for some pictures/tiktoks

Jenncole44 (0)


Kemono Cat Fursuit Partial

This listing is for a kemono style fursuit partial featuring a head with full hair, handpaws and tail. (Dress and fullbody suit NOT included!)The Head:- Built on a balacl...

itsaconundrum (1 )

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Werewolf Digi Fullsuit made by Mischief Makers!

+ extras!

butt_tufts (0)

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Partial fursuit wolf (dog)

Partial, Border Collie, dog, puppy, wolf

Bark (4 )

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Sabertooth Tiger Partial

Stereo the Sabertooth Tiger is for sale!! $2.4k

StereoStudios (0)

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Wolverine/Tanuki Hybrid Partial

More pictures here:

WingWong (43 )

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Rainbow Zebra Tail

An unique, rainbow-striped zebra tail.

AGreenSpark (0)


Chonky Shark Tail

Very Chonky Black Tipped Shark Tail.

AGreenSpark (0)


Kimono Mouse Partial Suit

Adorable kimono mouse fursuit for sale! Huge cute ears, long dragging tail and stomping feet! Vision is great, head is roomy and could definitely fit someone who wears g...

Petrapaws (0)

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New Neon UV Fox Head

Brand new CraftyCoven made Neon UV Fox fursuit premade! Made with UV Reactive Luxury Shag fur from Howlfabric! Features eyeliner, cute fluffy hairstyle, fleece tongue, an...

HFursuits (17 )

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New Amethyst Fox Head

Brand new CraftyCoven made Amethyst Fox fursuit premade! Made with Luxury Shag fur from Howlfabric! Features sassy eyeliner, cute purple hairstyle, fleece tongue, and zip...

HFursuits (17 )

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Magenta and black

Medium pile luxury fur

GBP 30.00
kraftyhyena (0)


Fleece teeth

Fleece teeth: size is in the image shown, hand sew and stuffed. 

GBP 6.00
kraftyhyena (0)


Sabre teeth/horns

Yiu can use them for either sabre teeth or some nice plush horns! Size is in the image. Hand sewn and stuffed by myself. 

GBP 9.00
kraftyhyena (0)


Sabretooth tiger base

Including balaclava, teeth and mouth lining

GBP 120.00
kraftyhyena (0)


Custom Griffin/Bird head base


GBP 75.00
kraftyhyena (0)