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Kemono Wolf Full Suit

Kemono Wolf Fursuit, made by LittleKitSuits (2018) Bearly worn, Good overall condition Suitable for people up to 177CM and 15.5ST / 217LBS

GBP 1,800.00
HidekiWolf (0)

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Bat Kitty Enamel Pins

Cute Enamel Pins of a Little Bat Kitty!

SimbaDoesStuff (18 )


Realistic dog head+tail

Nothing wrong with it, just not attaching to it like I thought I would.

Akira_The_Fox (-1)


Random color lq felt fursuit tounges with velcro

Random color lq felt fursuit tounges. There are 8 different colors that you could possibly recieve. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, dark...

sugarlimb (0)


LLM Costumes Lion Partial Fursuit (Foam Head, Gloves, & Tail)

LLM Costumes Lion Partial Fursuit (Foam Head, Gloves, & Tail).  Foam-based head.  Should fit a 22" head (somewhat tight on my 23" head.)Purch...

KronoGarrett (0)


Kemono style Fursuit !

moving ears! and you can add eyebrows and eyelids!

TiggerFurWho (0)

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Glamrock Freddy

Glamrock Freddy from Five Nights At Freddys Security Breach partial! Head, Paws and Tail! Shipping included !

KyroMakes (0)


Ram Fursuit Partial

A cute pink ram partial with curly hair, a bouncy tail, and five-finger hoof paws made by Kinghime and SammySmilesCo!

Kinghime (0)


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Calico Cat Fursuit Head

Brand new realistic calico cat head from Creative Beasts!

Kyah (1 )

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Numbat Fursuit Head

Brand new semi-realistic numbat head from Creative Beasts!

Kyah (1 )

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Digitigrade Feet Paws

Made by: Hiero Craft Creations Pattern by: Split Grape Soda

TarotTrouble (4 )


Wolf moded head with moving mouth

Yhello got a mouthmovers mask I moded awhile back for fun Features airbrushed purple black and white fur Feelt nose And moving mouth Can replace eyes if ...

cringy_coyote (0)

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Green star ! NEW !

★ Green star ★ Made Monsters_factory_64 VERY soft and high quality fur ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~...

Angel_Tigress (33 )

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Pyrography Ych

9” X 12” Pyrography Your Character Here

AngelMoonhaven (0)


‘Jackalopal’ adopt READ DESC

An opal jackalope, (or the Jackalopal)!Whoever buys will receive the initial art as well as an avatar/pfp of the character! (Email for the art wi...

RhinoBeetle (0)

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HQ Maned Wolf Partial Premade

HQ suit that is completely lined, excellent ventilation, 3D follow eyes, magnetic tongue, magnetic neck poof piece and an XL sized tail! Must read and sign TOS via email ...

KhlorineForge (0)


Red Panda Fursuit

Red Panda Fursuit, Full Suit, Purple, Pink, White, Fursuit Props, and Accessories.

Fraxinus (0)


White and blue starry puffy paws

These paws where just finished and now available for sale!They are puffy style paws made using the Kloofsuits pattern, using white fur and blue and silver starry minky pa...

toothedaxolotl (0)


Pewter and black puffy paws

These paws where just finished and now available for sale!They are puffy style paws made using the Kloofsuits pattern, using pewter fur and black fleece paw pads, cuffed ...

toothedaxolotl (0)


Black Cat Ear Headband

Black cat ear headband from Hot Topic. Worn maybe once.

NovaLynnBby (0)


Luxury shag Neon Yellow Faux fur

2 yards with a bit used. (see pic)- Buyer pays for shipping. Which will be calculated after auction end.Can ship anywhere as long as you're willing to pay shipping.-Invoi...

CanvasDAD (1 )

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White Cat Ear Headband

White cat ear headband made by KindaU on Etsy.

NovaLynnBby (0)


Bi Ear, Tail, & Collar Set

Bisexual cat set. Comes with a ear headband made by KinkyKittensPlay, a nub tail made by RetroFursuits, and a collar made by FursAndThreads (all on Etsy). Worn only a few...

NovaLynnBby (0)


Pink Nylon Fursuit Collar w/Bone Charm

Plush bone charm made by TheHeadlessHare.Paw prints were patches bought at Joanns and sewn onto the collar, but the thread can easily be picked out.The fursuit-sized coll...

xythriwithanx (0)


Pink Shaped Silicone Tongue

Made by BardicBestiary. Shaped and textured, and has fabric backing to allow for easy adhesion.

xythriwithanx (0)


Starry Minky

1 yard of white minky with gold stars on it

NovaLynnBby (0)


Blue LEDs

Blue LED lights for fursuit

NovaLynnBby (0)


Spotted Hand Paws

Low quality spotted hand paws

NovaLynnBby (0)