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Chara Pins #21 - Fuzzy Feelings

Made by the amazing Chara Pins - this nearly 2" long enamel pin features Blade and Nisha in a bubble bath, much like our logo! Features two pin posts and rubber back...

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Green Canine Adoptable by hxneybee

Purchased from hxneybee over two years ago, drew art for once. Would make a pretty suit design. I'd love to see her go to someone who isn't going to let her col...

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Fuzzy Feelings Paw Print Tart Melters

Packaged in bags of 3, these are great for those who cannot burn candles. Great for a Scentsy warming dish or any other type of potpourri warmer. You can even chop th...

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Fuzzy Feelings Travel Soap and Spray Kits

Small package, big scent, great value!

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Fursona Pins #282 Rin

Extras from our collection, these pins are about 1.25" tall. Some smatterings of glitter in the pink places on the pin but not on the overall design.

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