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V7.8 Main Changes/Fixes:- 10/18/2016

Fixed issue with the stock levels displaying instead of the default quantity field if no product attributes are selected.
Fixed issue with product attributes selection if the custom field has only one option
Fixed issue with the close & delete buttons on members area / selling pages, which were displayed even if the user was not allowed to close / delete a listing
Fixed issue with the private reputation option not working if the poster’s account has been deleted
Fixed an issue whereby when selecting to search for sold items, items added in cart but not sold were displayed as well
Fixed an issue with the "Remember Me" option, which was not working properly if the user tried to access the members section directly
Added last login update option when using the "Remember Me" option
Added user block plugin now works with the "Remember Me" option as well
Modified the listing details page to not display the thumbnails under the main image if a single image was uploaded
Fixed issue with the payment gateway fields displaying on the registration page even if direct payment is disabled
Fixed issue with the relist if sold not work on certain scenarios
Modified the force payment option to only apply for products
If mysql is down or mysql credentials are invalid, but the software is installed, display an installation error rather than displaying the standard fresh installation page
Added for messaging topics, added the listing box for when using the private message option
Fixed redirect error when admin wants to add a message on a certain messaging topic
Fixed issue with a php notice appearing on the counter offer confirmation page for items with buy out enabled
Fixed issue with admin payment gateways data appearing on the registration page if full registration is selected
Fixed issue on the edit category options popup in admin, whereby a php notice appeared if no logo was selected to be uploaded
Revamped the smtp email transport class
Fixed issue with the subject field on emails having the quote and double quote characters incorrectly changed to their respective html codes
Changed social media widget to accept custom templates
Added option in admin for image adverts to be able to be open in the same tab rather than being forced to open in a new tab
Fixed issue whereby if verification was mandatory to sell and a seller had its verified status revoked / expired, his items would still be able to be relisted
Modified the force payment option feature to hide seller/buyer data on sales with force payment in effect until payment is confirmed
Fixed issue with the phone number not appearing on sale boxes if enabled in admin
Fixed issue with both quantity and stock levels appearing when editing a listing
Added localized numeric form field that will accept localized numeric formats as input based on the currency format settings in admin: American Input Bid Format (e.g. '9,999.99') to the European Input Bid Format (e.g. '9.999,99')
Added feature whereby admin can enable a "Force Store" option and they can set a limit on the number of open items a seller can list before it becomes mandatory to open a store
(FS#340) Cache - Problem with the pictures of the same name
(FS#343) Create Listing with "Scheduled"
(FS#349) Create Listing > Listing Preview ~ Fee for the Listing Media & Digital Downloads
(FS#356) Category images adding/deleting errors