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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions


      • Sign-Up
        • Registration - Click on the "Sign up" link found in the header. Fill out the information required and submit. You will receive an e-mail shortly asking you to verify your e-mail address. If you do not receive an email within a few minutes make sure to check your spam or junk folders. If you still have not received an email please contact us through the contact form and we will get you manually registered. 
        • Account Verification - Once registered users will be required to verify their identity (Name/Address etc) in order to buy or sell. Please make sure your profile On the Dealers Den (Name, Address, E-mail Matches this of a PayPal Verified Address) and must include real information. Using fake information with PayPal to get past verification will be reported to Paypal and your account with us will be suspended. To do this automatically you can use our verification system which uses a one time payment via PayPal of $1.00. While we cannot refund this payment once verified you will receive a $1.00 credit on your Dealers Den Account which can be used on future featured auction listings for sellers. Any funds accumulated from this verification will be used to maintain the site licenses fee's and future updates.
          • Why the Fee?  - The Dealers Den has always tried to maintain the site free of charge to all of it's users. All costs of operating, maintaining and user support on the site has been without pay, But due to many fraudulent users/bidders or scammers trying to signup we need to implement a user verification system. We hope that with this system in place this will prevent fraudulent bidders and provide a safer space for sellers to list their auctions to prevent Non-Paying Bidders and for buyers preventing Non-Preforming sellers
            • What If I don't have PayPal?  - For any users who do not have PayPal or wish not to use PayPal may manually verify their account with us. To do this you will need to send a photo/scan of an Identification card (State Issued ID Card, Drivers License, Military ID etc)  (Please make sure no Social Security #'s are included) and e-mail us at verify @ thedealersden.com. Please make sure to include your username and e-mail us from your listed e-mail for yor account with us. Once verified your e-mail/image will be promptly deleted and not stored on file. Please allow 24 hours for verification (See our Privacy Policy for more Information) 
      • I'm Under 18 and Can't Signup
        • In accordance with standard law people under the age of 18 cannot participate in auctions as they are legal binding contracts.
      • Filing Abuse Reports against an auction
        • If the need arises to file an abuse report against an auction/seller please visit the auction page and click on the "Report Abuse" button. This will ensure the auction number and seller information is sent to us automatically. Within your report please keep information short and concise and include evidence to your claim. The Dealers Den will offer assistance to you to settle the claim but it is up to you to show burden of proof against the seller/auction. This can include screenshots,photo, links etc. Depending on the type of claim you may be asked for more specific information. We will not accept abuse reports that are filed on behalf of the owner. The owner/copyright holder etc must file the claim themselves.
          • Ex. Filing an abuse report saying an auction is using your images or selling an item they do not possess. You must submit photo evidence to us with photos of the item/art etc with a paper/note including the date and your name/email or other identifiable information. 
          • Filing False Abuse reports may lead in your account being suspended


      • How Can I place a bid?
        • To place a bid on an item you must first login to your account. Once logged in bidding box will be displayed at the right hand side of all auction pages. You can use this box to place you chosen bid.:
      • How Can I keep track of items I'm bidding on?
        • You can keep an eye on items you are bidding on by clicking the 'watch this item' link at the top of the item page. Or By going to the members area then clicking on the Current Bids link
      • How do I know if I am outbid on an item?
        • Our auction system will automatically notify you via email if you are outbid.
      • How do I enter a proxy bid?
        • To enter a proxy bid simply enter the maximum amount you want to pay for the item in the bid field. The system will automatically re-bid for the item should your bid be overtaken by a rival bidder. 
      • How do I ask the seller a question?
        • On the auction page, scroll to the body of the auction and click on 'Questions & Answers' and you will be able to send the seller a direct message
      • How do I check my messages when I get an email from a seller?
        • Log in to the site and click on the members area link at the top, In the side menu click on your Messaging Inbox.
      • How do I pay for my item?
        • Once you have bid and won an auction you contact the seller via the messaging service or review your purchases through the members area. If the seller has created an invoice for you can pay them directly through the invoice. (Crediting Your Dealers Den Account is not for paying for items - Contact the seller directly to work out payment details)
      • Bid Retraction
        • Bid retraction by default is not permitted. Bidding in an auction is a binding contract between the buyer and seller. As a buyer if you do need to retract your bid please contact the seller and ask that they approve the retraction. An email will need to be received by both buyer and seller providing the auction # and request/approval for the bid to be removed.
      • What do I do if the Seller has not responded?
        • Once you have bid/paid for an item please make sure to contact the seller to secure your shipping dates, Make sure to review the sellers Terms on the auction page on time frame (Ex Such as a Commission that is not immediately available to ship) If the seller stops communication with you and you feel they are not performing you may contact us using the Abuse Link and we will be happy to try and contact the seller on your behalf but we recommend that you try and work it out with the seller directly. If necessary, File a Charge Back or PayPal Dispute against your payment to them and leave feedback on the sellers account here. This will also let us know that if we have repeat offenders we can take action against their accounts 


      • How do I list an item?
        • Members can click on the Sell Link at the top of the page and follow the instructions on listing your item
      • How do I track items I'm selling?
        • Members can click on the Members Area link at the top of the page and then click on Open under the Selling Menu
      • How do I contact a bidder?
        • Due to privacy, Members contact details will not be shared until there is a winning bid and the auction is over. The bidder will be able to contact you through the site and ask questions but if you need to reach out to a bidder please contact us and we will forward your message along to the bidder. But once the auction has ended you will be able to use the messaging service to contact the winner.