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Gold/Black/White Puffy Paws
I just received gold, black, and white puffy paws and they are absolutely amazing! The fur was trimmed nicely, the claws are perfectly formed, and the inside was lined with cotton broadcloth. They turned out better than I could have hoped and they are incredibly comfortable too. 10/10 would recommend buying from them!
09/30/2019 17:51:02
Buyer: AlphaGirl670 (3 )
Black and White Puffy Paws
Seller responds quickly, paws packaged nicely and they're very high quality, especially for the price! This was a steal!
09/16/2019 21:49:14
Buyer: niwinoodle (1 )
Toony Fossa Partial
I purchased this item on 8/09 and the item was shipped 8/13 ! super fast turnaround and wonderful communication! The suit was in amazing condition, and featured a wonderfully lined head, and paws! The ventilation is great, and so is the vision. The suit is very comfortable, and the craftsmanship is amazing. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and it was way better once I received the suit :) ! I HIGHLY recommend them for anything you would buy from them because everything was fantastic. Thank you so much again!
09/02/2019 13:15:39
Buyer: ZackaziCreations (1 )
Chocolate/Gold/Orange Puffy Paws
Well crafted! Real pleasure to work with! Would recommend to others~
06/26/2019 15:43:14
Buyer: dainamo (1 )