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New tribal wolf pup head
New tribal wolf pup head
They were honest about the suit, provided all info in a timely manner, and we're personable and prompt. I look forward to seeing (and buying) more of their work. 05/09/2020 02:47:34
Nuulstaladt (6 )
Brand New Spirit Fox
Brand New Spirit Fox
Head had a lot of issues that were not mentioned making it unwearable till fixed( crooked jaw, no ventilation, vision obstructed badly, jaw too stiff, and a few others but they were minor) . I believe these are new maker mistakes and not upset about them but I have made it aware. Good news is I was able to fix them. Rest of the head was amazing and well made and a lot of love and hard work did go into it. I would buy from again especially if the maker improves the issues I brought to light. I do recommend them ! Seller was kind and understanding of the issues I mentioned. They did offer to let me return the head but I chose to keep and fix it. Thank you for the spirit fox I have named her Kronera Asuna and will greatly enjoy her. 08/23/2019 10:13:18
BassettEXE (0)
Windshear Standard (12/07/20, EoD)