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United States, Texas
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Jackalope Head
Jackalope Head
Andrea did an absolutely incredible job on this fellow. Not only is the head itself suburb, sturdy, and has great vision, but they were easy to communicate wish throughout the process. I originally reached out to them during the auction to request a turn around video, and they were prompt in replying which I appreciate it. After the auction ended, they were swift to reach out and confirm preferences and shipped them within the week! The package arrived safely - despite the ongoing storm their thorough packaging meant the head was safe and sound. The seller also included a care letter for upkeep as well as the whiskers. Major kudos and highly recommend this maker! Thank you so much! 02/06/2022 17:28:07
SmallBoyOros (0)
Dutch Angel Dragon Head
Dutch Angel Dragon Head
Super High Quality!! Fantastic transaction, seller communicated and shipped quickly! Head is VERY high quality! Thank you so much!! 12/10/2020 15:35:25
Gladewing (1 )