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Norway, Akershus
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Sonar the dragon partial
On the auction it said paypal only, I paid exactly what he asked for (including shipping amount), and after I sent the money he demanded I paid for the paypal fee that the seller is supposed to pay on paypal. And when I refused to pay even more than what was part of the deal, he refused to ship the suit to me. And when he finally refunded me he refused to pay for the fee which left me with less than what I had paid. (approximately 500nok). He was also being very rude and unserious. I stronlgy do not recommend buying from this person.
09/30/2016 06:22:22
Buyer: RossTheBat (0)
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Fast and great to work with
03/23/2016 13:44:01
Seller: MadeFurYou (6 )
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Great to work with!
Buyer: Cragy (0)