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Mixedcandy Psyche

Gorgeous Mixedcandy full fursuit - Only worn twice

Psyche3619 (0)

4 bids  

Fennec head, paws, and tail - great visibility!

Fennec head, huge ears, big eyes, jaw can be used to mock speech or just hang that grin wide open

zebrereve (0)

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Edgy Cat Partial Resale

edgy kitty

Redactdead (0)



Very lightly used Lemon Brat Premade, looking to sell ASAP!!!! Contact me before purchase - Includes head, paws, sleeves, tail and a custom collar. - You pay shipping (...

courtjestre (0)



Tinzin is a peaceful wolf and likes to grow berries in their backyard.I will email Tinzin to you after purchase.

rebcoola (2 )


Premade Kemono Head/Partial

Made by Twilight Knights Cosplay

Bootleg (4 )

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Sassy Cat Fursuit Partial

Hey everyone! We have this sassy cat available for immediate purchase! The money from this will go towards #BofurTheServiceDog Medical Funds Asking $2000 or best offer...

CrushsCustomCostumes (0)



Kai's cooler lava sister

splophie (5 )

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Yellow pup

Canine head and paws barely used! Nothing wrong with him its just my fiance is not gonna use it anymore!

KittenLazuli (0)

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Aqua Cat Partial Fursuit

Includes head, handpaws, and tail. Please read full description before purchasing.

fangs211 (1 )


DRAGON partial + wings + arm sleeves

partial of sunny dragon with wings and sleeves

fox4 (5 )

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Wolf moded head with moving mouth

Yhello got a mouthmovers mask I moded awhile back for fun Features airbrushed purple black and white fur Feelt nose And moving mouth Can replace eyes if ...

cringy_coyote (0)

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Green Wolf Premade

Please read the description before placing a bid.

WowDragonStudio (3 )

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Vampire fox

Designed by waiyumi on toyhousePaypal onlyMore art on Toyhouse:

Embyr (2 )


Kemono Hippo Head

Head size : 52-62cm (adjustable)Maker : Yobin233 (insta) Shipping not unclued Payement by PaypalOwxel note: I'm posting this suit instead of hoki.fursuit on instagram bec...

EUR 800.00
Owxel (0)

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Golden skull canine Collab with Kokytea

A fullsuit desing

Thewendigoworkshop (7 )


Werehyena Tags

Hyena shifter.

G-E-C-K-0 (0)

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Orca wolf fullsuit.

A premade desing

Thewendigoworkshop (7 )


protogen fursuit head NEW

comes with head and tail

fox4 (5 )

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Maned Wolf Premade

made by @gnaws

subwoofer (6 )

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Black and Red Wolf Partial

New and Unworn Wolf Fursuit

moonwolf (4 )

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Semi-Realistic Canine

Semi-Realistic Canine partial Head, Paws, Tail

Nuulstaladt (11 )


Blue Deer Full Partial

NEW Deer partial! CON READY! Please read description before bidding!

BurritoQueen (0)

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Elk-crow Forest spirit !

Elk-crow Forest spirit ! made by CandySatan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

Angel_Tigress (50 )

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Rottweiler partial

brand new fursuit partial of a rottie!

CAD 400.00


Skunk partial

brand new fursuit partial of a skunk!

CAD 400.00


raccoon partial

brand new fursuit partial of raccoon!

CAD 350.00


Custom Blanket - Large

Custom cozy blankets of your characters of choice! Machine washable, durable, high quality printing. Perfect for a good night sleep, cuddle sessions, and warming up on a ...

CosmicJungle (0)