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New Flamin-Hot Fox Premade

Brand new CraftyCoven premade Flamin-Hot Fox fursuit head! Fit up to 24” with room for glasses! All foam is lined with neoprene and can be accessed via zipper at the ba...

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Angel dragon partial

Teal angel dragon with colorful ears, comes with a furry head two tails a medium one and a floor dragger and paws. Comes with ref sheet 

Smol_Casie (0)


Wolf Mini Partial

Mini partial (head, handpaws, and tail) or a grey and navy blue wolf. The head was made on a base by Two Tail Enterprises and was built to fit a 24" head. It can fit...

Suzu_Cat_Creations (0)


Galaxy Canine Partial

Original design of a galaxy-inspired dog

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The Devil Cat Fursuit Head

The Devil Cat. Fursuit Head.Foam, 3d print, fleece, artificial fur. Nose with a hole

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New Golden Retriever Fursuit Head

Brand new CraftyCoven premade Golden retriever fursuit head! Fit up to 23” with room for glasses! All foam is lined and can be accessed via zipper at the back! Made wit...

HFursuits (19 )

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LemonBrat Partial + Art

Pains me to have to do this, but I have fallen on some hard times.I only used this suit once for a photo as soon as I got them.I got them in a trade, and only know of tha...

UndeadDoeINC (2 )

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Fox Premade Partial Fursuit

Fox Premade Partial by Moo Yeon. It's new, never been used.

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cat fish

A new shiny and bright cat fish!

Ximera (0)

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3/4 Fursuit Partial NEW

Selling this newly completed kitty fursuit partial for $1200! Includes: -ref sheet - paws, head, tail, indoor feetpaws (fitted with comfy slippers catered to your ...

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TwistedLeopard refurb Bat/Cat hybrid mini partial

This is an auction for a semi refurbed older  Twistedleopard Mini partial This Head was originally made for a client quite sometime ago. The head has since been remade ...

Twistedleopardcreations (15 )

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Purple Boar Fursuit

- head fits sizes 21-22- hands: better suited for smaller hands but alterations can be made for buyers- tail with a belt loop- concept artThe cost of shipping is calculat...

MrMatschies (2 )

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Orange and Blue Fox Mini Partial

This is a new premade made by me, Pawstabilities in 2022. If auto bought for $1400 I will make armsleeves, a bigger tail, and a reference sheet.

Pawstabilities (3 )

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Roxanne wolf cosplay

Roxanne wolf (Head and paws)

AnasteyshaDash (0)


Mini Partial Lynx Fursuit Head Paws

Barely worn suit head and paws!

abyssalkei (2 )


Calico cat with kemono inspired eyes!

Cat partial, includes lenses that have defog gel on the inside, follow me eyes, yin yang on the back of the head and 2d like facial details! comes with 1 head, 2 handpaws...

HazMuttSuits (1 )

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Malinois Premade

Mini Partial- Head, Paws, and Tail.

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fursuit head and tail

this suit does not come with character rights!

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Salty.shampoo Fursuit!

Preowned salty.shampoo fursuit! head and paws plus some adorable artwork! ( SHIPPING WORLWIDE )

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Cat Partial Fursuit

A FureverWear Fursuits Official

FureverWearFursuit (1 )

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Candy Sabertooth

Refurbished and ready to roll!

dreammachine (6 )

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Milkshake the Collie - Partial Fursuit

This listing is for a new fursuit mini partial, Milkshake the Collie! It includes the following: Head, 2 tongues, paws, and a tail. Made by FourMoonsCreations.

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Halloween Spooky Jaguar Big Cat

Partial suit + Character rights

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Fluff Maker ~ New Fox Mini Partial

Cute Premade fox mini partial fursuit in a toony style with 3D follow me eyes. Comes with a lined and adjustable head, lined hand paws and waggable tail.

GBP 1,200.00
FluffMaker (0)


Dream Machine + Yippy Skippy Suits Hyena Partial

You are bidding on a partial made by Dream Machine Costumes and Yippy Skippy Suits. This comes with 1 head made by Dream Machine (it is lined inside), 1 pair of indoor fe...

Starla_Wolf (8 )

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No reserve, unfinished fursuit head.

a fursuit head I made a long time ago and will never finish,

HazMuttSuits (1 )

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Pumpkin Dragon Mini Partial

Selling a Halloween mini partial made by lilymoon_suits

lifetimespecial (0)


Black and grey dog partial suit

brand new fursuit partiallycra balaclava headbasefits 21" - 24" headsferal paws fit small to medium handsbob tail with belt loopMUST BE PAYED IN FULL!PAYPAL ONL...

CAD 570.00