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Cute Purple Wolf Partial, Comes With 2 Tails!

Hello! The head and paws of this gorgeous girl were made by FluffyFoxFursuits on insta. The tails and sleeves were made by me. I bought her brand new and she has only be...

wonderwaifu (2 )


Parrot cockatoo head and arms wings hands minipartial

A colorful partot head witch posa head feathers and a pair of cute wings.

viccylove (0)

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Penguin Mini Partial

This fursuit (built on a refurbed base by SavvyStudios) is fully lined, has excellent ventilation and great vision! It has 3D printed follow me eyes, a cute wiggly little...

HappytheFox (0)


Furry Fursuit Brown Tan Lion Partial Head Paws Armsleeves Tail

Comes with:Lined HeadFits 22" to POSSIBLY 23"Clay teethAccidental Moving JawLined PawsArm sleevesTailEverything was made/sewn by me! Patterns were also by me EX...

DJSplash13 (0)


Artist Designed Sparkle Fox Partial

This is a brand new, artist designed partial suit that includes the head, hands, tail, and flower crown. The character rights come with the suit, so bring this cutie home...

ShortStackStudios (0)

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Alien Cat Partial Fursuit Lightly Used!

Super cute alien cat for sale!More details below!

Sheenen (1 )

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Wolf Dog Huskie

Slightly used fursuit. Comes with digi legs, tail, head and paws. 

Dessythehyena (0)


Parrot head premade

Brand new St Lucia parrot head! Fully lined, fits 21”-23”

Suitasaurus (0)

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2D wolf fursuit partial

-fursuit head made out of milky and luxury shag -head is 30cm wide with pickable nose-super lightweight -amazing vision, you can see trew the whole white eye -great v...

EUR 400.00
VIFursuits (0)


Drabbit Partial

This listing is for a premade Drabbit partial! It was made by Plush Buttons / Dead Logics (me).Features--Fully lined head-Floppy ears-3D eyes-Fully lines pawsThe suit in...

Dead-Logics (1 )


Floppy ear bunny!

Made by me old fursuit

Skipper2261 (0)


Fox/Wolf Partial - Nick & Lacy

Partial used by Nick & Lacy

DenDen (1 )



Semi Partial

xinophin (0)


Fox head base

big floppy ears, pretty durable, a couple nicks here and there but other wise fine.

Xx_deadsunflowers_xx (0)


The Hellhound Furry

The Hellhound furry

AUD 980.00
Hayley (0)


Reindeer head

only head

EUR 600.00
Lophophore (0)


Watermelon wolf ear and tail set

Neon pink and neon green wolf ear and tail set. The ears have a white headband attached. 

MelodyWolf (0)


Fixer-Upper Fursuit

Valentina the wolf was a homemade product of Cutedeer Illustrations.  She is made 100% from scratch, all patterns were made by me, and she needs some refurbishing!  She...

cutedeer6137 (0)


Grizzly Bear (Realistic Partial Suit)

Partial suit w/upgrades available!

SparkleKreations (0)


Purple and Black Wolf Partial

Only worn once

EmbertheWerewolf (0)


Snicker the Hyena

Artistic Freedom Partial, can be upgraded to fullsuit

AUD 2,250.00
Kaikirith (0)


Shoebill Stork Partial Fursuit

Yu Puffin - Bringing daydreams to life

YuPuffin (0)


Toony Red River Hog Partial Fursuit

Yu Puffin - Bringing daydreams to life

YuPuffin (0)


Furry Costume Fursuit White Riolu Pokemon Cosplay partial

This is my custom Pokemon themed partial Riolu fursuit. I have decided to move away from this design and am selling this brand new costume. None of the parts have been us...

pentrep (0)


Fursuit Head FOR SALE

Fursuit head for sale, not fully finished but going for a good price!