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Partot cockatoo head and arms wings hands minipartial

A colorful partot head witch posa head feathers and a pair of cute wings.

viccylove (0)

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Snicker the Hyena

Artistic Freedom Partial, can be upgraded to fullsuit

AUD 2,250.00
Kaikirith (0)


Cute Purple Wolf Partial, Comes With 2 Tails!

Hello! The head and paws of this gorgeous girl were made by FluffyFoxFursuits on insta. The tails and sleeves were made by me. I bought her brand new and she has only be...

wonderwaifu (2 )


Candy Bunny Premade Partial

Adorable candy themed bunny partial just waiting to be picked up! They include a fully lined head, fully lined paws, and a tail with belt loops that fit up to a 2" w...

HighlighterSmoothieSuits (0)


Penguin Mini Partial

This fursuit (built on a refurbed base by SavvyStudios) is fully lined, has excellent ventilation and great vision! It has 3D printed follow me eyes, a cute wiggly little...

HappytheFox (0)


Venus the Mtn Lion Fursuit

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Do you want to be a lovable Mtn Lion? Then look no further for Venus the Mountain Lion Partial made by AvatarRaptor.

avatarraptor (3 )

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Flamingo Gryphon Fursuit

Do you want to be the best hybrid around town? Maybe one of the neatest looking hybrids. Then look no further then the Flamingo Gryphon made by Avatarraptor!

avatarraptor (3 )

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Fox/ Tiger Hybrid Partial

Brand New Stompy Cat Costumes Fox/ Tiger hybridPartial, comes with character rightsFully lined head with 2D eyes, minky tongue, and resin teeth. Will fit up to 24"Ha...

StompyCat (1 )


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Head:  -papier-mâché fortified with epoxy resin; - teeth, horns, eyes and eyelids from the mass of papier-mâché; -ears made from mat; painted fur; - Inside, y...

Sofi_Leru (1 )

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fursuit cat

head and gloves on sale.Shipping is included in the price ($ 50).delivery to the USA.EMS delivery service

lazySneg (0)


Orange Saber Tooth Partial

Hello Lovlies!Let me introduce you to this cool dude! Orange is a saber tooth who is looking for some cool peeps to hang with! If you are looking for a comfortable suit t...

QuirkyArtist (0)

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Blue Lion Partial Fursuit

Good condition blue lion fursuit head, paws, and tail!

korux (2 )

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Silver Fox Partial

This is a custom-fit premade item. Please read full description for details and contact me if you have further questions!

strawberryjemma (0)


"Cade" The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Foam head base (Lined), fits up to 24" Head. Toony eyes. Great ventilation and vision. Vinyl teeth and pickable vinyl nose! Ears are pose able and can be floppy or s...

witchymuttbutt (0)

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Wolf Dog Huskie

Slightly used fursuit. Comes with digi legs, tail, head and paws. 

Dessythehyena (0)


ALIEN Pludo/Dragon Fursuit for Auction!

Brand new LED premade for sale! Excellent ventilation and very comfortable! Does not include digilegs shown.

Graffiti_Walker (0)

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Moarte - Full Rights- Auction

Used and Referb[ READ DES. PLEASE]

Silitha (0)

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Black Blue and Yellow Wolf Partial

New wolf partial, comes with head, handpaws, and tail. Details:HEAD; fits best 20-25 inch, balaclava base, moving jaw, tongue and teeth, follow me eyes, above average vi...

WiahFurs (0)

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Feline partial

Mq-hq feline full partial with amazing vision and ventilation

stitchemfursuits (0)

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Pink Lynx Partial by Spools

Pink Lynx Partial made by Spools.Excellent Condition.Includes Gloves, Feet (Size 9 Womens/7 Mens), Tail, and Head.Also includes Storage Bin.

MaylkleemX (0)

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Adorable Rat/Mouse Fursuit

Includes Head, tail and paws. Good ventilation and vision. 

Weird_Creature (0)

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Penguin Mini Partial

This fursuit (built on a refurbed base by SavvyStudios) is fully lined, has excellent ventilation and great vision! It has 3D printed follow me eyes, a cute wiggly little...

HappytheFox (0)


Little cute partial suit Dog

Partial suit, dog,

Bark (0)

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Fixer upper collie head and body suit

This suit is of a character that is very near and dear to me. Character rights are NOT going to be sold with the suit, and while this body design can stay the same I requ...

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Hypnotic Cheetah

Venomous Fursuits

VenomousVipers (0)


Cute Floppy ear Dog, Head Tail and Paws Mini partial

Handmade mini Partial made by me. Fur colours are green, purple. Fleese face is Flesh colour, with green markings. !New maker! !been making for 1 year!

GBP 200.00
Fursuit_adv0cat3 (0)


Vic The Candy Corn Raccoon

Entirely hand sewn head, super lightweight and amazing ventilation! He features an intricate design, pickable nose, and cute lil teef! Tail and paws are store bought, bu...

emersonlynx (0)

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Paint splatter monster partial suit

A lovely monster girl

GoldRibbonStudio (2 )