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Asriel fursuit head and tail from Undertale

FurDreamWorks (0)

1 bid  

Puppy Premade Partial

BRAND NEW! Head, Tail, Arm Sleeves, & Hand Paws!

Betsy_the_chipmunk (5 )

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Zebra Unicorn Hybrid Light Partial

This listing includes a 3D printed head w/ fan attachment rechargeable battery pack, 4 finger small puffy paws, poseable tail, and head accessories (bows).

StinkyCatCreations (0)

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Artist Designed Sparkle Fox Partial

This is a brand new, artist designed partial suit that includes the head, hands, tail, and flower crown. The character rights come with the suit, so bring this cutie home...

ShortStackStudios (0)

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Snicker the Hyena

Artistic Freedom Partial, can be upgraded to fullsuit

AUD 2,250.00
Kaikirith (0)


Parrot cockatoo head and arms wings hands minipartial

A colorful partot head witch posa head feathers and a pair of cute wings.

viccylove (0)

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Wolf Dog Huskie

Slightly used fursuit. Comes with digi legs, tail, head and paws. 

Dessythehyena (0)


Toucan Fursuit (Kaiala)

Toco Toucn fursuit, made in 2019 by SearaWolfie (Instagram)

GBP 350.00
searawolfie (0)

7 bids  

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Fox fursuit

On sale partial fox.She is very nice ^__^Fursuit of medium size, head circumference 55-60 cm. There are also paws and a tail

Xlori (0)

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Pink Lynx Partial by Spools

Pink Lynx Partial made by Spools.Excellent Condition.Includes Gloves, Feet (Size 9 Womens/7 Mens), Tail, and Head.Also includes Storage Bin.

MaylkleemX (0)

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Adorable Rat/Mouse Fursuit

Includes Head, tail and paws. Good ventilation and vision. 

Weird_Creature (0)

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Love Leopard Partial

Fullsuit upgrade available

SewingStuffs (6 )

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Kiri the Star Child

Made by FenneCrafts!

Ishikama (4 )


Tame The Goat. Goooooat!

Happy to present our The Goat Partial made by Firefly Studio 

Skawer (0)

2 bids  

Raven realistic partial

Head with wings and character, brand newDELIVERY TO ANY COUNTRY

Negative_Roberts (0)

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Cocker spaniel head

Only head, brand newDELIVERY TO ANY COUNTRY

Negative_Roberts (0)

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Fox partial with a character and arts

Partial with paws, tail and head(DELIVERY TO ANY COUNTRY)

Negative_Roberts (0)

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Eden the AWD

Basically brand new suit! Hardly ever worn and stellar condition. 

Justabductcows (0)

24 bids  


After some serious thinking, I've decided to let my first fursuit go!- - - - - TIERS FOR LADDER AUCTION: For 800$, you will receive the head and tail.For 1000$, yo...

Dantethegreat (0)

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Fixer upper collie head and body suit

This suit is of a character that is very near and dear to me. Character rights are NOT going to be sold with the suit, and while this body design can stay the same I requ...

BojangleCollie (0)

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Fox/ Tiger Hybrid Partial

Brand New Stompy Cat Costumes Fox/ Tiger hybridPartial, comes with character rightsFully lined head with 2D eyes, minky tongue, and resin teeth. Will fit up to 24"Ha...

StompyCat (1 )


Venus the Mtn Lion Fursuit

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Do you want to be a lovable Mtn Lion? Then look no further for Venus the Mountain Lion Partial made by AvatarRaptor.

avatarraptor (3 )

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Dexter the Wolf Fursuit

Do you like howling at the moon at night? Do you want to become that Wolf you’ve always dreamed of? Then look no further then Dexter the Wolf Partial suit made by Ava...

avatarraptor (3 )

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Choco Cherry Tiger

New Partial by Mostly Bad

MostlyBad (2 )

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Hypnotic Cheetah

Venomous Fursuits

VenomousVipers (0)


Brown Husky

partial, full or only head

moonwolf (1 )

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Beige Cat Partial. NEW

BRAND NEW CAT PARTIAL You get fursuit and all the rights to the character. PHOTO IS HERE  HEAD: Glass eyes hand-painted Movable jaw Silicone tongue ...

AliraGrimm (0)

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Canine Mini Partial Character

FureverWear Fursuits official

FureverWearFursuit (1 )

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