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Kitty Premade Partial

Full partial kitty fursuitNew condition 

MelonNoct (1 )


fursuit head


wingedcanine (0)

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Blossom Doe Partial

NEW premade deer partial

anileu (1 )

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Bait the Coyote Gator

Bait features a fun expression with one raised eyebrow, super soft fur, and minky accents for nose eyebrows and ears. The tail has a fun bone accent on the base, and has ...

Mayovka (1 )

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Taz/Wolf hybrid ‘Renz’

Full Partial FursuitIncludes: Head, Tail, Hands, Armsleeves, Tail and more!Made by Cotton Candy ClubVery lightly used (less than 3 months) and in excellent condition

CottonCandyClub (0)

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New Fox Shark Hybrid Fursuits

A cute hybrid that can be a regular fox!Includes head, shark tail, nub tail, back fin, handpaws, and eyelids. Payment plans allowed!More information in the description....

avatarraptor (4 )

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Husky halfsuit

Digitigrade dropcrotch halfsuit, brown pink and white husky dog. US shipping only!

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Purple Sabretooth Tiger

Mini partial Made by Yumie's Creations

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Louis beastars cosplay partial fursuit

This is a partial for cosplaying Louis from the anime and manga Beastars. Made with high quality faux short brown fur and sturdy velvet-like material for the horns.  

Riotiro (0)

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Fursuit Head FOR SALE

Fursuit head for sale, not fully finished but going for a good price! 



Precious Scene Panda Partial!

Suit by TweakMutt/Cringe Raccoon! Reselling because it hasn't been getting too much use. Perfect for new fursuiters testing the waters! 

CatchingDragons (1 )


Red/Brown/Black hyena head and tail

I have worn it quite a bit but not for a long time period. It has a lot of issues but would be great as a starter suit or for someone looking to refurbish it. I am 4'...

artemperor02 (0)


Cotton candy doggo

I have this boyo! Asking $350 plus shipping OBOFeatures include:A fully lined head (balaclava base with lycra lining in the mouth and where the foam would otherwise be ex...

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Black and White Lynx

Partial made by P.S. Studios

michellerene64 (-1)

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Drekkubus Fursuit Head

I have a Drekkubus fursuit head that I recently finished. She'll come with character rights and a pair of unfinished paws, all they need is pawpads. Made by me, ven...

VenomousVipers (0)


Cheech the chinchilla (NEW)

Comes with character rights, head, and tail! Asking only $250.00 plus shipping (PayPal)Price reduced! 

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Emerald the Bat Partial - Premade -

-Please read the Full description-

GBP 250.00
kindawolf (1 )


Border Collie Partial Fursuit

Cute Partial Suit made by RyokinutComes with:Tail!Paws!Fursuit head!Suit has been barely worn (only twice), but due to some respiratory issues, I can’t keep it and don...

blushbound (0)


Cream Tiger Mini Partial Premade

   New premade tiger mini partial! Have been working on this for about three years on and off, tweaking till I was content with it. This is technically only my second f...

SettSuitStudios (0)

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Rainbow Goat mini partial

Featuring holographic horns and sparkly eyes, this goat is looking for a new home!Made by me (@sugaroosuits on Instagram)She comes with a head and hand-hooves, but I'...

aryliide (0)

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Stormi the Fog -- Brand New Mini Partial!

Brand new Fox x Dog Mini Partial.

KnightNox (2 )

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OmgPineapples / CorgiLegs Suit


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blue cat partial

blue cat fursuit for sale comes with- head fits sizes 21-23- hand paws one size fits most- tail with beltloop

MrMatschies (0)

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Blue/purple dog head

Cute doggo head. Lined inside. New 

Dreamerwolf (1 )

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DAD - head only - price includes shipping!

What is included: - brand new! - Head size 22" - 25" - fully lined head - some extra room for glasses (I can wear my big rimed glasses and have a 22" hea...

2StupidFurs (0)

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Mushroom Dog Head

Original post from my instagram account: SALE Mushroom dog! Includes:2D eyesBuilt on a foam baseLuxury s...

CosetteSH (2 )

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Wolf Deer Partial with goodies

A partial fursuit with alternate parts and plenty of goodies 

GBP 325.00
Frosty_Bigheart (0)


Dragon mini partial

Orange and grey mini partial with bright scaly horns and spikes down head and tail.

GBP 330.00
Manex57 (0)

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