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Shiba dog Partial

Brand new partial only worn for photos! 

BearSmug (1 )

1 bid  

Partial fursuit

Character and Partial fursuit with paws, tail and head. Includes physical art and digital reference sheet and small plushie! Super loved puppy but with working a full tim...

Ryleepie (1 )


Husky halfsuit

Digitigrade dropcrotch halfsuit, brown pink and white husky dog. US shipping only!

Sockish (2 )


Bait the Coyote Gator

Bait features a fun expression with one raised eyebrow, super soft fur, and minky accents for nose eyebrows and ears. The tail has a fun bone accent on the base, and has ...

Mayovka (1 )

4 bids  

Fox/Wolf Partial - Nick & Lacy

Partial used by Nick & Lacy

DenDen (1 )


CCS Mascots Red Husky Partial

Cute Husky For Sale

CCSMascots (1 )

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-On Sale- Deer Fursuit Partial

Deer head, hooves, nub tail, reversible bandana, and bonus art 

Pawstabilities (2 )

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Bunny premade partial

Size S Holland Lop inspired mini partialWORLDWIDE SHIPPING please send me a message if you're interested in buying the suit and I'll ship it.

EUR 600.00
ShiinasPrefurences (0)


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Angel dragon (dragon fruit) NEW !

Angel dragon ( dragon fruit ) NEW ! Craft by Tupik ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MORE Photos : Watch here! ~~~...

Angel_Tigress (18 )

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Corgi Mini Partial

A red, maroon, gold, and ivory corgi mini partial made by varunathehusky95 / MoonCurlCreations and Zaxyote / Cactus King Studios.

varunathehusky (1 )

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Red husky with digital legs

Red husky with hind legs. Used several times, but problems only with furpaws

Krasochdoe (0)

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Green & Red puffy paws

No refunds/returns on discount or mismade items. Will not arrive before Christmas without express shipping. If you'd like to upgrade shipping please message me!

QTBearsFursuits (0)

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Juno Beastars wolf head and tail cosplay partial

Please note: I usually make cosplays but this was my first foray into making fursuits. The construction is not professional.  Hand-painted fur with acrylic fabric paint...

GBP 150.00
Kemonoki (0)

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OmgPineapples / CorgiLegs Suit


RebeIIiot (0)

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Kitty Premade Partial

Full partial kitty fursuitNew condition 

MelonNoct (1 )


Kitty Premade Partial

Full partial kitty fursuitNew condition 

MelonNoct (1 )


Shepsky fursuit for sale

New shepherd/Husky fursuit for sale! Comes with a head and tail!

StereoStudios (0)


*Sparkle pup*

Colorful sparkle pup head and tail!$1100, shipping is free*

TheLionessAndTheLoom (0)


Rat Premade

OPEN: Rat fursuit for sale!!! -- he’s a mq-hq rat partial (head, paws, tail, arm sleeves, extras) -- Note: i’m around 110lbs and 5’2 5’3 and he fits perfectly!...

KingShepard13 (0)


"Anders the Panders" Panda Bear Fursuit Head w/ Arm Sleeves Paws!

Unknown maker, refurbished by KnightNox!

KnightNox (2 )

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New Fox Shark Hybrid Fursuits

A cute hybrid that can be a regular fox!Includes head, shark tail, nub tail, back fin, handpaws, and eyelids. Payment plans allowed!More information in the description....

avatarraptor (4 )

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NEW Grey Wolf Fursuit

An Adorable Wolf that is ready for a new home. The partial comes with a head, tail, handpaws, and feetpaws in womens size 8. Payment plans allowed! More information in t...

avatarraptor (4 )

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Alien Dog Head

Realistic dog head, will be finished for the buyer, please read full description.

Rekshana (0)

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lavafox fursuit head tail art character

head and tail made by lavafox on ebay

wingedcanine (0)

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NEW kemono partial

Brand new kemono partial 

Tuvasolve (0)


Orca Whale Premade

Orca partial: usb fan and optional auto buy extras!

SimpleNicks (0)

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Fursuit Head

Medium quality fursuit head made by me. Head will NOT include the rainbow hair tuft.

Jake_The_Doge (2 )

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NEW!! Bright Skull Bear! by FurrHouse studio

worldwide shipping

FurrHouse_Jessy (1 )

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